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    New grow firing up, with a new light.

    Anyway here's the planned setup:

    Tent: 24"x48"x78" (Perfect size for this light IMO)

    Light: SP3000 seed to harvest (lm301 diodes, meanwell elg 300w)

    Pots: 2x10gal fabric

    Soil: Organic no-till first round

    Genetics: 2x Ethos Candy Store (fem)

    Hoping for really good things from this light, I love the way it fits in the 2x4' space. Biggest difference between it and my other boards is that it is 3000k+5000k vs the 3500k on the others.

    Packaging was great on the light, nice thick pieces of form fitting foam and an actual board on the bottom of the box. Absolutely love the design on the light, very sharp looking. Fits ideal in the 2x4' and so far runs much cooler then my other boards thanks to the design.

    Currently hanging in the 2x4' with my breeding project but that will all be changing over to the proposed grow here real soon. Can get some better pics as well when lights are on for the night.

    20210330_192252.jpg 20210330_192937.jpg 20210330_192949.jpg
  2. Mars got kicked off this site :roflmao:
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  3. Did they? I had no idea, what for? Either way I'm still excited to try this SP3000 and the grows going forward as planned.
  4. Probably got kicked off for not clearing with admins! I admim some fb threads

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  5. They were a sponsor, which means they could advertise. Well, they decided to stop sponsoring the site, but continued to advertise without paying to do so.

    Good luck on your grow.
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  6. That would make sense lol. Thanks
  7. :weed:
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  8. At least they only got you for half your money.
  9. $200 for 300w of lm301's and a meanwell ELG 300w driver. All this mounted on a design that quite frankly a bit nicer then the other boards I have used. If you consider this a "Gotcha" then I would love to know what your buying. $0.67 per watt for top tech doesn't seem gotcha to me, but what do I know.
  10. Anyway here we go, two Ethos Candy Store seeds down. Light @ 28" and 50% power.

    20210401_201101.jpg 20210401_201108.jpg
  11. One baby up and the other is almost there. Going to go ahead and call it day 1.

  12. Well the one baby never stood up for me, she just kind of stopped right there. The 1/4" tap root looked white and healthy and no sign of damping off on the stem, so I'm not 100% sure what happened.

    Anyway started another Candy Store seed and it is now up with the first. I started it in a solo cup of my starter mix instead of a peat pellet and decided to move the first one into a solo cup as well.

  13. Here is a sneak peak of the Ethos Candy Store. Keep in mind these are just little girls that are part of a breeding project and have been heavily neglected.

  14. Coming along, getting ready for their final homes.

    20210415_102636.jpg 20210415_102641.jpg
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  15. Transplanted into their final homes last night.

    20210417_191854.jpg 20210417_191903.jpg 20210417_191907.jpg

    Then a couple from tonight to show them settling in. So far they are loving this SP3000. They definitely veg better with the 3000/5000k mix then they do with the pure 3500k. I also find I can get it closer to the tops then my 3500k boards without causing stress/burn.

    20210418_210255.jpg 20210418_210308.jpg 20210418_210303.jpg
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  16. Getting settled into their big pots, expecting to see some good growth here soon. Gave them mbp watered in with aloe and fulvic tonight. SP3000 is at 24" and 60% power.

    Also running out of room waiting for things to finish so going to be throwing a third girl in with these two for a couple weeks.

    20210423_222806.jpg 20210423_222820.jpg 20210423_222814.jpg
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  17. Cruising along got their first topping and clean-up.

    20210429_190427.jpg 20210429_190434.jpg 20210429_190438.jpg
  18. Still vegging along, the one got a second round of cuts for 4 tops.

    20210505_191436.jpg 20210505_191442.jpg 20210505_191447.jpg
  19. good job
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