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  1. So here I am coming up to a new year some of you old blades might remember me from back in 2012-2015 well this guy is back at it again but this time 100% legal.
    I found an investor and thats all I'm gonna say about that so until the time is right now pics but would like some people to join along pics will be coming very soon
  2. 20201212_185040.jpg 20201212_184944.jpg
    so made a list of IPM if im missing anything please let me know I feel like I've missed a few things
  3. Welcome Back.
    Happy New Year.
    Kick 2020 to the curb.

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  4. @BrassNwood how are you glad to see your still around also happy new years to you too.
  5. Hhahahahahha I think I took a bit to much edible oil and a toke to much Kief and I'm really pushing the limits of how much.....

    Dinner yet to eat and if it triggers a super stone I'll be fucked.

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  6. thats what I like to hear I need days like that sometimes though
  7. so I'm gonna list a few of the strains im gonna be working with.
    I'll be working with Sanctuary Gardens Noktikron, Gobsmack, and Gobzilla

    then I have a new strain from a guy that I'm gonna be testing called second breakfast the genetics are something I can't wait for
    it Blueberry muffin(blueberry x purple panty dropper) x Orange Blossom Special.

    also gonna add more as I go because I have more then that but ill be focusing on these 4 strains to begin with
  8. here's to a setup I only wished I could have back in 2013 3x3 next to a 10x10 then I got an 8x6 waiting on a few lights to come in so for now this is all u get
    20210102_144657.jpg 20210102_144709.jpg
  9. Just my new custom rig i had blown. God its torturous waiting. 135256105_238702057636558_9103963924609894904_n.jpg 136177213_1308818529484591_1540672209130114173_n.jpg 135276551_694393901258464_7364436372410120920_n.jpg 135040908_158649242359898_6801627691820754428_n.jpg
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  10. Sup jump. Remember that dream I chased years ago......

    20200920_105759.jpg 20200910_134030.jpg 20201006_195113.jpg 20200902_152955.jpg 20200926_105950.jpg 20200917_170021.jpg 20200904_160853.jpg 20201112_171642.jpg 20201004_185948.jpg 20200904_160432.jpg 20201112_170746.jpg 20200904_155455.jpg 20200920_110904.jpg
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  11. well holy shit sade congrats that is amazing I do remember you talking about that man id love to come visit. I'm working on my dream right now. I'm legal and starting small til the warehouse gets okayed looking for land myself id be happy with 5 but looking for more. again sade thats freaking fantastic and glad you stopped by hope to catch you around this weekend should be fun with some updates
  12. I hope this thread gets as crazy as Jumpers Jam did
  13. Bro first time in my life where I got a $5 pay raise after a month of employment from fear of losing me. Coming from the lumber industry to legal cannabis which is also production. Well I fucking shine sir next to your average stoner. I honestly have to say if it was not for grasscity and knowing I will never master anything and swallowing my pride probably be still on the east coast and I do not think in a good place either.
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  14. Man I am so happy for you and thats amazing that they take care of you like that 5 dollar raise thats fuckin killer its like squeezing lemons with fresh cuts covered in salt trying to get a 50 cent raise where im at
  15. Have no college education and I wont work for a company unless $20hr or more.
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  16. welcome@sitnspin pull up chair the fun will begin this weekend grab a joint and a drink and enjoy the ride

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  17. Jumps in

    Sent with more cow bell!?
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