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Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BrassNwood, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Yeah, that 3mg per drop is about right. My previous 10 drops have been around 35mg per capsule.
    These ended up more like 8 mg. Crazy strong:smoke:
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  2. I don’t know how much mg my caps are and I don’t know how much thc the hash I use has, but the caps are working damn well. I use 4-5 drops hash caps (size 4) and it works perfectly. The trip is so intense it reminds me of the first times of my live I smoked a joint, but more trippy - I never achieved this effects by smoking. I don’t smoke for 2 years now, so this is the only method I use.
    The hash I use is the mid grade moroccan hash - it’s nice clean product, but it’s not the strongest. I don’t buy the most potent stuff as I don’t need it. I made once caps from 2 gram high grade hash and yes... the better the hash, the stronger it hits, but the difference between the mid grade and high grade hash can be huge.
    Moroccan hash is also different than the hash you guys make - it’s pretty much the same method (except they use more primitive tools as they make this for centuries) and they use outdoor plants which are not always top quality. Because of the large outdoor areas, most of the plants has also seeds in the buds because not all plants in the crop are from feminized seeds. This makes the weed there not very nice to smoke, but the hash they made is really nice and tasty... especially when you buy it there on place from a huge bag... it isn’t even pressed in bricks.
    I believe the hash you guys make is better as the plants you used are far better grown. Maybe if I use your hash I will use 2-3 drops caps :p
    On the other hand I can get top grade buds and I use them to make caps just by powdering them to powder. When I use powdered buds, I fill a size 2 cap to the top. If I use size 4 caps, I will need to take 2 at once.
    Tomorrow I will make a small example and will take some photos.

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  3. So haha here some photos to share.

    I used 2 grams polm hash and 2 grams of amnesia haze buds.


    240F for 40 mins

    IMG_1666.JPG IMG_1665.JPG

    Blend with 1 teaspoon melted coconut oil and 1/6 lecithin.

    If you use hash 1 teaspoon melted coconut oil will cover the hash, but if you use weed, just grind it to powder - after decarbing, put it in the freezer for 10mins - it won’t be that sticky and will grind easily. Put it in a bag (small spacebag is good as well) and run a roller on top of it. Shake the bag from time to time to grind it better.

    If you use weed, you will get mud/peanut butter consistency.
    IMG_1669.JPG IMG_1674.JPG

    After 220 for 20 mins you can fill your caps. I use dropper to fill my caps and a small plastic spoon to fill the weed caps as a dropper can’t handle it :(

    I use size 4 caps for the hash caps and I fill them with 5 drops. From 2 grams I got 25 caps. 1 cap is enough for me.

    Powdered buds - size 2 caps. From this 2 grams I got 12 caps filled to the top. 1 cap is as hard as 1 hash cap haha.


    Today I tried size 4 cap filled with powdered bud oil and it worked as well - it wasn’t that intense as a full size 2 cap or hash cap, but I liked it - really better to handle for me as the hash caps and the size 2 caps are really intens haha, but I have low tolerance, so I think the most of you will need to double the dose.

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  4. Excellent.

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  5. Quick mathematics haha - I made 30 size 4 caps from the 2 gram hash and 12 size 2 caps from 2 gram weed.

    Yesterday I took a size 4 cap filled with the powdered bud oil and as I previously said - it worked very well. I had a nice mellow high - definitely noticeable, but within the “manageable” range - I wasn’t looking baked from miles, but I was definitely nice buzzed - nice relaxed feeling, talkative, uplifted. Once it was worked out I was ready to take a nap haha.
    Yesterday evening I took one of the hash caps and I had difficult times... baked as sh*t. I was thinking I am handling it good, until my girlfriend asked me:”Do you feel good? You look a little bit wasted”... I was damn wasted indeed. I was couchlocked for 2 hours and after half hour of calculating how to manage to go to the sofa, I finally did it and felt a sleep there. Although I really enjoy to be that wasted in the evening, as I don’t have to do anything haha, sometimes I really want some mellow effects - like a size 4 powdered bud cap.
    I think to transfer the powdered bud oils into size 4 caps - from the 2 grams I can make 18 size 4 caps. Maybe a better way for me - powdered buds for the mellow effects and hash caps to become Armstrong.

