How many strains have you grown? Lets see your list!

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  1. First grow 2bagseeds and a Barneys Farm Critical Kush:)
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  2. Sour diesel(clone)
    Big bud
    Super skunk

    The AK was hands down the best stuff I've ever tried.
  3. Strains and Yields

    Sweet seeds Black Cream
    1st 7.2 (stunted tp)
    Dutch Passions Blackberry Kush auto
    1st 5.0 (stunted)

    Barney's Farm Blue Mammoth 1st 28.2
    Dutch Passions Auto Blue Mazar (auto Mazar x auto blueberry)
    1st 11.4 (day 72 hermie)

    The vault PDxA (auto pink diesel x amnesia haze)
    1st 14.4 (cut day 63 due to ^)

  4. Loving the reviews about the strains. Keep it up :)

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    Been growing a LONG time...not sure if I can remember all of them. Here goes...

    Kali Mist
    Mantanuska Thunderfuck (clone)
    White Widow
    NL Special
    Pure Gooey
    NL Extreme
    Sonic's Kalischnapple x Pure Gooey
    Mendocino Pysco
    BC God Bud
    Lemon Haze
    Blue Dream
    Aurora Indica
    Purple Mayhem
    Kona Sunrise
    Train Wreck
    Pineapple Chunk
    Green Crack
    NYC Diesel
    Crystal Queen
    Sweet Tooth
    Gorilla Cookies
    Mataro Blue
    Mama Mia
    Northern Soul
    I'm sure I missed a few, smoking weed will do that to ya'.....I'm surprised I remembered this many, LOL. Peace.
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  6. Agent Orange
    Violator Kush
    Peppermint Kush
    Crimea Blue
    Phatt Fruity
    Kiwi Skunk
    Blueberry Headband
    Unknown Hashplant
    My Blueberry Headband X Unknown Hashplant aka Facepalm Kush
  7. It would be nice if all of you write what was most impressive (that you recommend) strain to grow /smoke, and what is to avoid?? And how heavy smoker are u?
  8. SSSC Sk1 1983-84
    SSSC Basic 5
    Nevils.. The Seed Bank Hashplant
    Seed Bank Mazar
    Seed Bank M39
    Sensi Seeds NL5 1989
    Sensi NL5/Haze early 90s
    Silver Haze
    Early Girl
    Silver Haze
    Silver Pearl
    4 Way
    Self Made….. My buddy was given these at an Eagle Scout Convention. He was an Eagle Scout Master, and he got to talking to an older Eagle Scout ( 23 ) and he had the seeds... ( only 10 ) Haze x NL5 x Hashplant/Sk1. 1992... Also NOT Sensi….Theres is Nl5 x Haze. Male NL5 x Haze Female. Mine was Haze Male x NL5 Female. It also could have been the Colorado Cough/Ft Collins Cough. Because I don't care who you are. This stuff would rip your lungs out. Every Hit...…. Wasn't safe to drive and smoke as it would make you temporarily lose vision if you hit it to hard, and then you are coughing, snot coming out your nose and shit. This was the best of all of it.
    I lost ALL of it in 97 when my partner got busted with 500 clones I gave him to put on his farm in central Kentucky/Stanford 1000 acres. He was 30 years older than me. They then proceeded to get me with another 600. I did 4 years in federal prison, got out with 8.5 years supervised release.

    Bought some DJ Short
    Blue Moonshine
    Serious White Russian
    Serious Post 2000 AK47.. Good, but NOT as good as Pre 2o00. Is shit now. Avoid. They lost 2nd time around genes. Same with Sensi NL.. Hashplant, and others. No Longer NL5. They, and many other lost originals after 2007 to fire, and bust. I used to be a Mod at Serious when Claude first opened, and then I got sent back in 2007.
    Dan Van Pot Rhino... NOT White Rhino.. PURE. Dan worked for BC Bud Depot, and won best Indica for his version of Godbud, but they ripped him off, so he left, and took the Male, left them a cup winning clone so ALL of their stuff since 2006 has not been real/original. Dan got busted. I also worked for his site. Really good stuff. Rock hard buds.
    I also didn't smoke ANY from 97-2009. I grew but not even 1 toke. I had my best bud test for me. I also didn't possess the grow.

