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My oven got me stoned

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Cannacooking, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. Hello, I just wanted to share this story of what happened to me today so you can either try the same thing yourself, or avoid this situation happening to you.
    Today my oven got me very stoned. Yes, I know this sounds a bit cuckoo, but it really did happen. And no, I don't have a giant walk-in oven with a big bag of weed in the middle like some Swedish sensimilia sauna.
    On Tuesday this week, my friend came to my house to make cannabutter using his dried trim from his 1 Tropicana Banana plant and 2 Gorilla Skittlez plants. He had 100g / 3.5 Oz of trim in total.
    So we decarb'd the trim for 45mins at 115°C / 239°F then simmered for 1.5hrs in butter and water then separated the butter from the plant matter and all went well.
    For the past few days, everytime I've used my oven, the sweet aroma of baking cannabis can be smelled in the air which isn't ideal with 2 children at home 50% of the time. (I keep my kids and cannabis separate).
    To fix this I thought I had better clean my oven. I have a self-cleaning oven. To self clean, the door locks and the temperature goes up to 450°C / 842°F and the oven basically incinerates any dirt or grease in the oven and turns it to ash.
    I started this cleaning process in the morning. I had not vaped any weed and had not eaten any edibles. I was totally sober. Please note, there was no smell of cannabis coming out of the oven and I had the kitchen window open and the back door open to allow any oven cleaning smell to go outside because it normally sinks a bit.
    Around 30 minutes later I am feeling the effects of being stoned. Not just a little, but quite a lot. The strange thing is, I was not expecting to be stoned, but I was, so it made it feel really unusual as to what was going on. This started around 10.30am and has lasted all day until about 3.30pm. It is now 6pm. I'm not stoned now but I'm very chilled and relaxed and just enjoying the sunshine and peace and quiet.
    So there you go, that is how my oven got me stoned today. I've never heard of this before and just wanted to share this experience with you. And who knows, if you also have a stash of trim to be baked and also a self- leaning oven, maybe your oven will get you high too. Beware!!! :)
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  2. Now you'll have many of our members cleaning their ovens ...
    still their might be some good news in all those clouds

    good luck
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  3. I get slightly high removing stems and breaking up decarbed herb with bare hands.
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  4. "Self leaning oven." Damn son! You must had been still baked when you wrote that shit. I think I'm gonna have to try it. lol
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  5. You got high off of the oven cleaner chemicals ! Lol!
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  6. Sprinkle baking soda in oven , spritz with vinegar till damp, sit 1 hr till dry, wipe clean.
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  7. Cannabis is water soluble and you don't need any harsh chemicals to remove it. Why weed doesn't do the same damage as cigarettes. Also the additives. But yeah. Water vinegar or baking soda even dawn soap should do it in no time. But cooking it off was kinda clever but you can stink the whole block up.

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  8. At 240F THC wouldn't have vaporized, it would have stayed in the bud and wouldn't have transferred to the oven. Some of the smelly terps probably transferred to the oven because they are water soluble and therefor have a lower vape temp. You got a psychological high. Sorry.
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  9. Sorry but cannabis is NOT water soluble. Dawn dish soap doesn't do it. If it's on something like the oven then heat is about the only way. Vinegar can work with some scrubbing. :mellow:
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  10. Your right. I was misinformed all those years ago. Figured. Thanks

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  11. #11 Cactus Ed, Apr 19, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2021
    There's lots of good information floating around Grasscity. When I signed up I'd been growing and smoking for a little more than 40 years and I've learned more about pot here in the last 10 years than I'd learned in the previous 40. Of course it didn't help that in the early years good info on cannabis wasn't that easy to find. For many years I thought Cannabis Indica wasn't that psychoactive and I didn't learn about decarbing until I'd been smoking and making brownies for well over 20 years. Now that you know THC is an oil it will be easier to understand how to manipulate it.

    Although being an oil makes THC harder to mix into liquid based edibles it's still a good thing. Can you imagine leaving your stash uncovered and all the THC evaporates?
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  12. Hi everyone, thanks for your replies and feedback on this subject. I don't have an explanation as to why this happened and I just wanted to share the experience.
    My oven has a special 'self-cleaning' mode and I've used it lots of times before without the same 'effects'. It's the ultimate lazy man's way of cleaning an oven.
    It wasn't a phycological high, I'm a seasoned consumer of cannabis and vape or eat cannacookies everyday. I know how I was feeling. It was not like I was hoping to get high from cleaning my oven. Like I said, there was no cannabis smell coming out while cleaning mode was on.
    The next time i decarb a large quantity of trim then clean the oven, I'll make sure to invite my friends over and see how it goes.

    Take care and peace to all.
  13. I feel it. 20 year smoker, Grass city user for 4 years. At first I googled everything I kept bringing me to great post on grass city so I joined and love it I can still see everything from my grows in the pass. IMG_20210419_190008887.jpg

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