Heat press needs fixed can anybody help me I got the new part for it.

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by noragrets24, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. I got a new replacement handle for my rosineer heat press and I got it screwed on the main plate but having issues getting the press to go all the way down like it should but the press plate is already in contact with the bottom press plate before the handle can be placed in its normal downward position when I press. 1596560672548.jpg

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  2. The angle of dangle has changed.
    Compare the old and new handles. Something changed. Likely the holes are in a different place and it altered the geometry of the clamping action.

  3. I decided to unscrew top handle from main frame i then slightly pulled top plate towards me gently and took the dual connection screw and I placed and screwed it all the way into handle and then took handle with the other connection end hanging out on the bottom of press handle like it should be and screwed it onto top plate twisting the handle around it until it became snug then I pushed heat plate back in place and had handle piece all the way down as I screwed it back into the main frame and now it's realigned perfectly.

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  4. Wait
    What happened to the meat of the motion
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    Some weeks ago I was searching for a heat press because I needed one for work, and I started to search for the best one which I can buy nowadays and, of course, for a reasonable sum. Reading about the best heat presses models on https://www.palmgear.com/best-heat-press-machine-reviews/ I found a small review about the model of heat-press, which you have, there was written that such models have beeps while the base is locked for pressing. I think that it's useful because thus I am sure that I won't forget that my heat press is still working, and I won't burn my clothes or damage myself. Can you please tell me if your heat presser is working well or if you ever had any problems because I also intend to buy one?
  6. My rosineer heat press works good they even sent me a better stronger press handle to withstand my over packed presses that I do. Seems to be holding up nice I like how they even got the heat plates set up just right so its heatchord that connects to heat plate it won't interfere like some heat presses do by getting in the way of the parchment paper its set up behind the plates which gives you more room for parchment paper.

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