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  1. Hey my Bladedrows!!
    So Papa looked and saw how many 1 gram containers from the despinsary and was like I need my own lab! So I have helped my buddy make homemade with the steel tubes. I cant do that with my back! Plus I want to make it with less fats! So can anyone either show me what I need and links would be great! Vids too! I like sauce and crumble the best. Easier to deal with. The homemade shatta is so sticky and gets everywhere!! So I just want to make for myself. Not industrial lol. I just didn't like rosin as well. So gave my press to a good buddy. So recipes would be great too!

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  2. I'm talking a home setup to make dabs or concentrates to smoke. Beakers and all

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  3. [​IMG]
    Decarbing a mixed load you can see the green and purple

    Closer [​IMG]

    Dry Ice Kief FTMFW
    This was the day of the purple Kief.
    Smoke it, Snort it, Roll around in it like Hay, Make capsules, :)
    My plan is to get 10lb of dry ice today and run off the last half of Summer 2020 harvest to Kief. Bit over 5 gallons of buds to smash. Down to the last jar of Kief. This won't do.

    TTS was all about the dabs and bonging till blind but..... Ehhhh i'll stick with the brass pipe and kief over the more refined goods. Has taste, flavors, Messing with the bowl. All the bits of the culture I love.
    I always was a doobie or metal pipe man.

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