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It’s Time to End the Ban on Cannabis on Campus

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So this morning I was sitting on my campus, between classes and I started asking myself “why is there still a ban on cannabis on campus in legal states?” I can understand not wanting students to puff in the middle of a crowded courtyard or god forbid in the middle of class, no one wants that (well not no one, exactly) Why is what I’m doing, puffing on a vape, so harmful? Why stop people from popping a couple of gummies before going into an interminable lecture?

Medical cannabis is legal in more than half the US. Recreational cannabis is legal in eight states and DC. Despite this, universities are still banning it. Universities in legal states like Oregon, California, and Washington still retain their pre-legalization no tolerance policy towards any kind of cannabis use on campus.

This probably seems reasonable to a lot of people, that is, until you realize that this also includes medical use. Patients who use cannabis to control their seizures or manage their pain are barred from taking their medication on university property. Jake Agliata, one of the outreach coordinators with Students for a Sensible Drug Policy  (SSDP) said in an interview with Fresh Toast last fall, “One of the things not often talked about with cannabis on college campuses is the medical aspect. Medical cannabis patients who are also students on college campuses are often discriminated against because the school has policies that prevent them from medicating on campus, which is often where they live.” Does that seem at all reasonable? Can’t universities at the very least allow use of CBD products?

The reason of course why there’s a ban on cannabis on campus is because cannabis is still illegal under federal law. Allowing students to use their cannabis on campus could cause these universities to lose their federal funding, which would of course be disastrous. What about state schools? Wouldn’t they just have to be compliant with their state’s laws?

Allowing cannabis on campus could do some good too. Studies have shown that people drink less when cannabis is available. If there is one place where too much drinking takes place, it would definitely be your average college campus. Students who use cannabis would probably be less likely to ditch if they were allowed to medicate on campus. It’s time to end the ban on cannabis on campus.

Image Source: Huffington Post

Do you think there’s a way around lifting the ban on cannabis on campus without universities losing their federal funding? Tell us below!