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Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BrassNwood, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Trim I'd approach a bit differently.
    By the time leaf is decarbed it'll want to turn to dust anyhow mixed with oil.
    First I'd just try using the largest capsules I can choke down.
    Triple 000 is a big assed horse capsule.

    Try using 2x or 3x the oil we usually use. Add the Lecithin later as a separate step.
    Use a garlic press to remove pulp.
    The less oil you need to use the stronger it'll be.
    A really weak oil means eating a lot of it and that can have an unwanted side effect with some people.
    Diarrhea / Loose stools
    While any cooking oil can cause it in large amounts Coconut oil is especially good at this so try and limit the amount of oil to cannabis.

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  2. I use powdered buds to make caps. I don't strain as well - just use it as it is.

    I use 1 teaspoon of melted coconut oil per 2 grams of buds/trim. You will get peanut butter like consistency.

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  3. @BrassNwood, how do you use your oil when you have no capsules?

    As I ran out of capsules and the new ones will arrive within 3 days.... A friend of me asked me to make something for him and he will visit me after 2 days haha, I was wondering if I can use Nutella chocolate or just peanut butter in ratio like: 1 teaspoon per dose (capsule) - for example, if you use 5gr for 30 capsules, infuse 30 teaspoons of Nutella/peanut butter with 5gram and 1/6 lecithin. Will this work out?

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  4. I don't see why not. I've not tested it but mixing decarbed Kief into most anything makes an edible
    I don't know if the lecithin will do anything added like that.

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  5. Hmm but will it be weaker in this case or is lecithin just not needed if you infuse anything other then oil?

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  6. I don't know.
    People say Lecithin works with Alcohol but I've not tested that either.
    The Kief-Coconut oil-Lecithin capsules works so well for me I've not dug into other ways.
    I found my niche and I've grown quite comfortable in it.

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  7. Maybe I will stick to that too - just coconut oil + lecithin. The lecithin I have is liquid, so it will keep to coconut oil soft and easy to take a spoon out of it. It won't taste good I guess, cause I will use buds, but it must work. I will try it out. Thank you Brass!

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  8. Chocolate works really well with weed. Your Nutella idea should work. If it was me id melt a nice chocolate bar in a double boiler with your infused oil and lecithin, mix it well and pour it into wax paper (or silicone, glass) to harden, or pour it over ground up nuts for a bark. Now that would impress your friend, and it's really simple to make.
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  9. This is a very nice idea! But how to dose it that way ?

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  10. Usual way is to simply divide the total milligrams of THC used by the dose required.
    Cut hardened Chocolate into required number of pieces.
    Say you have 500mg of THC and you want a 20mg dose.
    You'd cut the bar into 25 pieces.

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  11. So... I finally received the caps! But I couldn't use even one, because my cat was faster - sometimes she starts to act crazy...she broke the bag and there we caps everywhere. On top of that - she broke couple of pots with flowers...the water leaked out and melted most of the caps. Completely mess!

    I shared some caps with a man which has cancer and he is very happy with the caps. He was buying infused MCT oil from a dealer,but the caps were much more effective. It helps him to sleep very well and I will give him tomorrow some more. He told me that he uses up to 25 drops of the oil he got from the dealer, but my RSO caps are just 3 drops.. hash caps 4-5 and he was pretty blasted from only 1 cap! Lots of people are making their products wrong probably. He became huge fan of the caps! The fun part is... I bought a toaster oven from him... It was "brand new" - he has used it only make oil hahaha. But then he found the other guy selling it and he prefers to buy it instead of making it on his own. Yet he knows how simple it is, he will give it a chance. Next week we are going to make together his first badge.

    Anyway... I decided to make some more caps, but as I don't have caps I just made the oil with powdered buds and blended it in honey.
    Today I made my tea, let it cool off a little bit and put some honey in it. It worked like a charm!

    PS: I found a peanut butter like product in the market here called "Speculoos" - it's made from Belgium cookies and has peanut butter like consistency, but it tastes more sweet/spicy. The fun part is - it contains palm oil and lecithin! I bought one and I want to see if I can infuse it and use it as filling for some hard candies.


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  12. Brass knows why

    For others it's almost like gingerbread in taste. It's about as close a description to get. They definitely love their speculoos here.... Toothpaste, cookies, bread, candy, spread

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  13. toothpaste!:roflmao:
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  14. Lol yeah it's fucking crazy man. Anything and everything in that flavor.

