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How much lecithin to how many ml of coconut oil when making canna oil ?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Zone 2, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. How much lecithin to how many ml of coconut oil when making canna oil ?
  2. There are differing opinions on how much lecithin to use.
    Magical Butter Machine recommends using equal weights of cannabis and lecithin.
    BrassNwood in these pages recommends using lecithin equal to 1/6 the final oil volume.
    Anywhere between those two amounts should work fine.

    You will have a straining decision to make.
    Not straining will increase potency by 10-50%, depending on concentration. (the less concentrated, the more efficient).
    But a lot of people don't want herb in their finished product.

    Here's an unstrained oil recipe I use to make size 00 capsules.Whatever else you do be sure to decarb, 240 F for 40 min.
    1. Decarb about 7 g herb @ 240 F for 40 min
    2. Grind to fine powder
    3. Mix together the following ingredients in some multiple of the following proportions
    (5 g Decarbed Herb) + (5 g Lecithin) + (20 g AnyOil) = 33*(Size00Caps of about 25 mg THC each)
    4. Bake .mixture for 40 min @ 220 F to infuse

    I use a candy dropper to put this into caps, or bake with it.

    This stuff will be about 25 mg per mL, and can also be used in cookie/brownie recipes.
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  3. I like a baby food syringe for filling capsules
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  4. 0. Not necessary at all.

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