    2 years ago I smoked 2 grams every day... after I stoped smoking and I was for 5 weeks in hospital, my tolerance was completely gone. Sometimes I am really amazed by how small dose I need to get baked.
    The funniest part is - I take 1 cap every day and it doesn’t seem to build tolerance to me... even a little.

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  6. #1546 Butterfat, Feb 16, 2021
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2021
    Sooooo. Finally made some for the gf . Made a few sizes 2 drops , 5, drops, 10 drops . I probably ate 3 -4 drops worth while making , i mean you have to lick the remnants to test it. Told the gf to try a one with 10 drops first based off my few (she is a seasoned smoker, some edibles, tolerance decent). She gives me updates throughout the day . ie took one mild body tingles , temp seems warm ect. Number two all good relaxed ect Number 3 im home for and we chat but She is melted into the couch with a shit eating grin on her face saying "i feel great but im not stoned anymore ". Im glad she is relaxing and feels good. I know better , . Turns out she forgot to update me and took 5 total all 10 drops. She takes for medical reasons and felt "no pain for once" And she was destroyed lol . She slept all night from about 9:00 on which never has not happen in a decade. She Skipped work today , got major spins in the early am (she says well earned) but is thrilled and laughing saying she knows her limits now and edibles work finally. She plans to take more when needed but scale it back some .

    long story short . Ill be making more.

    @MaryMoonDog ..
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  7. Fantastic.

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  8. Hey Brass, daily smoker of 2g's here. Trying to get you and kat's recipe down so I can use less bud. I've tried a few times to make canna oil with coconut oil but it doesn't seem to work.

    My first try was 7g decarbed in sous vide at 203F for 2 hours. Put 4TBsp coconut oil and some lecithin in and let it go in the water for another 4 hours at 185F. I take it out and shake it, put it in for another 185F for 2 hours, strain and freeze.

    Second try was 4G decarbed in sous vide at 203F for 4 hours 20 min. I put 4TBsp coconut oil and some lecithin in and let it go in the water for another 9 hours at 185F. Strain and freeze

    Third try was 6G decarbed at 240F in the oven for 1 hour. I put 6TBsp of coconut oil and some lecithin in with the decarbed bud and infused it sous vide at 185F for 6 hours.
    Edit: Forgot to add the dosing. The first batch I tried a teaspoon, then a tablespoon the next day
    Second batch, tried a table spoon, then two the day after
    Third batch I tried two and a half tablespoons and down the rest the next day.

    Nothing seems to work but I'm not going to give up from what you've said.

    My two problems that I think it could be is that I'm not infusing at a high enough temperature, but I thought a longer duration would fix that. Is there a time range you'd recommend for infusing with sous vide at 200F compared to 220F for 20 minutes in the oven?

    And the second one would be that is it possible my body doesn't get high if I use coconut oil? Would substituting butter instead of coconut oil and drinking that instead get me high?
    Am I doing something wrong?
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  9. Hi, BrassNwood will probably answer you soon, but I would like to share my opinion with you too.

    I smoked 2gr daily as well... 2 years ago. Back then I needed huge doses to get stoned, because 2gr daily is much... you have pretty high tolerance too.

    I never tried to decarb sous vide, but I think the temperature is not hot enough for optimal decarb.
    I do it just as BrassNwood suggest - in the oven, with an oven thermometer, preheat to 240F and put your material for 40mins. Be careful to hold it far enough from the heat source of your oven.

    Blend with coconut oil and lecithin - for every 2 grams, use 1 teaspoon of melted coconut oil and put 1/6 lecithin in it. Put back in the oven at 220F for 20 mins.

    Assuming you have huge tolerance, use some concentrate - hash/kief for example. Use 0 or even 00 size caps filled to the top. 0 size cap must be good (I think), but when I smoked, I used 00 caps (8 caps out of 2 grams). Use good quality hash and take the cap when you are sober - if you wake up, you have nothing to do and you want to try it, take a cap and wait 2 hours before smoking your joint. You will notice the effects... believe me. That’s how it worked for me, when I smoked, and I smoked also up to 2 grams every day- hash and weed all day long haha.