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  15. Hi! It's me again.
    I made jar of honey for a friend as yet I'm out of capsules. I gave him the past from the capsules and he enjoyed the pretty much. So I took a jar, went to the store for some honey - take the most solid honey. The clear liquid one will work too, but maybe you will need to stir it from time to time or maybe I just didn't succeed with blending mine properly.
    I followed the recipe just as described - decarbed 5gramd of shake, powdered to dust, blended with 2.5 teaspoons of coconut oil and added lecithin. Then I took the jar, put 30 teaspoons of honey in it (1 teaspoon per serving), blended the powdered buds with coconut oil and lecithin with the honey and infused it all together for 20 mins at 220F.
    I just tested one tea spoon to check the potency and it turned out to be just as potent as the caps (not such a big surprise), but it's good alternative if you don't have capsules. I used in my tea - it tasted very well - I had a little weed taste, but not overwhelming. If you use hash I guess you will get very good taste! The only bad side with the powdered buds is that you will get the weed powder in your tea - you will need to steer with spoon from time to time as the powder will fall into the bottom. It's not much, but it will make the last bits of your tea unpleasant to drink, but if you steer from time to time, it's pretty good to drink. I don't mind the powder as it's not much and it reminds me of the tea my grandmother used to "make" just by plucking flowers and herbs,dry it on a newspaper and then cook them in hot water. She didn't stain the flowers and you always had bits of them in your glass - some people don't like it, but I enjoy it very well.

    Another good side of it is that you can close the jar and put it hot bath for 15mins so you can store it for long time.

    Although this is a very good solution, I advise you to keep capsules as well - it's hard to drag a jar of honey with a teaspoon on the road...


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  16. #1596 rpangelov, May 9, 2021
    Last edited: May 9, 2021
    So, I visited a friend of mine for couple of days - old buddy from the days I smoked. He still smokes a lot, so I went to him to spend couple of days like we did in the past - gaming/watching series and cooking good food while being wasted. But guess what... I forgot my dumb can I am.
    So I went there and he was smoking a fat joint..still I wasn't planning to smoke anything. So I went to the local coffeeshop and I got 2grams of silver haze - pretty nice buds and very strong sweety smell. As you already think - I didn't had any caps, lecithin, coconut oil or whatever...only buds. So I went to the local supermarket and for my surprise almost all the chocolate bars already contains lecithin, but no oils. So I took 1 chocolate bar and coconut oil. As we got at his home, I started the oven at 210-215F just because I didn't had thermometer and as I noticed in the past - most ovens are getting hotter, but none of the ovens I used are below the temperature. So to prevent burning, I put it to 210F as probably it will get hotter.
    I started decarbing as usual and in the mean time I used thin foil to make improvised mold (just break 2 bars and make a mold with thin foil)so I can put the hot chocolate when it's ready.


    I melted 6 pieces the chocolate in the oven for 10 mins and blended it with 2 teaspoon of melted coconut oil and the 2 grams of silver haze which I already grinded to powder. As I didn't had lecithin I skipped it, but the chocolate contains lecithin already (check the package to be sure as maybe not all chocolate brands use lecithin). Standard infuse at 220F for 20mins.
    Let it cool off a little bit and transfered it to the foil mold I made. Let it for 1 hour in the fridge and eat.
    I made 2 pieces - every peace cut to 6 small pieces - total of 12.
    It worked perfectly! Just as well as the caps haha, so I was very lucky this time.
    I didn't enjoyed the taste very much, but it works... I was wasted as sh*t. My buddy took 3 pieces and was really knocked out...when it kicked in,he was really amazed, but soon he must take a sleep because it was too intensive hahaha. The day after he took 2 pieces and he was really amazed! So he is going to purchase some caps, lecithin and oven thermometer to make some more. I advised him to use hash instead if he still wants to make chocolate as the taste is very nice and if he use caps to be careful as hash capsules are strong.
    So in case some of you are in need and you don't have much to make your BrassNwood oil, this is might be a good solution.


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  17. Good write up. I've done several versions of making this stuff on the go and you can get it done well enough with almost any heat source. As long as the decarb is done. Even a fast and dirty decarb is enough.
    Hell I've shredded the bud and pan fried it in a skillet on the stove top for 10 minutes to decarb. Keep the heat low and stir constantly. Added the butter and cooked it for 3 more minutes and called it good enough.

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  18. What a quick save! I bought the chocolate to do it before but ended up just eating the chocolate and rolling with gummies. but caps are my goat! I also do a scrambled egg, as brass said. Decarb on the pan, add butter and give it a lite infusion, egg, and consume in maybe 4-5 minutes.


    I love my colored capsules!

    Let the fun begin...

    20210502_234321.jpg 20210503_003946.jpg

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  19. 20210510_112017.jpg

    As it comes up often enough here is the single serving that can be done almost anywhere with almost anything. Be inventive with your heat source.
    A fingernail of bud is around.... This is outside grown and not real hard. My pinky fingernail.

    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes is the accepted time and temp.
    However. We have a lot of leeway and even a half assed job will get er' done. "Browned" in a skillet over very low heat and keep shaking and turning the shaved bud bits. Just short of turning black and smoking in the pan.
    Add just enough Butter or cooking oil to make mud .
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes.
    Again we have gobs of leeway and anything from 30 seconds and up will infuse.
    Cool / Chill
    Eat Half. Naked as is or on / in something.
    Wait 2 hours
    If not high enough eat the rest.

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  20. #1600 rpangelov, May 10, 2021 at 11:17 PM
    Last edited: May 10, 2021 at 11:25 PM
    0.3 bud will be 2 servings for me. Good to know!!

    PS: do you often use buds ? The hash you have looks really nice! I guess your hash capsules will knock me out for 2 days...
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