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  1. Afgany hash plant canuk seeds 61 days flowering from 12/12 , 13 blue dream 58 days flowering, tomorrow big harvest day . 4x4 tent with 2 400 watt led cobs . I think there ready , don’t want couch lock .

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  2. id wait a bit longer for the calyxes to swell some more , but keep your eyes on the trichomes on the calyxes if you dont want couch lock you wont want to many ambers showing ,,,,,mac,
  3. Chop
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  4. If you don't want couch lock, then go ahead and harvest.
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  5. The only thing about waiting for calyx to swell is also watching for bud rot and seed development. Once you see any of those it's best to chop then. I recently did a gg4 and sunset sherbet that experienced those things because I was waiting for calyx swell. Pulled both at 62 days was trying to get to 68 days
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  6. Thanks , hard to read those little buggers , even with a 60x loop , shiny one way and milky another angle with some brown . Blue dream at 60 days ? But I think it’s ready .
  7. This has happened to the ahp 9 weeks no swell tricombes all milky
  8. ya got to agree @Q Banger,,,ive had a few times with Bud rot ...but i still think the plants need just a few more days just to get the calyxes swelling a bit more ,,mac,
  9. Still waiting myself IMG_20210405_212248726.jpg
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  10. Chopped last nite and today , plant looks ready , 3 different phenos from same seeds , one looks like haze , the others indica , and a couple hybrid. . This blue dream is one wierd plant , some are bulging and the haze , not so much , same as ahp won’t swell 64 day flowering . Will leave ahp for a few more days , thanks for the comments
  11. And how did it turn out at 63 days ?
  12. IMG_20210406_225207516_HDR.jpg
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  13. Actually I was quite surprised, the amount of buds from a sog 3 weeks from seed , by my calculations should be over 1.5 lbs of good bud and lots of popcorn for bubble hash. Will not grow this strain again , to unpredictable, 3 phenos , but overall I’m pleased , will see in a week how strong it is , cut with mostly milky

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  14. Looks dank to me
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  15. I find growing do si dos is is one of the best to grow , huge nugs and super potent
  16. Thanks will let you know
  17. image.jpg Same plant lol different pheno lol
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  18. That shit looks crazy
  19. Lol yup all different, seeds from same bud , which is from canuk seeds , can’t wait to try

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