GreenHacks Legal Medical Marijuana Grow 2021

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    Hey guys!

    Wow it’s been six years since I posted on here. Life gets away from you very quick! Looks like right now we’re going to be doing a 100% legal medical marijuana grow for a couple of local patients.Just want to make this point one more time again everything is 100% legal.

    All right so let’s get into it, in the past it was only me growing, but it looks like I’ve got a grow partner with me right now. This grow partner is also 100% legal.

    **Due to rolling blackouts through the country these plants were stressed in almost negative temperatures. So they are just recovering and moved into a brand new home.

    So for our grow, so far we have Bruce Banner, and Gold Leaf. We are then going to use the clones as sea of green method. We will also be using multiple auto flower plants. I plan to list those as we go.

    So without further ado let the GreenHack 2021 Legal medical marijuana show begin!!

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  2. Checked on the girls today. Doing well, recovered from the transplant and new environment transition.

    Finished setting up the tent and ventilation. Will be trying to follow at least another 5x5 tent, and one 4x4 tent

    The current setup is a big upgrade from the past grows. We have a control panel setup for our plants ventilation system. So when temperatures hit a certain degree or humidity is to low or high, the controller kicks in. Truly wish I had these back in the day.

    We will also be upgrading the lighting and plants will be upwards of 18 -72 plants at a time. IMG_7496.JPG IMG_7497.JPG

    So seriously, sit back. It’s going to take a little while to get there, but I believe it will be a HELL of an indoor organic grow show.

    IMG_7493.JPG IMG_7495.JPG
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    Today we gave the three a watering with ‘Roots Gold Excelurator’ As well we gave each of them a top dressing of ‘Great White’ to build up their microbial system.

    Worked on getting the humidity where it needs to be by adding a humidifier.

    The picture of the temp and humidity is before adjusting.

    Have bubblegum, amnesia haze and gelato germinating right now. Gelato will be part of a breeding project down the road

    Not much else changing so far.

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    Plants are doing great.

    We have Bruce banner and gold leaf looking great, good mother plants.[​IMG]

    We just gave them a normal water feeding tonight. The humidifier was added on Saturday to help accommodate for low readings. We are now operating at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 41% humidity. That’s the best I can get it right now... it’ll do.

    Bubble gum just sprouted from the soil. Will take a picture later.

    But we have some new plants coming into the big tent soon. We have some black widow, Hindu Kush, some more gold leaf, sky walker, some more bubble gum, amnesia haze, and hopefully some blue amnesia. But it’s going to be quite the show.

    We also purchased a new set. Will be installing the Mars T3000 over the weekend.
    Should give us an even 5x5 canopy on the flower tent and will purchase another for the other tent if we like the results.
  5. Hey everyone

    It’s been a little bit since the last update. These photos were taken last night.

    We upgraded the lights to a Mars ts3000

    We have the second 5x5 tent up.

    The girls are getting bigger, new nodes, more shoots coming out, fan leaves are progressing in the number of blades. I think I counted 7 on them should be 9 next.

    Very healthy.

    Bubble gum auto Day 4

    Gold leaf 26 days old

    Gold leaf 26 days old as well


    Bruce banner 26 days old


    As you can see Bruce banner doesn’t like the heat, her leaves curled up a bit. Temps were at 76
    We adjusted to 74
    New lighting it will take a bit of adjusting to find the sweet spot

    This little girl you might remember from some grows back. She accidentally got pollinated by another girl in the room and made beautiful fruity headband babies.

    We got one of those 6 year old seeds to sprout and I’m bringing her back!

    This is GreenHacks version of Headband. Just a little baby, but give her time.

    Amnesia haze, and Jack Herer are germinating now.
  6. Short update

    We now have some more girls in the tent

    We have (2) Skywalker OG girls day 3


    Next we have (4) Black Widows (some are 4 days and other 2 are about to pop)


    Next (4) Either Gold Leaf or Black Widow. They got mixed up, will know here in a week. (4 days old now )

    Next we have (4) black widow clones.
    Clones were taken today. Will see how they do. They are under a heated seed mat with low LED lighting


    Next is GreenHacks headband


    Next is auto bubblegum 8 days old


    All the girls in tent one for now

    In tent two we have (2) Jack Herer
    Amnesia Haze. Waiting for them to sprout. Shouldn’t be long at all.
  7. It’s been awhile since my last post.
    Don’t have a lot of time to update today. But I’ll post more detail on the next post.

    Girls are doing fantastic. Had a PH water issue a couple weeks back. Got it all fixed.

    Been feeding them compost tea, some gold roots, and they are loving it!

    Bubblegum auto day 22- she is in flower now. Not too impressed. Was way too quick, but I have super autos and my other pheno plants going. So no worries


    We have some jack herer autos, amnesia haze autos

    Some gold leaf, black widow, skywalker OG, Bruce banner, and of course my version of Headband

  8. Small short update. All of the girls are doing great!

    Again, not impressed by bubblegum auto and her short genetics. She is the one in flower already. She would be good for discrete grow outdoors however.


  9. IMG_9270.JPG

    Just a quick post of pics today. Life is so hectic haha

    IMG_9271.JPG IMG_9273.JPG IMG_9275.JPG IMG_9277.JPG IMG_9282.JPG IMG_9285.JPG IMG_9288.JPG IMG_9291.JPG
  10. Things are looking great!

    We flipped over tent 1 to flower on April 22nd.

    3 photoperiod plants in there and 5 auto flowers (three already flowering and two are super autos long veg period )

    Tent two is coming along great as well.

    Clones are taking root
    Tents are holding steady temps where we want them and the humidity is the only difference between tents (as one is flowering now )

    Things are going great!
    IMG_9958.JPG [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] IMG_9949.JPG IMG_9957.JPG IMG_9964.JPG

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