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New here, Michigan Wolverine reporting in.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MIW, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. I made some of them a few years back using water hash. That was as high as I've ever been, lol.

    No hallucinations, but my jaws hurt from laughing for a couple days. Everything became extremely funny. Especially my wife. She faired worse. Long story short. She barfed, took a quick shower and went to bed 4 hours early, lol.

    I gave the rest to a friend that uses from sun up to sun set. Even he said they were a little too strong.

    Although recently I bought a tumbler, so I could use sift hash, I use a winterized rso or feco for capsules. The reason being the simplicity of calculating doses.
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  2. Its too bad we dont see @BadKittySmiles aka Bad Kat around here anymore. She was, IMO, an incredible pioneer in her Medibles trade.

    Thanks for teaching everyone you do the tricks of the trade.

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  3. So true. Here's her website if you want tp catch up with her.
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  4. I’ve looked through it a few times - thanks pal! She’s helped alot of folks thats for sure.

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  5. Unfortunately, that website seems to be as dead as her threads. It's been several years since they've posted anything new and all the links to her stuff are broken. All the events advertised are 2013 and I don't see anything dated after 2015. Hopefully she's still around somewhere but it would be nice if she updated her presence for the sake of her fans. :confused_2:
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  6. I just hope she's not a soccer mom driving a minivan in suburbia.
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  7. Welcome a fellow mi
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  8. #28 MIW, Dec 13, 2020
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2020
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  9. To funny. I love self promotion website, OMG you'll never get a correct decarb in a conventional oven and a
    Toaster Oven Decarb
    Similar to the oven, the toaster oven’s lack of efficient temperature control is its downfall. Coupled with the appliance’s typical operation and the location of its heating elements, it can easily damage the bud or produce under-decarbed material. The toaster oven method makes it impossible to get reliable results consistently.
    Un-possible ?? I've long lost track of how much Kief and Buds has run through mine but it all kicked ass. Gee my toaster oven does it just right time after time and never varies by more then 3-5 degrees and it's a POS I nabbed off the curb on trash can and fixed bypassing the fried spring wind timer. Cost me 3 cents for the wirenut I used. :)

    Only with our product can you be assured of a full and complete line of Horseshit.
    <-- thinks it's just not true.
    Something about a fool and his money. :)
    Hmmm I've got both the gasoline stove and the folding camp oven. I should just because I can. How low tech can we get?
    <-- Already done the engine block decarb and cook. Couldn't tell it wasn't done any other way from what I always make. Wrapped the Kief in foil and put it on the engine and drove 60 minutes. Made the oil in the dish on the still hot engine block when we got were we going. I don't remember much of the fishing trip. Buddy said we had a blast and even caught a few fish but were to stoned to land them and they all got away at the shore.

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  10. Maybe with a nova your wife would let you cook inside. Cats could have their bowls back. Just a thought.

    Engine block, good one! Next up decarbing in a fresh killed buffalo in a snow storm. lol
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  11. Whatever gets the job done. On the dashboard of the car in Arizona in the summer will do it, too. :)
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  12. LMAO now that is one that never crossed my mind. Fresh kill decarb.
    The wife just barely tolerates my capping the oil in the house and even then I get the dirty looks but we've made our peace with each other. Decarb and process outside. It's never that cold during the day. Mid 60s is our lowest high temps. I tried capping outside but the slight breeze sent the capsule tops flying off the table so that was a fail.

    After that first "Dirty Hotel Room" shot glass of bud and butter done in the room microwave leaving me so hammered I was nearly arrested for public intoxication I realized then that you can shortcut far more then I ever changed Kats recipe and still get sledgehammered on a pinky finger amount of shitty buds and a half assed decarb-process.

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  13. #34 BrassNwood, Dec 18, 2020
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2020
    HAHAHAHAHHahahahah that is true anywhere in the desert southwest USA. I toss a white towel over the black steering wheel of my antique truck or I can't touch the wheel to drive it. 2nd degree burns if you insist. That old enameled Bakelite? will absorb and hold heat quite well.

    I've decarbed in everything from 200 to 250 F and wildly varying times just to see where the outer edges of functionality is and you have to really be off. 200 F for 15 minutes is not enough but 30 minutes is.
    On the high side you can cook the kief till it has gone near black and it is just a bit degraded in effects. 250 for 90 minutes it lost a bit of it's great taste but the hit was right in the ballpark.

    Much of it wasn't planned but I cook a lot, 4 times a year for several days at a time and I don't always hear the timer . I'll be focused capping and think hey I didn't hear the timer. Ohh shit another long decarb.

