The some of my efforts grow log - <450 watts lm301 led

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  1. Hey folks. I decided to start a fresh grow log continuing my progress, because the previous title could be misleading.
    I haven't updated in a while as not too much has been happening in the garden. I will post an update with pics here shortly.
    I found a good deal on two 240 watt samsung boards. 400 cdn for both, bought through facebook, so no tax to pay. One is rspec and one is bspec, as far as I know.
    I'm just glad to have finally found a suitable replacement for my HID.

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  2. While looking through the storage on my phone I realised I have a set of pictures that I meant to post in an update, but never got did. I'll post those pictures now.

    The first pic is the Critical Jack Fast at about a week above soil. Second pic is the Jack 47 auto.
    20210227_120135.jpg 20210308_175605.jpg 20210227_120155.jpg

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  3. These pictures I took yesterday. I'm up to my 4 plant limit now, as I started a Elixir CBD Auto from Canuk seeds and also have a clone from the Critical Jack in the humidity dome. I just remembered that I haven't taken a picture of the clone yet, so I will do that and take a picture of the trimming I did on the mother.

    I could already see a difference in the plants' growth rate this morning after switching the hlg 100 out for one of my new lights. The popcorn buds on the base of the auto seem to have gained mass since yesterday. I will probably turn the light up to 100% once my clone is completely done rooting. Also a day after trimming the top foilage around where I topped the plant for the clone, the lower two tops have grown up and out nicely. I think I will continue to experiment with this plant in order to get my feet wet in the process of training. 20210319_111638.jpg 20210319_111814.jpg 20210319_121908.jpg 20210319_121925.jpg 20210319_144317.jpg Image.jpg Image (1).jpg

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  4. I'd like an opinion on training the mother plant. In the last pic I just posted, if I want to top that plant multiple times to create more of a bushy plant with many colas, should I just give this plant a few days to recover from the latest trim and then take those two lowest internodes right off? They don't look to me like they are going to do anything but drain energy from the rest of the plant. Image%20(1).jpg

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    Hey folks, I realise it's been a while since I've posted an update. I've been caught up with life and I'm now living at a different place than where I am growing. Last time I was there I remembered to snap some pics of what is going on with my grow currently. I've got three plants in my closet atm, and had to take another clone because I was stoned one day and forgot that I usually wait until a few days after noticable top growth to take my clone out of the humidity dome and put it under the light. First picture from left to right is the mother plant I was talking about, then a second Elixir CBD seed I'm sprouting, then the first Elixir CBD seed at about a week and a half of growth. Second and third pic are of the clone I took, with the third showing my worm bin as well. In the fourth pic you can see the "no stress training" with toothpicks in effect, something I picked up off another grower on GC. The last pic is the Jack 47 XL auto that I harvested on 4/6/21. My phone takes kind if crappy pictures... the silver colour on the buds is actually green. It is a kind of small plant, but I'm happy just to be harvesting my own smoke and saving a bit of money. All my plants thus far are staggered when they were started. I'm just going to keep starting seeds/taking new clones when space becomes free in my closet and/or tent.
    Feel free to ask any questions, offer advice, as well as pick my mind for information.
    Peace blades! 20210410_121257.jpg 20210410_121524.jpg 20210410_121532.jpg 20210410_121313.jpg 20210410_121357.jpg

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