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  10. I've not tried to run the recipe "sous vide" so your working in new territory on that.
    We know the basic recipe done in a regular oven works for 99% of the people who try it.
    OregonDaisy is the only real fail we found.
    If I had to take a wild stab in the dark it would have been the decarb but you've said you tried that open air as well. The actual infusing step isn't all that critical and has a wide range of times and temps that work.

    I'd say it's a dose issue and I would make a regular batch of Kats oil and do the double dose every 2 hours until it works or you've taken say 2 grams of weed oil with zero results.

    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes uncovered
    Grind decarbed weed to flour grade dust.
    1 tablespoon Cooking oil (Coconut is fastest)
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin (bioavailability enhancer)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Freeze (optional)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes (optional)

    Chill till firm. Cut into 4 sections

    Divide one section into 4 again.
    Take one
    Wait 2 hours
    Take another
    Wait 2 more hours
    Take the last 2 pieces

    At some point it should have worked. Roughly 50mg per chunk. 200mg should get even a fairly resistant person kicked off.

    I've tried nearly every cooking oil possible and they all work equally well. Coconut or MCT hits in half the time is the primary reason we use it.

    Do use some form of Lecithin as it really makes a difference in how much is needed and how long the stone lasts. I've tried all the types and forms and they all did the job as far as I was concerned.
    Soy or Sunflower. Powder, Liquid or granules.

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  11. Pff... after couple of hard nights I switched to size 4 powdered bud caps. From time to time I take a hash cap, but the hash caps are monsters haha - very potent stuff. The bud caps are a little bit milder - I make the whole cap full to the top with the powdered buds, but with hash I fill them 3/4. And still... the hash caps are killers. My dose seems to be very low...

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  12. Thursday.
    First round with the Kief we just shook out.
    The Coconut oil is solid this time of year so I dig some out with a spoon and microwave it in the small container with the measuring cup in it to liquefy it.
    The usual suspects. 15 grams of Kief in each pile
    3 tablespoons of Coconut oil and a drizzle of Lecithin in each dish.


    90 capsules per dish. 4 dishes added to what was left in the jar brought it up to the 700 cap point. We use a 1000 capsules per Coconut oil jar as a round enough count.
    Ordered 3000 more empty capsules.

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  13. Huge amounts there haha. My stash of 300+ is a baby one compared to yours.
    Btw: as I switched to size 4 flower caps, couple of days in a row I took one cap in the morning and one in the evening. It really stacks up... 4th day and I woke up still baked... I skipped the morning cap hahaha... back to one cap in the evening, otherwise I am walking zombie.

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  14. I just finished a 10 day dry out and on day ten I woke up with my back screaming at me. Dosed up and 24 hours later it's fine again. I forget just how many aches and pains the edible oil capsules keep me from feeling.:)

    I settled on the single zero with hash / kief to be the best all around for my use. The small ones are hard to handel and fill to me. Old eyes have enough trouble getting the eyedropper in a 0 cap.

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  15. Quick question:

    How much of you use the caps to infuse things?
    So far I throw regularly one cap in my soup, thee or coffee. I am going to make gummies and hard candies as well and will post some photos.

    I love how accurate the caps are... there is no miss - 1 cap will knock me out for sure, so I guess it’s easy to make gummies or candy’s in desired potency.

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  16. i did this quite a bit. I usally added a cap or two to my evening tea or my dinner. Actually, when i first found this recipe here on grasscity i was just making butter that i added to whatever i ate. Sometimes i would even just take a spoon and eat directly off the butter..... which led to some interesting experiences lol.
    Needless to say, it felt quite inconsistent so i moved on to caps.

    what i did notice (but cant prove) is that i felt the potency dropped a bit when i added my butter to a hot dish.
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  17. #1557 rpangelov, Mar 10, 2021
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2021
    Just to make it more fancy, I tried to infuse my caramel candies.
    I make them with butter, sugar, sea salt and condensed milk - really nothing special.
    I’ve tried in the past to infuse that same candies as well, but I failed - I tried to drop the oil once I made a ball of it, so you can get caramel fudge with filling - the hash oil tastes amazing IMO. I failed every time when closing the ball... the oil just leaked out.
    Today I got my molds and I tried to throw the cap in the molds when the caramel is cooled of, but still... I get the oil on top. This doesn’t work well.
    What maybe seems to work is the powdered bud sludge... as it’s almost not liquid but it has the substance of peanut butter, it seems like it does the job perfectly.
    I don’t know how it tastes as the candies are yet in the fridge and I already took my daily cap, so I will give it a try tomorrow. 2 caps are bad idea... last time I did it, I finished above the toilet, unable to walkt to my bedroom, so I will skip that this time.
    I don’t expect it to be less effective, but I am more curious how it will taste. The hash oil tastes like god’s v*gina, but the powdered buds will maybe taste less pleasant.

