I can’t use edibles is RSO (Rick Simpson oil) a good substitute.

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  1. I can’t eat edibles. Something in my system doesn’t let me get high. I’ve tried everything. Tinctures work amazing
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  2. I'm not sure about RSO working when edibles don't, but tincture does. It's worth for a try. @PsychedelicSam turned us on to THC powder.
    You may want to try it.
    For a small batch 10 grams Coconut Oil, 8 grams N-Zorbit M Tapioca Maltodextran, one gram decarbed concentrate. Mix thoroughly and put through a flour sifter, or strainer. Add the powder to any food. It doesn't dissolve well in cold liquids. I just made mine, but haven't used it, yet. I'm waiting till my friend can do it with me. The onset is supposed to be very quick. In any case you may find this powder gets you high similar to a tincture.
  3. Thank you!! I appreciate you taking the time
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  4. Describe "Everything"
    I've yet to find a person I can NOT stone off their ass with the BadKat recipe.
    It's always a weak edible or simply not taking enough.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    Follow the recipe EXACTLY.
    Take 10mg and wait 2 hours.
    If not stoned.
    Take 20mg more and wait another 2 hours.
    If not stoned.
    Take 40mg more and wait another 2 hours
    Continue doubling the dose and waiting until it works.
    It will work.
    It always does.
    Nobody is resistant.


    [​IMG]RSO is just another concentrate and still depends on your liver to metabolize the cannabis.
    I make both RSO and Kief based Capsules of roughly the same strength.

    < -- Hard to stone. It takes me 200mg of this super strength oil to get the job done. But it does it day after day after........

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