Whats the best strain of bud u ever smoked?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by kasino, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. blueberry x kryptonite = blue knight
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  3. Blue Dream and Permafrost were tied for my favorite, but now it's Kaya Gold. I just wrote a review on it. I use weed primarily for medicinal purposes and Kaya Gold has helped me so much with pain and anxiety.
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  4. Some South American back in '78. Brought on colorful hallucinations and lsd like visions. Paid $40 for an ounce. Others have come close, but no cigar. I'll never forget it that lid.
  6. Casey Jones and NY diesel
  7. Violator Kush from a dispensary in Seattle. I hope mine turns out as good, or close. I haven't tried Master Kush but it is definitely a near future grow.
  8. SOUR DIESEL 09 cut
    DJ SHORT's Blueberry 07
    Gorilla glue#4 2016
    Platinum OG 2012
  9. Headband I got from a dispensary that tested out at over 30% thc. Two hits and I was blasted. I have a very high tolerance.
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  10. Has to be White Widow,Sour Diesel,Strawberry Kush,Amnesia Haze or Double Cheese
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  11. Real ak-47 is alwase good. I also enjoy real Girl Scout cookies. Banana kush is also pretty good imo and gorilla glue is awesome. I do remember when I first started smoking a few years back I bought this stuff, it had such a strong skunk smell, like a slap to the face and tons of crystals too. Wish I knew what strain that was.
  12. Snoop's Dream is my favorite. Hindu Kush and Blue Dream are honorable mentions.
  13. Unicorn Horn, but the grower rushed it back to the dispensary because it sold out like 2 pounds in less than 3 hours and it wasn’t half as good when it came back
  14. Purple Kush crossed with Lambsbread from a grower i met in Jamaica. Full of seeds and still knocked me on my ass after one hit, actually growing some of the seeds right now. He was the only local who actually looked stoned...i now understand why.
  15. I recently tried this Evolvd cartridge called Winter Cactus. It's Blue City Diesel x Timewreck, and the strain appears to be called Locomotion on Leafly. This batch is testing at 9% THCV, and the high is unlike any other strain that I've tried, euphoric, uplifted, very trippy, and the high lasts for 2-3 hours. I want to try the flower, when I can find it.
  16. So far for me it's been candy jack. Oh man nothing has hit me quite like this. I love it.
    I also really wanna try grand daddy purple.

    Sent from my panic garage. Paper Mario gives me life. tokemon.
  17. Back in the ‘70’s, you hardly ever heard of strains with funny names. Maui Wowie was about it.
    It was mostly “location” varieties. Columbian Red, Thai Sticks, Acapulco Gold and the like.

    I met this skinny longhaired Hawaiian guy one night at a party in the summer of ‘76.
    I thought I knew a lot about weed as a teen, and smoked plenty of connoisseur grade back then.

    He had a Hawaiian strain he called Purple Armpit. He rolled the smallest pinner ever, and smoked it between 3 of us. We then caught a midnight matinee of Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same.

    I was sooo stoned, I passed out in the theater.
    I had never saw or heard of that strain again.
    That was the only time I ever passed out smoking weed.
  18. sensi hindu kush via 1998, one pheno found out of 20 seeds was strongest smoke myself and everyone I shared it with were blown away,would keep you heavily loaded for 8 hr minimum.
    Also the opiated thai stick from l979 to 1981 were just the best of both worlds if you could find them
  19. My first successful homegrown was Barney's Farm's "Blue Cheese" around 8-9 years ago. That is tied with Golden Goat (from my first trip to CO post-legalization) for my best strain ever. Would pay double to get some Golden Goat locally - that good.
  20. GG4 is instead of the scariest I have vaped so far, it gives me straight palpitation that scare the sh** out of me. I guess I've always found decent batches.

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