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New here, Michigan Wolverine reporting in.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MIW, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. Go State!
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  2. I've been slow to jump on the mct oil bandwagon. I just considered it fancy coconut oil I guess. But I finally bought some nutiva brand mct oil, and infused it with feco. I used 5400mg of feco, a tsp of sunflower lecithin, 6 or 7 drops of sweet orange oil and mct oil. It's in a 2 oz eye dropper bottle. Each drop is 4.5 mg. There are 1183 drops in 2 ounces.

    All I can say is wow! 5 drops gave me effects in about 20 minutes. Of course I already had a very slight buzz from earlier, but still. The taste was more neutral than any other tincture or infusion ive tried. I put the drops on a bugle corn chip. I barely noticed the oil.

    Now I know what ive been missing, lol.
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  3. Back in my testing phase I went down the list of oils alphabetically and IME they all worked equally well. Speed to onset was the only real variable I could detect
    MCT is usually a blend of fractionated Coconut and Palm oils.
    Both Coconut and MCT hit me in around 30-45 minutes. Coconut has it's own benefits that the fractionation removes.
    Coconut is a tad over 50% MCT already and MCT is often twice the price of Coconut oil.
    Keep testing and see what your long term opinion is.

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  4. I seem to have effects sooner than a lot of people. Especially my wife. But feeling effects in 15-20 minutes is quick even for me.

    I have infused evo, canola oil, and butter/ghee before but mostly settled on coconut oil. But this MCT oil seems different IMO.

    One of the things I noticed is the taste itself. This infusion is almost tasteless.

    Something I've never tried before was adding sweet orange oil to the infusion. Along with the limonene it brings, it may have helped with the speed. My research shows that it helps break down oils.

    So far I'm impressed, but Iike you said though, I'll keep testing.
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  5. So I've been bored and have been going back in this thread to past years and doing some reading. Its like a history of edibles.

    In 09 every other thread was about firecrackers, lol. Then after 2011 and bad kitty smiles, the posting quality went up, and people started talking more about decarbing. Still a lot about firecrackers though.

    Gradually the questions and answers improved. And now the things we're doing now are much more advanced and we have more ways and products than ever before. And hardly any firecracker posts, lol.

    So what's next?
    Quick onset, water solubility, no odor, dosing for specific conditions, and terpenes are things I'm thinking about now. The edible future seems exciting.
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  6. We made a batch of brownies yesterday using a gram of decarbed sift hash, lecithin and coconut oil.

    They turned out fine. My wife and I ate one after they cooled off. (Full stomach BTW)

    The effects came on very slow, close to 2 hours for me, and 3 to peak, and 3 for my wife to feel anything. But they also lasted a real long time, like 5+ hours, maybe more, eventually I went to bed.

    I noticed the same long time to launch when I used decarbed sift hash for chocolates.

    Both had a mostly head buzz. I'm thinking that was because I'm used to having some cbd in my medibles and these didn't. Plus I grow mostly sativa's and my hash is a little of everything I grow.

    I didn't expect how long the effects took. I usually feel effects faster than others do.

    Anyone else notice that with decarbed hash fueled medibles?
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    Holy crap, amazon sells terpenes now. Anyone try these in edibles?

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  8. Anyone noticing different effects from the same active ingredients depending on if your using more sugar or fat or caffeine or whatever in their medibles?

    The most dramatic sugar based buzz signature is when I use the tapioca maltodextrin. It comes on fast, gets intense then gradually fades away. A lot like smoking.

    The effects from using infused ghee takes longer to come on but also lasts quite a long time. I guess our infused honey butter, or brownies would be a hybrid? Sugar and fat. Oh, and one of my favorites mct oil in coffee, very quick and goes well with the caffeine buzz.

    I guess these different effects could be part from if it's delta 9 or hydroxy 11, and part from a sugar buzz, or in coffee a caffeine buzz. And I didn't even mention terpene effects in edibles. Anyone have thoughts/comments?

    Edit; how about the sugar substitutes? Are they just like sugar for effects? Never used them but I see there getting used more here lately.
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    I recently discovered moser roth chocolate bars at aldi's grocery store. They're premium 4.4 oz bars for $1.99 each. Or $5 something on amazon.

    I've mixed the 85% cocoa bars with mercken brand dark chocolate wafers for medicated chocolate bars. They taste great almost like truffles.

    And on a whim I bought one orange almond chocolate bar. I melted it and added 5, 50mg hash caps I had in the freezer and filled two, 2 oz silicone chocolate bar molds withe chocolate from one bar. Turns out I think they're my best medible ever. Absolutely no weed taste and they're potent.

    Aldi's also has chocolate chilli, chocolate mint, dark chocolate sea salt, and chocolate carmel bars. I'll explore more of these in the future.

