Smoked Friday, just took a drug test Tuesday evening.. will I pass??

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Julessss75, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. so I took a few hits off a blunt last Monday and this past Friday.. now I was randomed today at work which is Tuesday.. 4 days later.. I weight 112 and I’m 5’4 I normally exercise daily but I was sick yesterday so have barley eaten and drank any fluids.
  2. Yeahhhhhh I'd start looking for a new job
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  3. You screwed... but looking at ur profile pic I'm amusing you'll have other "ways" to keep ur job. Good luck.:thumbsup:
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  4. Seriously?? I barely smoked though
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  5. When I was sick I threw up a lot so maybe I flushed my system???? I need a silver lining here
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  6. THC is stored in your fat so that wouldn't really matter
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  7. Well I’ve know people to smoke very little and still pass ?? So I’m hoping I get lucky? I take ever smoke and I’m super healthy other then having the stomach flu
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  8. I rarely ever*
  9. I mean nobody here can know for sure. Maybe you'll get lucky just need to wait and see
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  10. Thc loves to get up in yo fat cells deep and stay for a while yo
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  11. Best case scenario is you need to retest or something
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  12. You're in denial lol you're going to fail even if you did only take a few hits.. it doesn't matter how healthy you are that literally has nothing to do with how fast you'll get clean :laughing:
  13. Ahhhhh y’all pray for me!
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  14. Look for a job at places that dont test
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  15. Do you guys know how long it takes to know if you failed through quest???
  16. Work hasn’t said anything and haven’t gotten a call..

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