What’s your most sought after strain for your garden??

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by OZs_786, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Do you have a grow journal going on the beans you popped ozs?
  2. I don’t, brother. Right now they are still young in veg and I probably won’t do much reporting until they are completely done. I’ll probably take pics during the grow and post them after as well.
  3. I just like following grows is all. Especially strains I’ve never seen before or have grown out. I’ll be checking for it on a few months. Would love to see it.
  4. Definitely, brother. I’ll have to tag you or something. I just don’t wanna get my hopes too high because I’m going outdoor for the season.
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  5. I hear ya. I’d love to go outdoors. Looking at selling my house and going north of my state to a more rural area. For that very reason. I’m sure it’ll go well for you though. Can’t beat its natural habitat
  6. Yeah man, I feel like a strains natural terpene composition always come through best in outdoor grows. That’s a big move but if you can make it work, more power to you brother. Always loved the idea of having a wide stretch of land for nothing but crops. I’m just always worried about my girls being okay when I’m away haha. But I’ll only become more seasoned with each season that passes, right.
    Cheers, thanks for the reply, brother. :pimp::pimp:
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  7. The only strain i REALLLLY want is Laughing Buddha.. but the prices i see places asking for 1 seed is just insane to me. Soo.. i will stick with my normal stuff which is good enough :)

    P.S. also read up bout a strain called White cookies (White Widow/GSC mix) which is supposed to be just amazing.. but haven't looked into seeds.
  8. Headband. Northern lights with old school genetics. Something like a lemon haze, too.
  9. Honestly been thinking about running a NL cut as well since it is such a historical strain, and I’ve smoked some good headband before but I’m looking for the best cuts or seeds of the two and I’m not sure who has one that is truest to strain. Heard Sensi has the original NLs cut but I’m not sure if I trust their beans.
  10. That’s what everyone says, but some of sensi’s seeds are crossed with ruderalis to make it auto. The original northern lights was pure indica. I saw some that sensi had that were pure indica but they were only selling them in bundles of like 80 seeds or something crazy. So, the search continues.

    All I know is when I get my hands on some photo northern lights, i’m Breeding it and keeping it.
  11. I’ve seen they had those, but I don’t prefer autos as well. The “real” NL they have was supposedly nl #something don’t quite remember what they have it labeled as
  12. Think my favourite strain I've done is bluedreamattic by fastbuds. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on the photo version of that stuff. Awesome stone. Like a big fluffy punch in the face from a unicorn. Leaves you in a lovely hazy day dream.
  13. I feel like there has to be a good cut of the original blue dream somewhere, but there’s too many mediocre ones going around :confused:
  14. If you find out let me know mate. Really is a totally unique stone on that one. Can only imagine how good the photo must be. Ooh ripleys og by mephistos, the alien something mother used for that one must be pretty fucked up too. Auto version was tremendous.
  15. Night queen by Dutch passion is probably the strongest I've grown. Not my cuppa tea like, total day wrecker of a stone.
    If you like heavy facemelters though then that one will do the job :)
  16. Super Silver Haze for me. Yum.

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  17. I used to think that, but I've had a change of tactic lately and now mostly grow autos. The genetics are good, and because you're on a tight timeframe I can get a lot of different strains in per year.

    As for your original question - I've never gotten around to Skywalker, that's high up on the list. Gorilla glue or one of the similar strains would be another one. Currently very close to ticking another couple off my wishlist, as I'll be harvesting lemon og haze and lemon zkittles within a week or 2. The lemon zkittles in particular smells absolutely devine.
  18. Gods gift eventually. Have me sleepin like a baby.
  19. I can't say that I've tried OG Kush, but would like to. I'd really like to grow Northern Lights though.

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