    I'm not affiliated with aldi's in any way, in fact it was the first time I ever went there, i just wanted to pass this on to other chocolate lovers.
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  10. I definitely can tell a difference with the sugary products as long as oil hasn't been used as the infuser except for the maltodextrin. That's a definite with the sugar, honey, agave and other syrups. It's been too long since I have used any of the substitutes and don't remember if it was quicker onset or not. I expect that it was, though.

    If you can get terpenes in the edibles then that's a plus. Mostly those are lost somewhere in the process although you could add some. I've added terpenes to honey. :)

    I wish they had an Aldi's around here. I really like them. Good products and fits my budget. They finally opened one in a far suburb so maybe I can get by there and check out those chocolate bars. Your medible sounds great. :yummy:
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  11. Sup, weed eaters?

    I'm on day 2 of a medible tolerance break. I went from 75mg a day to over 150-200mg over the last month and figured I was due for a T break.

    I took 2-3 T breaks a year when I smoked and then vaped. Breaks were never a problem and my symptoms were mild.

    Now on a medible break I have the same symptoms but for some reason they're worse. WTF?

    Day 1 was easy. Probably because I still had a lot of cannabinoids in me. But today I have a headache all day and body aches.

    Can anyone shed light on why a break from eating cannabis is harder than from vaping/smoking? I actually use less in total than when I inhaled.
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  12. I just stop. No real immediate change. It takes about a week to 10 days before I fall to pieces. I'll wake up one morning in agony from all the bent and broken bits of my body that the cannabis masks so well.

    While I take the Hash Capsules primarily for the post surgical adhesions in my belly it also keep my back well lubricated and quiet. Same with the bum shoulder, The bad knees and clicking hip joint.

    It truly is the worlds best Snake Oil (How badly does your snake squeak). I get the same report from many of the people I gift the oil to. Most don't really notice how well it's been working on all the little aches and pains of getting on in years until they stop using for a couple of weeks.

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  13. Has anyone used cbd isolate in medibles/edibles? Recommendations?

    Im seeing prices for cbd isolate cheaper than I can possibly grow, and wondering if I should just buy it. I did order 25 grams to try, and ill compare it to my own cannatonic #4 that I grow for cbd's that get mostly used in daytime edibles.

    The type I grow and use is good for energy, pain and focus, but not so much for sleep. I use it in most daytime medibles to take the edge off racy high thc, and for a more "full spectrum" type product. The yields are terrible, but ive grown it for many years because it works.
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  14. CBD isolate is real easy to use in just about anything. It dissolves easily and it's an easy way to dose it since it's usually 99%. It's great as long as you're not looking for the full spectrum then you're maybe better growing what works for you. I've used it to make different THC:CBD ratios. It's cheap so stock up. If you have the equipment you can even make D8 from it. :)
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  15. Thanks! Good to know you have used it as well. I did not know it was legal to ship, sell and whatnot until recently. Apparently I live in my own little world, lol.

    I make an entire cbd plant into rosin or on my last harvest sift hash from my tumbler. I use the concentrate in most of our day time medibles. Ive used anywhere from 50/50 thc/cbd to 90/10. And still am not sure what ratio is best, lol. I mostly use, or at least try for 25% cbd, and I make 100% cannatonic #4 rosin capsules. I suppose I'll use the isolate the same way, maybe even use it to mix with my homegrown concentrate, but im open to suggestions.

    If you don't mind, Psam or anyone. What type of ratios (THC/CBD Isolate) did you like best? And did you notice differences between full spectrum cbd products and isolates?
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  16. I didn't really get into it very much but did play around with it when it first came around. We had some discussions on my tincture threads about it. I made up some for a friend at 1:1 with the isolate but they weren't really able to tell much from it. I did try some in topicals and in other oils and tincture but it didn't really have any noticeable effects for me. That's the big problem with me.

    Someone asked me to make them some MCT CBD oil for their family needs and they would only use CBD so we started using hemp CBD full extract crude for a more synergistic effect. I only use it when I've got a serious health issue going on and then I use a high dose daily until I feel better but I don't mix THC and CBD for myself and use it more for acute situations. I currently try to remember to take a 60mg capsule in the morning because it is supposed to reduce fatty buildup in the liver due to cirrhosis. I say I try to remember because I question it so I try to think of it as a vitamin and keep it far away from my buzz but I forget a lot.

    I can tell the difference, though, during those acute times, between the full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum...for whatever that's worth and I can't explain it.

    So that doesn't help with your question about ratios but I have something better than my experiences. Although the search function isn't working quite right these days, it can still be used so I did a search in "Weed Edibles" for "cbd isolate". It won't search a particular thread now but fortunately there hasn't been a lot of posts on that subject in "Edibles" and most of those are from my tincture threads but not all. There's seven pages of posts by mostly others than me discussing it. You may want to check out those posts to get others' ideas from the time. Since my threads represent over 1300 pages here, most of them are from those but not by me. We've ben discussing isolate since spring of '17. :)
    Advanced search term: cbd isolate
    "Threads and Posts" tab
    "Search in Forums: Weed Edibles"
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