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Tie The Knot In Style With A Weed Wedding

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I always swore that if I got married, it would be a small affair at the county courthouse. Planning weddings has never looked like anything but a ridiculously stressful venture; the bride usually ends up yelling at people, one of the bridesmaids always ends up in tears, all so you can drop the equivalent of a year’s worth of rent on a stuffy party that no one really wants to go to in the first place. What I’m saying is that if you’re going to have a wedding, you may as well make it one that people will want to attend.

Now that cannabis legalization is spreading like wildfire, innovative stoners are finding all kinds of new ways to incorporate herb into everything. Naturally, that leads us to things like weed weddings!

The weed wedding industry is starting to blow up in places like Colorado and Washington. Cannabis has been legal there long enough that other businesses are starting to figure out that incorporating cannabis into everything can be quite profitable.

So how do you start planning your weed wedding? A good place to start is, which hooks up cannabrides-to-be with cannabis friendly vendors in their area. You can have a cannabis bar, with a budtender and all, cannabis friendly hair and makeup people, and even cannabis friendly decorating. You might be thinking, why do I need a cannabis friendly photographer and all that? You’d be surprised how many people are not cool with cannabis consumption despite living in a legal state. You don’t want your caterer to freak out and ditch you on the day of your weed wedding.

Ladies, have you ever wanted to carry a bouquet with a different kind of flower at your wedding? Denver based, Buds and Blossoms specializes in bud bouquets, which you can definitely smoke at the reception. All you have to do is go to your local dispensary, pick out your flower, bring it to them, and they do the rest! Their bouquets are gorgeous, and I’m sure they also smell delicious. Buds and Blossoms also does “bud bars” (like a bar, but with bud, not booze). According to Buds and Blossoms owner Bec Coop, cannabis brides are a lot more chill than other brides. Gee, I wonder why.

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a drag, that is unless it’s from a joint. You too can plan the weed wedding of your dreams. Imagine having a wedding with no drama, and no stress. Now you can, thanks to cannabis.

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Are you planning a weed wedding, or have you been to one? Tell us all about it in the comments!