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Making tincture with dry flower

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by winks00, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. ok, so I have been making tincture for a long time and have gotten fairly good at making tincture, but today I have a different question that I never thought I would need to ask..
    I don't know how it happened, but while cleaning today I found about 4 ozs of flower that must have been hidden in a random drawer for several months.. since all 4 were in one large zip lock bag, the flower in the bag is very dry. It would definitely taste terrible if smoked, but I am curious if I can still use It to make tincture?? I know I can make the tincture, however will it have any strength at all?

    thank you for all your help!!
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  2. If there is no Mold i see no reason why you would not. People make tinctures with vaporized material f.ex. they just use more. Psychedelic Sam has a good tincture thread here
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  3. Most claim that Cannabis looses roughly 10 to 20% of it's potency per year.
    A few months is no big deal. I routinely have jars I don't get to for 6 months.

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  4. This is such great news!! I just now did the 12/12 flip so, finding 4 ozs is amazing!!
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  5. I made all my tincture with a crock pot and oven to decarbs. I bought the ardent fx and my tinctures doubled in potency. It works well. Decarbs then infuses. Done.

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  7. The nova is to small for my needs and the fx is literally perfect. I do 1.5-2oz of flower each time and it makes me more tincture then i can swallow. Plus I got a deal on it. Unfortunately I had to Warrenty it when I first got it but it’s been fine every since. I actually set it up and forget it while im doing all my rosin pressing.

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    As a caregiver grower I make a lot of concentrates and other than rosin I routinely dry my herb before making a tincture or feco or sift hash. Same for bubble hash although I rarely make it anymore.

    I dry herb before decarbing in my nova fx as well.

    Too much moisture can make a gooey mess. It's much easier to get the moisture out before rather than later. Only in rosin do I use regular hydrated buds.
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