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  1. Hello all
    I haven't been here for sometime now as I have been rather unwell with my medical complications

    I have started a no till garden again

    However i am experiencing rather red stems and wondered where I am going wrong.

    I had 6 cuttings of Bruce banner which arrived to me lovely and green with green stems, however since repotting these cuttings into 11 litre fabric pots with no till I have noticed rather bad red stems.

    I am feeding plain RO water currently

    The 6 big cuttings have been in their fabric pots 2/3 weeks now

    It seems to me that the more days go on all the new growth and shoots are getting red :(
    I cannot afford for this garden to mess up as I am in desperate need for the meds :(

    Pls help :(

    They are sitting 40" below a spiderfarmer 4000 LED setup 450w at the wall.

    Please help :(
    20210428_131914.jpg 20210428_131925.jpg 20210428_131934.jpg
  2. Temps during day 26c
    Temp at night 20c
    Humidity 64%
  3. Until someone else pops in I'll tell you what I've been doing to try and improve my purple stem problem.

    I started keeping my media dryer and that seems to have improved my purple stems. My new growth is healthier. Others have told me that the purple stems indicate a possible problem in the roots zone if it's not the genetics.

    Fans should be oscillating but not blowing hard directly on your plants. I have also had purple stems because of fans beating up my plants.

    Good luck and I hope somebody who knows for sure can stop in and tell us both how to grow better. I'm sorry to hear about your health problems.

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  4. Those containers are good for a coco coir grow, not a 'No-till'. I would not try a 'No-till' with containers smaller that 50gal.

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