Hydro-to-NoTill: Perpetually Dirty

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  1. Great stuff, looking forward to seeing your project here.
    I do a lot of work outside with composting, cooking, chicken, animal waste, etc. Never sent in my stuff to a lab, well since school for horticulture and doing soil science stuff.
    Always feared bringing it inside, so I use dosers and hydro theory with various media's for a perpetual grow set up.
    However the energy to make my solutions is a huge constant.
    Vs the stability of it being naturally bound up in the media.. again space/time/goal/resource equations..
    Cheers and happy toking.
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  2. I just started getting locked in on how to DWC before going No-Till, I cant say I wont miss it. Went through so much problems I fixed on my own and learned so much, then I do something else xD. Felt like I earned my hydro rights.

    Wish I had outside space to compost!
    Thanks for chiming in :)
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  3. Nice.
    Yes, everyone's journey in growing, and the science/art of growing in general is such a unique adventure.
    Much respect.
    I only did a little DWC. Realized it wasn't what I wanted in current space, think I will return to it at some point.
    So many things which the field encompasses.
    The paths we choose right.
    Yeah outdoor composting, we have chickens and ducks(had rabbits and goats), so really its a bigger soil building project we've been working on, my wife and I for over ten years off and on. Only 1/4 acre.
    Started out trucking in free horse manure years ago.
    I hope you get the space to be able to do the projects I'm sure you dream of.
    I know I wish for better space, however use what you got right?
    I feel I gotta show this world I know how to use space well.
    And if I can't manage less how will more help but keep me running in bigger circles?
    Again knowing how to play ones situation.
    I agree that so much is to be learned on general truths of life and dynamics by pursuing growing.
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    PLEASE delete my recent saturated link

    edit: thank you ICGreen, i had a mini meltdown
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  5. So, obviously you've been hitting the books on the organic living soils. I have a question though. Have you looked into the dr earth dry ammendments? They have some brands that almost identically match your ammendments if not just substituting them. Plus the mixes include biolife or prolife or some other microbiology colonizers. I started using it to top dress towards the end of my last run and it seemed to help. Just wondering what your thoughts were or anybodys for that matter.

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  6. I have and the biggest reason I went down to earth is because the local nursery I went to had a whole wall dedicated to down to earth. Not much dr earth choices, so I just went with DtE.

    As for the microbiology, I figured relying on my compost, quality EWC, and Recharge would be more than enough.

    But I would totally be open to top dressing with dr. Earth. After I run out of all the DtE I have xD. Or would try and compare the two brands similar dry amendment between crops. Hey im all for trying out reputable brands, just some are more mainstream than others apparently.

    Thanks for chiming in :)
    Stick around the grow is just starting!
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    I get scolded for using Recharge even.

    "Make a ewc/compost tea and stop buying snake oil loser!" Something like that lol

    I think recharge is a brilliant microbe package for the buck *shrug
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    Man I really vibe with you. Youre doing what I want to do. Land, start small, building the land, recycling local free produce into the garden, animals, hard work out in nature, youre right, i really do dream of it.

    Everything Im going through on this grow journey, it all feels like the puzzle piece in earning/preparing the next step. "Knowing how to play ones situation", i just cant agree more.

    "...so much is to be learned on general truths of life and dynamics by pursuing growing."
    Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

    Ive spent my whole life trying to get out of a concrete jungle on my own on my terms, falling off the path so many times, sometimes seemingly for good...and I'm just never giving up. Im getting out there to my real home some day. Drag me through hell, itll all be worth it when I can finally breath.

    Excuse the ramble x)
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  9. 1 out of 3 seedlings survived. Old seeds, but they didnt look that healthy either. One of them did, i wonder if it was the one that sprouted xP.

    Starting to see a few fungus gnats, but I see soooo many predatory mites. Let them feast on their gnat larvae!!!!
    Keep telling myself its the balance of nature. There will be bugs. Still got hydro brain.

    76f and 59-62% rh

    Excited to transplant, come on lil buddy
    Resized_Resized_20210331_143133.jpg Resized_Resized_20210331_143234.jpg
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  10. So much work to still do in the room and tents.
    I bought aloe flakes and coconut powder forever ago but it finally shipped.
  11. Makes me itchy, but man those mites be partying on that mulch. 20210402_014853.jpg Screenshot_20210402-032036_Gallery.jpg
  12. Dang scolded for using recharge.
    That stuff is awesome.
    Totally agree, and for the cost, the stuff lasts for a very long time, one package is gonna cover three to five years.
    I make my own compost teas and use compost, however got a pack of recharge and the thing I grew from it last year was crazy.
    Don't get me wrong, I love my home compost tea, however having a clean start is like using yeast from the store rather than letting flour starter sit out to catch it.... That is for making human bread.
    Snake oil, what's with people thinking snake oil doesn't have a place?
    I don't see why grey areas don't exist for some...
    I understand slippery slopes and what not, however time management exists too.
    I use that recharge in my current style, it seems to help.
    Have some pretty healthy trichoderma.
    Really depends on the time of year and where my composts are sitting.
    I'm not bubbling compost tea indoors, that's my loser rule.
    So until it warms up outside... I'll be a loser who uses useful products...
    Morning Astro, how you doing today?
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  13. Hahah doing good enough man. My typical morning with a bowl of mini wheats and youtube soil videos.
  14. Chugging along.

    I would suggest getting your aloe and coconut from somewhere else organic. It will most likely be cheaper for more and the same dosage.

    Aloe here is 1tsp per gallon, 1oz bag for $25
    Easily can find 8oz bag for $9 at 1/4-1/2tsp per gallon. (Purchased and on its way)
    The coconut was actually a decent deal, so no regrets there.

    Had to be thorough

    Resized_Resized_20210402_184253.jpg 20210403_145856.jpg
  15. Growth update. Ima be pretty daily about it. Resized_Resized_20210403_184732.jpg
  16. Lol when I built my first soil and put it indoors in my 4x4 bed. Opened the tent the next day and explosion of heat and humidity I was like "I don't think this is going to work." To my surprise cooled down hella quick and I have had the absolute best consistent temperatures/humidity grow yet.
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  17. I fucking hate that Aaron guy. He seems very ignorant in botany knowledge/ soil microbiological science out of all podcasts I have seen. I am really liking this one just can't stand the Aaron guy but honestly I get the feeling they kind of put him on to make themselves feel more intelligent lol.
  18. Yes expensive initial cost but if properly cared for you can use this soil for years. I remember buying gallons of nutrients almost bi monthly and that was expensive. Since going organic I can smell and taste the weed again.
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