Steel wool found buried inside cannabis bud, Merseyside, Uk

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Wanderingsoul420, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. I'd like to share something that I think everyone in Merseyside should know. After smoking 3 joints of the weed, on my preparation for the 4th. I noticed something really fucking disturbing. I could not believe my eyes! There it was, fucking steel wool embroidered into the weed, deeply embedded into it, I pulled the biggest nugget apart and there it was, steel wool. I still can't believe how fucked up some growers are, without a care in the world. This was purcahsed in Merseyside, £25 8th, cheap and very fucking nasty, check your smoke in future.

    Is this the shit we as smokers deserve to be smoking? We need to legalise it now before this shit gets out of hand.

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  2. I was lucky enough to know the dealer enough for him to refund me. Apparently he didn't know it was there he got it bagged up and was helping someone out selling it on. I will never, ever use that prick again. You could also say, he's lucky for not getting a punch.
  3. Weed costs £25 for an 8th at most places in the UK man so that's not cheap lol, if ur dealer is charging more then that you're being bent over..

    As for the laced weed 90% of the posts I've seen about laced weed in the UK on here have been from Liverpool/near Liverpool.. I'd suggest growing your own or finding a dealer that isn't local.
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  4. Not around here bro, 40 quid for a good 8th. I've seen loads of posts about this shit but not as bang on as that weed it was fucked up. I didn't expect this shit
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  5. I think Liverpool is mainly know for growing high potency cannabis, booming in THC but there is a lot of fucked up shit going around Merseyside, mainly distubuted from Lpool so there are outcasts with their cheap nasty weed, clearly, 40 quid is average around here for a healthy 8th sometimes more. If you get the cheaper stuff which is 25 over here it's not usually that bad. But this is just fucked up plain and simple bro. Growing own is wise
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  6. Fuck paying £40 an 8th dude no matter what strain it is lol, it Doesn't cost anymore to grow :confused_2:

    You should deffo think about growing your own if that's the price your having to pay/the weed is laced
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  7. That's what happens when the underworld owns the weed market. I note your acknowledgement of growing, that's the best way. Maybe the only way out.
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  8. Know your smoke. Don't be a fool like I was, I fucked up.
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  9. Grow ya own is a lot easier than you think
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  10. It's similar in London from what I've been told by friends, it's all gangs/kids sell the stuff at £10 a gram & you get 0.8gs if your lucky :laughing:, I've never paid more then £10 a gram/£25 for 8ths in 10+ years of smoking :confused_2:

    If you do decide to grow make a thread on here & people will help/guide u man :smoke:
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  11. Thanks man. Thanks a lot for your advice all is noted with me and I look forward to what the future has installed. Happy growing!

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