Hydro-to-NoTill: Perpetually Dirty

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  1. Hey buddy dude check this out. Cover crops I am a firm believer on now and will always be using them but maybe smaller species. Bro I have the thickest stalks I have ever had on plants. Not a single purple/red pediole or mark on stalk. You may want to get a raised fabric bed and forget the perpetual thing. I have one tent 2 weeks flower and just got the veg one up and running.

    20210403_192421.jpg IMG_20210403_191815_961.jpg

    Forgot to take picture of 3x3 bed with the soil and mulch added. Waiting a couple days then will plant the seedlings. The ones I have in 5gal buckets will be mothers and veg in a 3x3 tent.
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  2. Leave out the rooms and plant cover crops. If you dont like them mulchem. You wont regret it though. They will prevent soil erosion which will greatly increase your soil longevity.
  3. Well people saying use compost teas do not know what they are talking about either. They work in a way but absolutely no consistency meaning they will never be the same due the different microbiological life dominant more than others every brew or not very active at all. I still use my brewer but mainly just straight compost, ewc, and alfalfa meal for enzymes, protozoa and microbiological life. Those will add very little nutrient levels but increase microbe life which is what I'm all about. They are the true farmers.
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  4. lmaoo Dude all i was there for was Linda. Legit.
  5. Straight up Im pretty convinced to let nature do the "tea". Mulch it!
  6. But but...i love my wormies :'(

    I am going to plant cover crops in seperate containers and use them for mulch. Maybe at every corner of the tent.

    I have been inching towards a cover crop but i felt like I missed the window for it already. Dont wanna disturb all the mulch layer now since its popping with life.
  7. Always a blast when you chime in man
  8. They become a living mulch and take over the old mulch.
  9. Man it is poppin in there. Wish I was a bug in there!

    Dude, trust, i wish I did a bed. I gotta see my decisions through now tho! The homes are made and I dont have the heart to break it all up anytime soon.

    Guess ill just have to catch up with ya haha
  10. Good call on that deep red with those full spectrums, am i guessing correct?
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    Soil is slow or im just too eager to transplant 20210405_221813.jpg
  12. Virgin soil that has had no roots in it to help with aeration. Mine did the same thing and then fucking just blew up. The main thing now is to keep microorganisms happy. They are what makes the nutrients available for the plants to eat.
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  13. Yes in my other tent I have qb288 Bspec coupled with 2x qb96 v2s for now but soon much more. Definitely notice a difference and with lumen adjustments I will be able to change the spectrum dominance being either veg or flower.
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  14. Gonna mulch some more alfalfa hay soon cause the mites like it so much.

    I can tell mites like it wet, unfortunately when the hay gets dry they move lower to the soil. I want them to be happy and eat plenty so Ive been thinking of doing more alfalfa hay and then laying down wood chips to give the alfalfa hay layer a barrier so it can stay wet for longer.

    Kind of trying to focus on the idea of a thriving, bustling mulch layer that isnt drying out all the time.

    This is exactly why i went thin on the mulch layer at first, to kind of see what happens.

    Dying to transplant

  15. I shall name it...Brucetta. Resized_Resized_20210408_190809.jpeg
  16. Official day 1 of veg?
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    That was a very traumatic transplant. Ill just leave it at that, and I hope she pulls through. Havent transplanted since my first soil grow 4 years ago o.o'.

    Put some more alfalfa hay, sprinkling of compost and some shredded wood (no dye, natural cedar) on top. Sprinkled MBP and watered everything in a little with aloe+coconut water.

    Mulch layer really becoming a mulch layer now. Actually has that 'pull back' quality to it now. Its only about 2inches thick now.

    DOH, forgot to sprinkle some MBP around the plant. Oh well. Next watering.

    I think i wont have to water for quite a while. I havent done any watering for the past week besides watering the mulch layer a tad. When I was transplanting, the soil was just perfectly moist still. Figures.

    I really wonder whats feeding my predator mites so well. Sure fungus gnats, which I now welcome with open arms as my mites with open mouths do, but man those predator mites are really flourishing. Feel like theyre gonna have an extinction the rate theyre going at eventually.

    I think im getting the hang into the idea of taking care of the life of the soil, not the plant.

    Pull thru brucetta, im sorry i have clumsy transplant noob hands <3 20210409_223020.jpg 20210409_223139.jpg 20210409_223031.jpg
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    Little brucetta is a little sad today, still grew a bit though! Lil beautiful trooper image000000(1).jpg

    Just wanted to clarify its prob a little sad because of the transplant stress and slight over watering. Thats my guess. Cheers x)

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