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Tips on Making a very potent edible 500+ mg THC per dose

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Zone 2, Mar 1, 2021.

  1. I mostly just make a standard alcohol tincture and reduce it by half the volume, including a winterizing step. It all gets tested before sale and they usually come in around 15 - 25 mg/ml.
    this time around I’ll try reducing it even more. I have some high tolerance clients who need the highest potency they can gobble down! Those folks LOVE the hash capsules!:vaping:
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  2. Here you go mate IMG_4125.JPG IMG_4126.JPG IMG_4127.JPG
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  3. 1 gram of ganja = 1000mg of ganja.
    20% of 1000mg = 200mg
    15% of 1000mg = 150mg
    10% of 1000mg = 100mg

    No crazy calculation, apps, programs, geeks or needs required.
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    Ya, just keep track of your mass cannibinoids and divide by volume or serving size. Solving for doseage or potency is more steps that what you've outlined, but its all just about mass of cannibinoids vs volume, or mass of cannibinoids vs # of servings. You can easily fill in the blanks on a calculator but some folks are just as comfortable doing the math in their heads. To each their own.
  5. @BrassNwood Are you using gelatin capsules? Does the oil ever eat through the capsules while they are being stored?
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  6. Yes standard gelatin capsules. As long as it's a pure oil the capsules are secure for an indefinite time. I've got them over two years old with no issues.
    What you have to take care of is to NOT have any water traces in the capsule contents. Butter for example is 15% water and it will eat / melt the capsules and you wind up with a mess of half melted capsules.

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  7. @BrassNwood Thank you for the prompt reply! I follow BadKat's recipe and use MCT oil, so I think that I should be fine. I've been consuming edible oil sublingually for a while, but I've grown to find the taste to be so vile that I thought that I would try the capsules. Here's hoping that I don't make a mess!
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  8. Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    Here is my thread on her Capsules. Same base recipe using dry ice Kief I shake from what I grow.

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    Your numbers are spot on. I use tincture of Indica nightly for insomnia and 1/10th of your dose knocks me out for 6 hours and I'm still groggy for 3 more. And I'm a daily user for years. I don't get the disparity unless it's failing to extract the Thc completely.
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  10. I’m still here just taking in the info kinda new to forms too and not the greatest at keeping up with replies. I could make a infusion but for now just playing with the math people gave me. I can’t do basic math so all the mathematical shit although simple for most is advanced for me takes a wile before it sinks
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  11. Maybe the difference could be my weight and height ? i’m 128kg and 6 foot 3 so I think that might play a part in it
  12. None of the numbers really means or matters much. All we really care about is does our medicine do what we need it to. Make the best you can from the materials you can grow and /or afford then take enough of it to reach that comfort zone.

    People ask me if I've had mine tested and after looking at the cost... Nope all I need to know is that it works day after day and I can keep up with my needs from the patch of plants I grow in the corner of the yard.

    What does affect it is your personal metabolism and Liver function. Some people's Livers convert Delta-9-THC into 11-Hydroxy-THC better then others. My wife is one.
    She needs 2 drops and it'll be a deep ride.
    Most people like about 6 drops of my Kief oil. (1/4 capsule)
    I take 2 full capsules for Breakfast 50 drops... 150mg.

    BadKats recipe makes the strongest direct oil per drop. Start with that as it's the simplest and cheapest to create. If you find the amount of herb objectionable then you can figure out how to approach the further concentration required.

    Alcohol Extraction is one method. Dry Ice shaking for Kief is another. I do both. Old school ice water Hash is yet another.
    High proof Alcohol gets expensive if your wasting by simple evaporation. Even my basic still recovery of the booze has losses I need to make up over the long term.

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  13. You may be onto something with the weight but not the height. I'm 6'5" at 92kg. I'm a light weight.
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