    Sensi Post 2000 NL5. Still Killer. After 2007/Junk.
    Willie Nelson. KILLER. Went 103 days. Got 16 oz from a 5 gallon bucket/Promix. Stretch 80+ days after flip. Under 2 1000w Hortilux HPS, Bent Over growing Horizontally. 8 ft long. Vegged 2 month. Way to long.

    2007 Sensi NL5/Hz... JUNK
    Sensi Afghani #1. 2006.. KILLER GRAPE. It was 1 buddies favorite of all of it. NOW JUNK.

    Started growing with a so called buddy in 2006, and selling for another in 2001, One who I was growing with ratted me out in 2007. Got violated/another State Charge, which they ran Concurrent with Fed Violation, which was longer than in the state, for parole eligibility. NO Parole in feds.... Done in 2009. I pled guilty to 10-Life Mandatory Minimum x $3,000,000-$5,000,000 fine in 97, of which they cant get blood out of a turnip. I knew he told on me when the FBI came with the cops. FBI doesn't come with regular cops, unless they know they are going to have a federal charge.

    I can testify Genetics have gone to shit since the 90s.
    Our Haze/NL5 x HP/Sk1 tasted like the best hash ever made. REEKED of Skunk, and Cat Piss, Floral, Honeysuckle. Total lungbuster.

    Another great one.

    Original 90s AK47. Better than any of this fancy named, and bred for a certain taste stuff. It would ring your bell, and like the Haze/NL5 x HP/Sk1... People would swear you/I put PCP, or some other drug in it. Many would get really sick. For Hours. Mostly because they probably got low blood sugar. Shit would drive your blood sugar into the floor if you hadnt eaten. Some people anyway. Never bothered me.

    Since 2009.

    Barneys Farm Regular G13 x Hashplant. Good stuff. Never should have let the plant go. Fems SUCKED. I dont do Fems/Autos. They came back out with Regular G13/HP, but havent tried it. Supposed to be "Improved" Which is a red flag to me. It was fine the way it was.
    Dutch Passion Fem Blue Moonshine. JUNK. Was a Huge putrid skunk, as the Regular from DJ was short and Squat.Smelled like Blueberry Muffins.
    Mr Nice Critical Mass. Ok, nothing special. Good producer.
    Mr Nice Critical Skunk. OK. Terminated.
    Mr Nice Super Silver Haze. Good stuff, at least in 2012. Dont know now. We found a keepr, and have used since F2 in 2013.
    HaazemanNDNGuy Nevils 88 G13 x Hashplant... Really good. Suscptable to mold/powdery mildew. Slow grower. Have to search for best pheno. Some leafy. Great Resin. Good for breeding.
    Ghost Train Haze.. Good/Ok. Low Yield
    Mosca C99 Killer. Low Yield.
    Coastal Seeds Puck x NL1.. KILLER. Total Hashplant/Lungbuster/Low Yield. Goo Balls of Resin....Great for breeding to a Sativa.
    Nature Farm Weasel Skunk.. Original Diese… Weasel Cutl x Sk18.. Killer. Eye Peeler/Creeper. Pick it early vs late.
    Swami Organic Seeds... Blue Orca Haze... KILLER..... Have to look for the Terpenes you like. Ours in Menthol Bubblegum/Lungbuster. Large variation. Huge resin production. 76 Thai Stick Dealers Choice Male x 71 Pre Soviet Kandahar. Clone mother has been alive since 82-83. Known as. The ONE
    . DJ Short used many of Swamis genetics decades ago, ( 70's ) before they were available. Look up
    Clackamas Coot. He preserved them originally..... Brotherhood of Eternal Love.. AKA Hippy Mafia brought all the genetics into the country. They were good friends with Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Tim Leary, Abby Hoffman, Stanley Ousley, and many others, and are also responsible for the Manufacture, and Naming of Orange Sunshine brand of LSD Of which I can attest was killer shit. Swami has the shit, and is on Instagram. Also has the Original Cherry Bomb/Maui Wowie IBL 1979..... Mr Greengenes/originator of Cherry Bomb/Maui Wowie only gave the genetics to Swami, and Verdant Green. Anything else is lying, or a hybrid.

