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Tips on Making a very potent edible 500+ mg THC per dose

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Zone 2, Mar 1, 2021.

  1. make hash oil out of your bud.
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    @Zone 2
    If you're just wanting to make enough oil/tincture to make 1 batch of edibles then..

    How to calculate the total qty of bud/material needed to make an edible of a custom dosage:


    (Desired dose in mg) ÷ (1000mg/g) × (# of servings the normal recipe makes) ÷ (estimated potency % of the material used)
    # of grams of weed needed to make a batch for the desired dose.
    You can add as is, or extract the cannibinoids from the amount of herb needed, and just use the extractions in place of the plant material.

    Desired 500mg dose.
    Brownies cut into 16 squares.
    Using 19% potent herb

    (500mg) ÷ (1000) × (16) ÷ (0.19)
    42g of 19% bud needed to make 1 batch of brownies cut into 16 pieces with each piece containing 500mg of canninbinoids.

    (The "1000" number never changes, all the other #s will change depending on your scenario, but the "1000" never changes. Just use a calculator and make one really big long statement and hit "=")

    You can just add the 42g of herb as is into the other ingredients garunteeing all cannibinoids make it into the edible batch, but many extract the cannibinoids from their herb into a solvent (oil/alcohol) first, so they don't get so much of the notorious "green taste" in the food. The solvents pull the cannibinoids from the herb and then you can just use the infused oil/alcohol in place of the plant material, and because not many of the undesirables are transferred into the solvents (mostly only the good stuff makes it), that green nasty taste ends up being reduced significantly.

    How to calculate dose(mg) per serving:

    * 236ml = 1 cup
    (can use ml if you like ml better, the equation works for either or. Just type out one long statement into the calculator and hit "=")

    (1,000) is the only number that stays the same, all the other numbers will be replaced with different numbers depending on the quantities that you used in your personal process.

    If you only estimated the potency of the starting material to be 16% then the "0.23" number becomes "0.16," and if you only used 100g of material then the "160" becomes "100," and if you only used 2 cups of solvent (oil or alcohol) to infuse your herb into then the "3" becomes a "2," and if you only used half of the infused product you made and ended up saving the other half for later (of the 2 cups that were infused), then the other "3" becomes a "1" (half of 2), and if you cut your brownie pan into 16 squares or only made 16 capsules instead of 115, then the "115" servings becomes "16," ect ect.
    The "1000," is the only number that never changes, it always stays constant regardless your personal process, only the other numbers will change..

    If you're algebra inclined then you can rearrange the equation to solve for all the variables, otherwise the first process described on this post will calculate the amount of bud you will need to make a batch of a certain doseage, and the 2nd process calculates what your final doesage will be for a given amount of starting material/bud/oil. Just replace the numbers in the examples for your own, but leave the "1000" alone, it's the only number that doesn't get replaced, it stays the same.
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    Alcohol becomes saturated with cannibinoids at ~1g/1ml.

    Sesame oil becomes saturated with cannibinoids at ~0.3g/ml.

    I'm assuming sesame oil has similar cannibinoid solubility to that of butter, margerine, coconut oil, olive oil, and other fixed oils ect.

    The most concentrated form of a "solvent based concentrate" is going to be made from alcohol. The amount of dissolved cannibinoids in a saturated alcohol will be ~3× more to that of saturated oil (considering sesame is similar to other fixed oils).

    Adding lecithin to the recipe does seem to significantly increase the effect, at least thats been my experience. You can add lecithin to tinctures (alcohol solvent) as well as oil based concentrates.

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  4. no no no. Do an alcohol extraction of your flower. weigh the oil. assume it is about 70% thc. 1 gram oil into a brownie =~700mg.
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    Lol just follow the 5th grade math - I tried to make it as easy as possible. Just fill in the blanks and you can't go wrong.

    If you wash with 1 cup of alcohol how do you know that your tincture is 70% without knowing how much material you made it from, and/or how potent the starting material was?

    There will be an exact amount of material needed to achieve a 70% (g/ml) solution. Surely only 1g of bud in 1 cup of alcohol won't yield a 70% tincture. In fact it would take ~830g of 20% bud to create a 70% tincture from 1 cup ethanol. Any less and the % decreases, any more and the % increases.

    237ml in 1 cup
    70% = 166ml
    166g cannibinoids ÷ 237ml alcohol = 70%

    (166g needed) ÷ (0.2 potent bud)
    830g of 20% herb needed to make the 166g of cannibinoids needed for a 70% tincture made from 1 cup of alcohol.

    As stated in the posts above, cannibinoids dissolve up to 1g+ in 1ml of ethanol. This means you'll typically run out of material long before you saturate the solvent. So if we assume the wash or extraction picks up 100% of the cannibinoids, then your final % will be based on the amount of starting material and the % potency of the material.

    You can't just throw some alcohol over some buds and be like... "Abracadabra! 70%!"
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  6. But oils and alcohol can be mixed (suspension?) with cannabis oil at most any rates or ratios. Don't know about saturation, but they do mix.

    I know people who mix rso with mct oil one to one just to make it easier to work with and measure for edibles.

