Whats the best strain of bud u ever smoked?

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  1. Best strain of bud i ever smoked was BLUE DREAMThe high was kinda euphoric, had me feeling easy going and creative.....and Dats sum good shit cuz I'm an artistI have smoked og Kush, super lemon haze, black widow, chemdawg and blue cheeseHaven't been smoking for a very long time....maybe 2/3 yearsI would say blue cheese is a close runner up with a full body stone.....had me layed out on the bed with my body tinglingThe High Life
  2. I also had purps too......it was the best looking due to colors and had a high that crept up on me....I was in the car bangin the radio jus bobbing my head, turned the radio down to a basic whisper n started bobbing my head even harderThe High Life
  3. Out of the dozen strains I've grown, I'd say HSO's Blue Dream is in the Top 3, great High, taste and smell!
    Others that I've really enjoyed are Royal Queen's Northern Light, and Emerald Triangle's Bubba '76. 2 strains that would put any insomniac to sleep! ;) hahah
  4. Lavender, Animal cookies, Skywalker OG, Blueberry kush, Salmon creek, GDP, Humboldt
  5. Jack's cleaner. Not the most potent certainly, but the most enjoyable high I've ever had.
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  6. It was green. And fucked me up for hours.....It had no name because back then there was no one for to give it no name......lol
  7. A no name indica in arcata ca in the late 90's. It was outdoor, they asked if I wanted some of humboldts finest :)

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  8. Mine was early 2000s, when bud was grown properly, it was a variant of master kush but a fluke grow. Perfect.

    Could not break up with hands or grinder, eventually just packed the nug in there to smoke.

    Only weed I was afraid of after smoking 1 bowl. Paid an arm and leg for it but was well worth it.
  9. White widow from Amsterdam.  Forget which coffee shop.  Strawberry cough that I grew was also right up there after about a 7 month cure.  Blue Dream is also right up there.  Nothing can quite beat the taste of that white widow though.  Not even other white widow.
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    This is tough it was either raspberry kush or white rhino effects were very similar everything felt slow motion but raspberry kush had me hysterically laughing at nothing in slow motion. Very strange i'll tell you.

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  11. I don't play favorites but every time I get my hands on some candy jack I never want to finish it. Great Sativa.
  12. TH Seeds - Kushage.  I grew it myself and not only did it taste really interesting (sandalwood), it was an incredible high.  I had a vivid daydream that lasted a long time after daily smoking for well over a year at the time.  Extremely impressive plant, just go easy with the nutes.  I will buy these beans again.  Honestly the best smoke I ever had, hand down.
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  13. Original Amnesia.....I love it but forgot why....
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  14. White widow put me in a straight mind and body haze. The bud was of course sooooooo dam crystally it was like light green dense hugs dipped in sugar. Really a sativa high with the intense stupifying head trip. Og kush is good too really an indica super munchies high good for anxiety like blueberry for indica bud.
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  15. Cinex is a good sativa high and rich tang taste. Purple kush puts me in a coma.
  16. Ganja Farmer OG by Loud Seeds.............................absolutely incredible meds!.....finishing up a DWC grow...what the breeders say about this strain is certainly true....but don't go looking around the net for a grow journal or diary..........I have yet to find one...... [​IMG]
    here is a link to the breeders description http://www.loudseeds.com/seeds/ganja-farmer-og   I was lucky enough to get some feminized  gonna post some pics and final smoke report soon.....(BTW,notice the CBD levels?).............. [​IMG]
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  17. Black Betty - purple , trainwreck - green
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  18. Actually girl scout cookies
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  19. I wanna say Mt. Chem dawg, beautiful looking

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