    Dominion Seed Company... Duke Diamond VA... 2018 Emerald Cup Winner... Best Breeder.

    All of the following is killer stuff, and any one of them could be a keeper in anyones garden. Very Powerful, and long lasting. Great taste, and smell. Bag appeal off the charts....Also very consistent. Sk1 makes it insanely consistent, though there is some variation.
    Mostly Medium size plants. Great production for the size. Rock hard resin balls when buds dried/cured. Hash is off the charts Total lungbuster even for the buds. Doesn't like a lot of fert.

    Has All Kinds of Nevils, Super Sativa Seed Club Original 80s Genetics, and these are what were are currently concentrating on, and will be for a good while.. We have found Fire, and a lot of traits Ive been looking for since 2009 when I got out, and started trying to get something even in the same universe as my Hz/NL5 x Hp/Sk, or even the AK47.. NL5 of Old. We also had a killer NL5 x AK47..... ALL of those older genetics so far have mostly blown the new stuff out of the water.
    Local Skunk
    Dominion Skunk
    Granny Skunk
    Munson. Just Ordered
    Sis Skunk
    Skunkband V2. Just Ordered
    Actually Seedsherenow has the Skunkband/Munson on sale together for $117.00 USD if you send Cash, shipping incl. The Skunkband alone is $150, and Munson $108.00. So $117 for $250+ worth of seeds.
    Munson is 89 Sensi NL5 x Dominion Skunk Male. DS is.. Chem91 VA x Skelly... AKA PUCK Hashplant/Super Sativa Seed Club Sk1. Skelly/RIP found the cut in 89, and si the most sought after of all the PNW HP Cones.
    He also has Skeeys Sister.. AKA Cuddlefish Hashplant. Puck/Cuddlefish both come from Nevils The Seed Bank Hashplant Seeds. PNW Hashplant x NL1. Got an F1 Male and bred back to PNW clone mother= Nevils Hashplant, and was later sold to Sensi Seeds in 1990.
    Local Skunk has both Cuddlefish, and Puck....

    Have The Nature Farm Genetics
    Shiva Skunk Redux. 89 NL5 xSk18. Same mother used with the Original Diesel.. Weasel IS Original Diesel Cut. NO FAKE....Same as DD VA's cut.
    His cut of Black Domina won 2018 Best Indica at Humboldt Cup. He has it crossed with the Sk18 if interested. KILLER. Weasel, and Shiva Skunk Redux is sold out. V2 is available, and is backcrossed to the Sk18 Male.

    Just Ordered 2 days ago.
    Connoseur Genetics Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze... Plan on breeding this with the Dominion Gear, as it has many of the genetics of my original Hz/NL5 x HP/Sk1. This is allegedly 1 of the best of the best Hazes.

    Ordered Yesterday.

    Old Dutch Genetics 47 Bud.
    Pre 2000 AK47 x Playbud
    Playbud is a cross of a Male Santa Maria/Brazilian Sativa x Lilly ( Pineapple cut ).... NOT CBD Lilly.

    Genetics: Congo - Central Africa - Queen Mother
    Hybrid: Dream & Honey (antes jauja - Congo1 x Congo2) x Queen Mother
    Flowering: 7/8 weeks
    Production: Medium - High

    Have probably grown more, but this is a good start. Also have many seeds not yet tested.
  9. I’ve smoked a lot of dif strains but haven’t grown a lot of dif strains over the years I stick to what works for me, I also like to get to know strains and how to grow them so it’s easy on me.
    Sour bubba- my fav strain
    Sour diesel
    Oregon diesel- very fruity, will take a beating, whore for nutes
    Grape crush- easy but won’t grow it again
    Blueberry- huge yields
    GG#4- grew it 2x prefer to buy it
    Mk ultra
    Kosher kush
    I’ve got 5 seeds going right now my oregon diesel pollinated a sour bubba a few years ago gunna see how it turns out.

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