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Tips and Tricks For Cleaning A Sherlock Pipe/ Bubbler

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Every cannabis lover should own a Sherlock pipe or bubbler, but not everyone wants to go through what it takes to keep it clean. Sherlock pipes are shaped differently from spoon pipes and bongs, as you well know. The elongated neck and various dips and curves make these pieces a bit more labor intensive to clean. Make the cleaning process less of a hassle with these tips for cleaning your Sherlock pipe.

Use a Much Larger Version of a Pipe Cleaner: a Fish Tank Cleaner

A common method for cleaning glass pipes is to use a pipe cleaner. Pipe cleaners work pretty well for small spoon pipes and okay for Sherlock pipes and bubblers, but really you could take it a step further. Instead, what you could be using is a tool designed to clean something larger, like one made to clean a filtration tube in a fish tank. You can find these at any store and they’re much sturdier than a standard pipe cleaner. Save the smaller pipe cleaners for cleaning around the carb.  You can pick up one of these at any pet supply store near you!

Submerse it Entirely in Bong Cleaner for Several Hours

Before you try cleaning out your Sherlock pipe or bubbler, you’re going to want to soak the piece in your bong cleaner, or iso alcohol for at least several hours before trying to clean it out. Sherlock pipes contain quite a few hard to reach spots that gunk up real easily. You need to loosen all of that up beforehand. Add more time with each complicated little corner and crevice in the pipe. A piece like this would probably warrant over 12 hours of soaking before attempting to clean. Make sure that you change out the cleaner you’re soaking the piece in every so often. You wouldn’t take a 12 hour long bath using the same bathwater would you?

Never Underestimate the Power of Braided Together Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners make pretty invaluable tools for cleaning gunk and grime out of glass, but just one on its own is perhaps not the best to get into all those really hard to reach spots. What you’re going to need is a much bigger pipe cleaner. You can do this by braiding at least three different pipe cleaners together to make a: super pipe cleaner. This makes the pipe cleaner three times more sturdy than just the single one, making it easier to get into all of those deep little crevices. This trick is especially handy for Sherlock bubblers with extra long necks.

Sometimes Iso Does Not Do the Trick

Rubbing alcohol and warm salt water is a fine and reliable cleaner for the average pipe and bong, but it doesn’t seem to work as well with Sherlock pieces. You can never quite get all the salt in where it needs to be, and the ratio of iso alcohol to salt water never seems to be quite right. For this monumental task, you will need something more like this heavy duty bong cleaner.

Clean it Every Time You Use It!

We like to stress good bong maintenance by cleaning out your piece each and every time you use it. This is especially important when dealing with a Sherlock pipe or bubbler. You want to know why? The answer is mold. Sherlock pipes are far more prone to growing mold because they’re not as open as a regular glass bong. Since they are difficult to clean, the owner might be less inclined to clean it out as often as they should. Cleaning your Sherlock might be a hassle, but you know what’s even worse? Inhaling moldy bong water. Clean your bubbler please.

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