Offgrid solar, gas lantern grow

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  1. We have started our 2021 grow in the desert southwest and we were wondering if anyone is interested in checking out the progress.

    Some grow specs to get it started:
    • POWER Offgrid, solar powered Spider Farmer 4000 LEDs
    • LIGHTING ROUTINE Gas lantern technique
    • SEEDS purchased from Seedsman Seeds
      • BC Bud Depot: Girl Scout Cookies, BC Godbud, BC Cheese
      • Nirvana: Master Kush, Super Silver Haze
      • TGA Subcool: King Jack Reg

    Today's Progress and pictures (Feb 20, 2021)
    1. Finished up-potting to 3 gal pots
    2. Took our first clone cuts

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  2. Nice looking plants. What soil mix are you using?
  3. Thanks!
    Our soil mix: 50% Recipe 420, 25% EWC, 25% perlite
    For seeds we used 'Light Warrior'
  4. Very interesting grow
  5. Progress and pics (March 3, 2021)
    1. Last week, we put both tents on flowering cycle (12/12 light).
    2. We thought we saw balls on day 3 of flower cycle. Today (flower day 5) we chopped 5 plants down and pulled their cuts
    3. Uppotted cuts from 2/19 into solos with a 50% root success, in 4' x 4' SF4000 at 40", 30% intensity
    4. Took more fresh cuts
    5. Moved all flowering plants into the 5 x 5 tent, SF4000 at 30", 80% intensity
    6. Applied our first EWC tea to flowering plants
    7. Applied Maggie's Farm organic bug spray for small gnat problem to both tents
    Boys.jpg 20210303_083118.jpg 20210303_131829.jpg 20210303_160342.jpg
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  6. off gridd my dream and my plan lol, how off grid are ya?
    thats amazing whats gas lanterning?
    ya get any drop in preformance from the solar when day dulls down?
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  7. How many car batteries/solar panels does it take to power the 4k spider...?

    Would not autoflowers cut the rate of power used...?

    nice too
  8. Active Ingredients: Thyme oil, 2-Phenylethyl propionate, Rosemary oil
    a little Rosemary scent won't be the trics
  9. [QUOTE="how off grid are ya?
    thats amazing whats gas lanterning?
    ya get any drop in preformance from the solar when day dulls down?"[/QUOTE]

    We are 100% offgrid in the southwest desert, solar energy is abundant. We store energy in our battery bank throughout the day, so there is a constant 120 volt supply for X amount of amp hours.

    The gas lantern technique is a light schedule of 12 hours on, 5.5 hours off, 1 hour on, and 5.5 hrs off (total=24 hrs) for the veg cycle ( look up Reinhard Delp).
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  10. Thanks!
    The battery bank is 48 V, 360 Ahr made of 12 batteries (12V, 120 Ahr, AGM) in 4S/3P configuration. The solar array is 3S/4P configuration for 3000 W of charge.

    Right now we are running 2 SF4ks at 80% intensity with 2 humidifiers and 2 fans and a clone light (20 hrs on).

    We have only grown photo period and aren't sure about cloning autoflowers...anyone?
    20210305_141657.jpg 20210305_141614.jpg
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  11. We used Neem oil for 3 treatments and switched to the Maggies Farm for 2 maintenance sprays. It smells amazing and seems to be working better than the Neem oil. What do you use?
  12. the autos I do get about 12 inches high and a harvested in 8 weeks some strains 6 weeks, but you are saving on the elc system


    ps thanks for the specs, maybe do an article about this as we at gc have many requests about this
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  13. I'm a neem oil user just I've been caught out with properiety bottles before.. nearly cost me my life stick to neem
  14. We have "ready to use" Neem (0.9%), is this strong enough? What concentrations do you use?
  15. I can barely read the label, as I sprayed the bottle matt black so it goes wet in the sun (brill until I reorder)
    I got caught warming it in the micowave
    I can barely read but it says 900ec (i don't use ec but ppm)
    and bought on 6/14 and comes like a wax but still got some soap in it to stick to the leaves ...the best I have used yet
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  16. holy shit man thats sexy as hell.
    i wuda thort id need alot more solar lol,but ur suns amazing too.

    do u also power ur house fridge etc from that, or is that soley grow pannels,
    any wind or water power goin? dude out there made a bycicle on small stream, power 2 houses 4 years running on car alternator in reverse lol.

    ive heard about that light sced, il check it out now, cant see it doin much seems mad but then hey some shit i do didnt seem like it did much till i did it either lol off to google

    you locked in the geothermal design to escape the sun too? dig or cob woo were almost jumping off grid i cant wait lol this is 1 thing paused me, working my grow out
  17. Thanks. This is our first time running gas lantern. We may write up something about the solar like Vostok suggested once this grow is done but there is already so much cool homesteader, offgridder info out there.
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    Progress and pics (Mar 8, 2021)
    1. We found and killed 4 more males and pulled their cuts.
    2. We started some LST on a few of the flowering girls.
    3. The preteens are coming along.
    4. We haven't seen any gnats for days.
    Preteens-7mar21.jpg Flowering-7mar21.jpg LST.jpg

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  19. Progress and pics (Mar 11, 2021)
    1. We pulled two of our male preteens to see what the roots look like after a week in the solo cups...not too shabby!
    2. The girls are on their way to flowering, we switch to 11.5/12.5 light tonight.
    3. The cuts from 2/24 and 3/3 are still dome-timing it.
    20210309_092515.jpg 20210311_155713.jpg 20210311_155603.jpg 20210311_155518.jpg
  20. Progress and pics (Mar 18, 2021)
    1. Wolfman has nards! one of the godbuds finally showed it was a male, so he got pulled.
    2. The 7 girls seem happy in their flowering stage (week 3) see pics
    3. Preteens are looking good.
    20210318_100559.jpg 20210318_084100.jpg 20210318_090704.jpg

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