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  1. Three days ago i rolled a joint ( hashish + tobacco ) and i think a little of my nail went in it . I somked it anyway . Can i go insane ? Cause here in my country morocco people say if you smoke a nail you will go crazy ! Im terrified ! Pleaaase answer me . Heeelp
  2. I mean , how do you feel? Do you feel crazy? If no then . I think you are sane and will not go crazy. Nothing to be worried about mate .

  3. I feel weird , maybe just because im thinking about it ... i just wanna know if it is true that smoking a nail in a joint will do something bad to you to clear any suspicions :(
  4. Y
    You're being paranoid man.

    Put it this way , logically your nail does not burn at the same pace as weed and tabbaco.

    So if anything you barely ingested any nail vapor , you will be fine . Don't stress dude!

    Also just saying but in my opinion you would need to smoke a whole joint that has nails to get sick of any sort.
    The human body is quite strong my friend :p.
  5. sounds like your crazy to even ask a daft question like that ....but no you wont go crazy ..theres nothing in a nail that can make you crazy .you'll be fine ,,,but i bet it tasted horrible ,,,,mac,,
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  6. Thank you so much guys .. so its just a myth
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  7. yep its just a myth in your country ,,,,so dont get worrying ,mac,
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  8. Most definitely a myth, hon! It might make your cannabis harsher to smoke, but nothing worse than that.

    Granny :wave:
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  9. Agreed w/granny!
  10. Can’t believe this is a 2018 post.
  11. look at him,he is some sort of hipster gay dude

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