Nirvana seeds going down hill?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by TimJ, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Anyone else having shipping issues with them? Their new order tracking system for orders hasn't worked on my last two orders, anyone else have issues with it? Last order took 7 days this one is 15 and still nothing. In the 5 years using them, it has never taken longer than 11 days and that was with the old snail mail they used to use when shipping was still free. Customer service has also become over whelmed or understaffed as they no longer respond. This may be my last order with them.

    I've used Seedsman before. But, the confusing shipping, insurance and extra costs turned me off. I also had my credit card compromised twice using them. Any suggestions for an trust worthy and easy to use seed source I'm all ears.
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  2. Can't help on the seed suppliers but American Express / Bluebird is a free debit card. Works great for all the Questionable sites you might use. Cannabis seeds, Hookers and..... OOPsss. Wait that isn't what I....

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  3. Sorry to hear about Nirvana giving you issues Tim.

    I know GreyBeard has a Nirvana selection and their shipping is quick as hell. Usually when I’m in a time crunch, I’ll go with them. There’s a lot of other solid sources but the payment methods plus the longer shipping may turn you off.
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  4. Thanks for the heads up on the card BNW. I do believe the girlfriend tracks my purchases for hookers and the like. Funny stuff though.
  5. I've noticed most seed banks that offer Nirvana seeds are also cheaper than Nirvana's own site. I've never heard of GreyBeard I'll look them up. I may give with The Vault a try this time around. I noticed they bill from the US now.
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  6. For being international, the Vault was also very speedy with shipping. Also a good one.
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  7. I just notice a new announcement on Nirvana's customer service page. US orders can now take up to 8 weeks to receive, wow.. Well, I wish they didn't claim 6 days on their order page. I wouldn't have placed this order with them. So much for growing a few different Nirvana auto flowers outside this year. Got plenty of seeds, just like trying varieties that are new to me.
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  8. i fixing to say 11 days aint bad,i used them about 6 years ago and it took 2 months before i had seeds to pop,they are the reason i started making my own seeds back then.
    my first order took 1 month and all came to me crushed,so they did a send back to me and it took a month,that was only second time i ever bought seeds.
    when i do buy seeds i buy them from swami organic seeds
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  9. Wow, that sucks old shol4evr. I guess I've been lucky so far then. I've read good things about Swami seeds.
  10. i really wanted to try that one strain nirvana had ,it had 4 difrent sativa traits and thinki t was called harvest moon ,not sure been many years,but ya those are the only two i ever bought seeds from,gas over at swami is a pretty cool cat,and ive grown i guess 5 difrent strains of theres,been a while and many joints since then,but that vietnam black was my favorite,i never got a chance to cross it though,i still have some of the nigerian sunshine ,potent plant and easy to grow,im not sure if they have auto's though,i have never grown any auto or feminised strains,i always go from reg seed,i like to pick threw males if i got them and maybe use them,anyway i always get 2 harvest before the triple digits hit,no summer growing here at all hahahah
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  11. For u.s. I have used mephisto which seems almost impossible to catch a drop if these days. I will always recommend the vault!! They have never done me wrong and have alot of support to our community here in particular on gc.. another bank I used in the US which has a pretty good selection but does not let you pick freebies(I acctually think the vault is one of the only places to do that. It's one of the things I like so much about them) that seed bank was north atlantic seed company. They take c.c. so that is nice.. the last one I want to mention is greenpoint seeds, they only have a few strains they cross with but the few I have grown came out good. Hope this helps
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  12. Looks like my future orders will be with The Vault. Thanks folks. It felt good just getting this frustrating situation off my chest. And warn others that may be thinking of using Nirvana seed right now.
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  13. Their seeds are mediocre. The only bank I didn't get my order from ever

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  14. I agree for the most part they are mediocre. I've used them as I'm in an illegal state and they used to deliver seed in a short time frame and they always grew. Nothing outstanding except the Nicole Kush x Banana OG, Raspberry cough I grew and maybe their Blueberry Kush auto flower.
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  15. I enjoy their papaya strain :)
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  16. I've never tried that one Nex420, so I cannot comment on it. I'm curious as to your favorite breeder/breeders @Papa Puff?
  17. Well, nothing from Nirvana yet. So, I gave GreyBeard a try and purchased a few packs of seeds. If they come through for me, they may become my new seed source. The Vault is crazy for shipping/stealth shipping. Shipping/Stealth shipping is a bubble envelope and that cost customers in the US $30+ dollars for a pack or two of seeds. We all need to become seed re-sellers and become millionaires overnight. If this GreyBeard doesn't prove any better than Nirvana I'll start breeding more and just run my own varieties from here on out.
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  18. I’m really hoping GB pulls through for you since they were my suggestion. Shipping charges have been a crazy charge I’ve noticed at some seed stores. The stealth shipping like you mentioned is not worthy of a $30 price tag. I think I’ve seen other places try to charge more, I think Neptune is one of them, that turns me off immediately when the shipping is almost more than the pack of seeds themselves.

    I usually receive my seeds within 5-7 business days at most. Keep us posted Tim :)
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  19. I'm in no rush for seeds. I just don't like the attitude Nirvana has taken and their new deceptive practices. When they did contact me, they sent a generic response that did not address my question. As for my order with Greybeard, whenever it gets here is fine. I do have a question for you @Nex420 does Greybeard send your seeds in breeder packs or are they repackaged?
  20. Always breeder packs. The freebies are usually in little labeled baggies cause they usually are Seedsman related. However, I have been given a freebie on occasion of the same breeder that I purchased. Like RQS , I was gifted a single SSH seed when I got my Green Crack Punch.

    They did have the Ethos issue back last year that smelled funny, but who knows who actually tampered with the packaging. IMHO - expensive genetics should have tamper proof labels. Either way that’s the only bad thing that I’ve heard from them, and personally I don’t run Ethos gear so it was a non issue for me. The Ethos owner has some animal abuse allegations floating around, and that’s not cool at all.

    Since GreyBeard I’ve gathered is run by a Husband & Wife, I’ve realized their customer service isn’t the best or the speediest. I did have an accidental order that went through that I needed refunded taken care of. They didn’t respond to my email, just took action.
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