Whats the best strain of bud u ever smoked?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by kasino, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. An AK47 clone I grew. It was very psychedelic like. The most amazing body high and mind high I've ever had and will probably ever have. I wish I could get my hands on that again.
  2. strongest was prob kosher kush...best tasting was fire alien kush or casey jones
  3. Not the strongest but the one I enjoy most BF Blue Cheese.
    As far as the strongest Critical kush 25% THC 2.3 CBD night time go to bed type shit.

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  4. Favorite I've smoked for taste:
    -Blueberry(not sure who's)
    -Sour D
    -Anything with the purp taste (pops in my my mind one time got a Q of GDP that tasted strong purp but smelled STRONGLY like cat piss.
    -and some homegrown shit my buddy came up with he called it BBQ.

    Favorite I've smoked for high:
    -Jack the Ripper
    -White Rhino
    -God Bud

    I know im forgetting alot
  5. Pre-98 Bubba Kush
  6. Best tasting was Caramello and strongest was Budda cheese.
  7. I like GSC and gorilla glue
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  8. I have smoked a lot.
    Some of the more memorable strains:
    Master Kush
    White Widdow
    Grape Ape
  9. Next gen grape God far as flavor goes
    Flying Dutchman blue berry skunk as far as high
    Cali Conn Larry og sanctuary gardens nocturnal best of both worlds them 4 strains have been the basis of my breeding program n mainstays in my garden Look in my thread 2 see flower pics of em all
  10. Old school thai stick was the strongest . Half a small joint and you were put into a seriously warped state .

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  12. Headband gave me these head rushes that no other weed has ever done before.
  13. I think the dankest stuff, or atleast what's gotten me the highest is when I first started smoking when I was like 13 i amok end like a bowl of blue dreams maybe 2 and my boy threw up and when I saw him throw up I threw up then chilled for a bit had a beer and was so stoned I went to bed while they snuck over some girls house
  14. I would have to say white widow hands down. Unfortunately it's illegal here so I can only assume it was the real white widow. But it was the most frosty white dense buds I've ever had. Ended up buying over an Oz just because it was so good.

    Also gotta add that the high was like nothing I ever felt before. Major uplifting effect and I just had tons of energy and good vibes. W.e that was, it was the BEST.


    What up GC!
    400w MH HPS, nirvana white widow and blackjack indoor.
    White Widow & Blackjack journal
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  15. Maybe 10 years ago or so i came across some Skunk. Ive been sold all types of weed with all types of name so who knows what exact skunk it was, but regardless, my friend and i got an eighth, bagged up, sealed, in a backpack in a closet, and it stunk up a 3 story house in minutes.
    A 5-piece put out 5 seasoned smokers on their ass. That stench haunts my nights.
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  16. I feel you on that man. When i first stared smoking years ago i got some stuff that smelled like id just hit a skunk with my car. I opened the bag with pre rolled joints in it and itd stick up the whole living room. Shit was an intense ass high that ive yet to have again. Shit made me and my relative that occasionally smoked so giggly it was ridicilous.

    "The pharmacutical company doesnt create cures, they create customers"
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  17. And id have to say either Green Crack or Trill OG

    "The pharmacutical company doesnt create cures, they create customers"
  18. Himalayan gold, real nice and tasted earthy/piney. Surprised me because it looked like scraggly outdoor weed that hadn't really been given much love but it was the shit.
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  19. Omg, I'm in love with GSC!!! I grew a couple plants last year, and they are so bomb. I am still smoking on it, but problem is, they're just not big yielded, and they can herm super easy. I'm not growing it this year and I'm super bummed about that.

    I also love the train wreck! Grew that about 6 years ago, but I haven't been able to find any since.

    Those are my 2 favorites for sure, but this year I'm growing all new strains I have never tried and I'm pretty excited to try all of them. I have heard only good things about 3 of the 4 strains I got.
    This year I'm growing pre-98 bubba kush, gorilla glue, blue widow, and then a "mystery OG". The mystery OG was a clone given to me by a buddy who got a bunch of clones mixed up. He said he "thought" it was OG, but I have my doubts. It actually reminds me a LOT of the train wreck, not to mention it's my biggest plant standing at 14 feet tall and only 4 days into flower. Maybe one of you recognize or have an idea of what it might be. Here is some photos.... I will add more photos close up when it really starts to flower too.
    20160807_105227.jpg 20160709_192918.jpg
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