    At the Kief level I work in there is a wide, wide range where it just doesn't make any end use difference at all how it was decarbed (as long as it was done) to get virtually the exact same stone day after day capsule after capsule.

    The 240 for 40 is dead on and easy to remember.
    Same with the 220 for 20 I use to process. Dead easy for a highly medicated cooker to remember where, what, and when he was in the middle of.

    I run the same decarb even when I'm doing bud scraps for Tincture and it's a lot more material at a time then the 30 grams of Kief. I fill both my working pans to the top and do both at once nearly filling the Toaster-Convection oven.

    8 years of empirical self testing. I KNOW to the mg exactly what X amount of Kats Oil should do to me.
    I used to buy top grade clones every year. Now I grow gifted, free, bag seeds from friends and dirty crosses I do here. Doesn't matter one bit. The Kief is all the same strength. :)

    I live with a dragon in my belly caused by several surgeries. THC and lots of it keep him dead asleep and knocked out cold. When I get to sober for to long he wakes up and that is a very bad thing so it is best I stay well oiled. It's really not a pretty sight to watch a grown may cry and whimper and this is like a bayonet in the guts being twisted slowly in a clockwise direction.

    Cannabis gave me back my life but I was toking every hour on hour the hour to stay in comfort. Getting up at night 3 or 4 times for a toke of Kief.
    Kats Oil stopped all that and I live a real life... :) Functional member of society and most don't know I'm blazed if I don't take to much.
    1 capsule a day keeps the Doctor away.

    The Original Snake Oil..
    It'll Cure your Rheumatism and your Lumbago and a whole lot of other ills and aches and pains.

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  14. #35 MIW, Dec 19, 2020
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2020
    Even though I've been in this game awhile I'm fairly new to sift hash. But now I have some I've decarbed (9 grams) and I'll be making more sift hash soon.

    Other than hash caps, hash tinctures, those have been well covered, and I make hash rosin, what are other ways to use it as a food item?

    I balked at adding it to chocolate because of the bulk of it and the texture. In a cake or cookies it seems the texture would make less of a difference. But I haven't done it yet.

    Today I ate a pinch of decarbed sift hash. I used about what I'd have put in a pipe for personal use, I didn't weigh it.

    I was surprised that it really didn't taste like weed. Just an odd but mild slightly roasted or nutty taste, and a gritty texture. Oh, and a nice mellow wake n bake buzz that's making me curious as to how best to use it in food.
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  15. We did a Cannabis show a few years ago and Doctored everything we sold at the booth.
    Hot dogs and buns got brushed with a weak Hash-Coconut oil as they came off the grill.
    The Catsup and Mustard were both adulterated. The brownie bites were on the verge of lethal @ 100mg.

    For use in foods the freeze step in Kat's oil recipe removes much if not all of the grittiness you detected.
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  16. [​IMG]


    MMMMmmmmm Sativa. LOL

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  17. Today at breakfast I ran out of medicated honey butter. $%#@! I had to make another batch!

    So to change things up from my last batch, I used 5 grams of decarbed tumbler sift hash. (145 micron) I melted that with a small amount of ghee and 1.5 tsp of powdered sunflower lecithin on a coffee warmer and in a glass measuring cup. Then added more ghee to make one full cup and stirred and heated with a coffee warmer until it was all mixed well.

    I dumped the warm ghee into a small steel mixing bowl and let it cool in the freezer a bit. When it started to solidify I mixed in 1/2 cup of older honey that started to crystilize. ( I like the honey crystalized because it forms more crystals and spreads like magic as you mix it, and it makes a neat mouth feel, others might like a smoother product, if so gently preheat the honey if it started to crystallized).

    The hash stained the ghee a medium brown, but using a mixer to mix the honey and ghee also whips air into the mix turning it a creamy tan color. I split he batch and froze one, the other will be stored in the fridge as I use it.

    I used 500mg per gram of hash as a general guide, I suspect that might be a little low. A cup and a half will be 72 tsp. 2500mg (of hash) divided by 72 one tsp servings is 34.7 mg per tsp. That may be a little too strong, for us, ill have to use it a little and ill adjust with more ghee if necessary. It seems I had to last batch (using 3 ml of feco), but its been a while, so I could be wrong.

    It's just a different take on canna butter. Sorry I didn't think to take pictures till now, lol. This makes a tasty spread, or on a spoon, in coffee or wherever.. If you have a mixer it's pretty simple to whip it after the ghee starts to cool. I think using this decarbed sift hash tastes a little better than making it with feco, but I was kinda high when I made it and then licked the mixers, so what do I know? lol
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  18. Everything is better with hash. :ey:
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