    You can see the 2 candies I tried to infuse with hash oil. The rest is all infused with powdered buds.

    PS: I am trying this for a friend. Here in the Netherlands it’s not a problem to carry caps with me, but in East Europe the cops are mostly assholes so everything what even looks suspicious can caught their attention. Caps will caugh their attention for sure even when I’m sure they will never expect this to be weed or hash. Anyway... a caramel candy will hopefully look casual even when you cross borders.

    Edit: If you use lecithin powder and you stir the oil in the mold with a toothpick for example it will blend without any problems! It will taste great as well!!!
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  18. Love the oil and love the caps! I have huge stash in the freezer... out of control hobby haha. I give to some people just for free and all of the are very amazed by the effects. Most of them didn’t believed when I said: “Watch out... it’s strong!”.
    I’ve seen people enjoying and laughing for hours - if you take the right dose. I am taking them for 2 years and this is my main weapon, although I use tincture and sugar/honey from time to time. From 2 years I use the caps almost daily - I skip a day from time to time, just to get 100% sober. I am really amazed by the efficiency, accuracy and ease of making... you don’t need any so special equipment - you can purchase everything online or even buy it from the store.
    Nothing can compare to the effects of this caps... this caps are knocking me out as nothing else. Even if I decide to smoke again... I will never light up any hash or weed anymore, because smoking is wasting imo. Smoking is more for the ritual... cup of thee, rolling your joint, the taste of some good stuff... it’s different experience indeed... couple of years ago I was daily visitor of the most of the coffee shops in Amsterdam... good times. But this caps are really much more effective. They don’t build tolerance and I’m used to them so well that I really know when to take 1 so I can be in the mood when I need to be. They are really live savers. IMG_1982.JPG

    This is my stash. 300+ caps + RSO dropper (but I have 2 more in the freezer). The RSO droppers is just RSO infused MCT just as described in the recipe here ratio 1:1. 2-3 drops and I’m done.
    One the pots is full with RSO caps - I take them sometimes, but I made them a little bit too strong... miscalculation. So I take 1 of them when I want to be really wasted haha.
    Hash caps - no need to describe them... live savers!
    Powdered buds caps - just the cheaper version of the hash caps for me. I use them mainly as I got pretty much good shake from a friend for a cheap price. Also they work very well... I didn’t expected it to work that good!
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  19. Great write up on the Capsules. Mirrorrs my feeling on their effectiveness. The tough part is missing the ritual of smoking, toking, vaping. The whole share with friends a joint or two. Now I have to hand out the joints but I don't dare share as it'll knock me silly with as much capsule effect I'm usually under.
    Only takes a couple of tokes and I'm way more blasted then I wanted to be.

    It takes some getting used to once a day dosing and getting past missing the hourly Toke from the pipe. I think I miss the toking aspect most of all.

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  20. I miss the taste of smoking some good Morrocan hash or Afghan for example - still on stock in Amsterdam, but good quality is expensive.
    I miss the hours I spended in dumb conversations while smoking a joint, or playing some video games or watching youtube videos while blasting my self haha, but the effects of the caps are compensating.
    Last week I went to lunch with friends - all smokers. They know the caps, but 2 of the guys don’t want to try them again as they didn’t wanted to listen when I said “It’s strong”, so they ended up badly.
    I arrived there, high as wild animal - I took one cap on empty stomach 1 hour before I wanted to be blasted and yes... I arrived in a good mood. Everybody said - “I am jealous how high you are now!”. One of the guys got 20+ caps from me and he is still in tolerance break. His goal is to spend 5 weeks sober and after that to start with the caps.

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