    I guess saturation rate is mostly important for extracting?
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  7. How do you know how much of the weight is from from plant wax? Alcohol doesn't extract just thc/cbd. Ive found up to 50% plant wax depending on the source.
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  8. Alcohol extractions taste like road tar. The more you concentrate it the worse it gets.
    Alcohol is primarily absorbed in the stomach and enters your system as Delt-9-THC as a result.
    Short lived, 45 minutes is all I get from Delta-9.

    Oil extractions are primarily processed in the Liver and Converted by your Liver into the far more potent Compound 11-Hydroxy-THC.
    5 times stronger and 10 times longer lasting. 11-Hydroxy trumps Delta-9 every time. Hallucination grade stone that lasts 6-12 hours or more.

    The concentration each can hold doesn't mean shit as I can't use more then an eyedropper of any kind of Alcohol based Tincture before I have to pay an extreme penalty with a full blown hangover if I get anywhere close to a 1/2 shot and I'm still only high for an hour.

    Edible oil will always rip you far deeper and harder then the best an alcohol tincture ever can.
    Praise my Liver and the Magic it does to Cannabis.

    My 2 cents.YMMV.
    Daily doses of Kief based Coconut oil edibles keeps my debilitating post surgical pain that would have me screaming in agony completely gone.
    Adhesions SUCK. It feels like there is a hand in my guts trying to rip them out through my belly button.
    Ask someone who depends on Cannabis for their very life and well being what works best. Edibles turns off that pain for hours at a time.

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  9. Excellent posts my brothers!:metal:
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    Imo it's important to know the stats of your starting material (how much, and how potent) as well as the volume of solvent used. If these are known then you can easily calculate the % strength of the solution (g/mL) regardless what solvent you're using (including MCT oil), but because the alcohol can absorb so much, I'm not keeping tabs on the numbers because I'm worried about saturation (I assume I never get close to saturation), instead I use them to calculate potency of the extraction (which is needed to correctly dose edibles).

    You can dissolve cannibinoids into MCT, but you won't be able to get more cannibinoids in MCT oil than alcohol (assuming similar solubility to sesame oil). If you're trying to extract cannibinoids, then alcohol's are going to be your best bet imo because they can dissolve the most. You can add some tincture to MCT so that it will mix better with honey, and butter, ect, but you're only reducing the concentration further. Its not a bad route to go, MCT oil, but imo petroleum based solvents and alcohols are superior for extraction, while using MCT and other oils are an option to contemplate afterwards. If you infused your extraction into MCT then you'd have to add 1 more step in your doseage calculation, but making little calculator equation pics takes time lol, so if anyone is curious then lmk, otherwise ima just leave it at that..

    Also, if you keep your temps cold, then you don't pick up much wax or lipids. In fact people generally winterize with ethanol which is the process of freezing the waxes and lipids and filtering them out.
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  11. no, use alcohol to make hash oil concentrate (evaporate all the alcohol off). any hash oil made this way should be in the 50-80% thc range. Then simply bond that hash alcohol to an oil and cook your brownies.

    if you properly winterize (filter through a coffee filter at sub zero temperature), your hash should be a pretty steady 60-80% thc. if this guy is shooting for a 700mg brownie, 1 gram of properly made alcohol hash oil should be damn close to what hes looking for.
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  12. I agree for the most part. But we can't assume or imply saturation, solutions, and suspensions are the same thing. I don't think you did but it can be confusing.

    I use concentrates for almost all of our medibles. I do my extracting with alcohol (and winterize) and I make sift hash. So saturation rates mean little to me.

    My biggest batch as of yet was only 46ml of cannabis oil that was rendered down from almost a gallon of alcohol, and the process involved a lot of washes and extracting to get that gallon.
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  13. It might be the starting material, but when I still had testing available (several years ago now) I had my cannabis oil tested at 860mg/gram. So I use 850-900 as a guide now. I'm pretty sure it's ball park at least.
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  14. I disagree. That may be the case for you but don't include me in that. I prefer tincture to oil. I'm one of those that depends on cannabis for my very life and well being, too. It's not a "one size fits all" experience. ;)
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  15. 10 drops wrecked me , but I'm a lightweight
  16. Ah yes, that is also a very fine method. It could even be more accurate. Apologies for the snippy reply.

    The doseage question came up in another thread and they had made a batch of infused oil to make gummies with and so calculating from an infusion or solution was fresh in my mind, though I don't think zone 2 even implied making an infusion... Dammit lol, wherever he is..
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  17. Ya definitely not the same thing. A solution can be saturated, but a suspension is a different type of mixture. Though their individual names are not as important as their volume. Potency % is just g/ml. You can use a suspension or solution or a mixture, but it all breaks down to g of cannibinoids per ml volume. Know your volume and you'll be golden.

    I like em all. Ethanol is a bit more expensive for me so I pretty much only use it for winterizing. I typically make BHO or QWISO. Butane is a little more $ than iso, but its pretty easy and less chance of picking up undesirables.

    DON'T make BHO inside. You'll blow yourself up.
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  18. yea im just saying ballpark 60-90% thc from alcohol hash oil is a safe bet and when u are dosing like that, 600mg vs 900mg is not that big of a difference when you have the tolerance to dose that high.
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  19. all good i wasnt super clear in what i was saying. now that "infused alcohol" is a thing i see the confusion. when i talk about alcohol hash im speaking more like BHO- use it to pull the thc, then remove 100% of the solvent.
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