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  1. Set up is a 4x2 Vivosun tent with 2 SF1000s, AC Infinity Cloudline T4 fan and filter. Using 5 gal fabric pot. Coco Loco coco coir, Gaia Green 4-4-4 and Gaia Green 2-8-4 Power bloom and Great White mycorrhiza. Horticultural perlite. Bloom City ph up and down. And last but not least, seeds are Critical Kush by Barney Farms and Chemdawg as a freebie. Gonna try and keep
    it simple with not too many nutrients, since it’s my first grow. Still waiting on the Gaia Green. Got a couple weeks till they show. Any suggestions appreciated.
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  2. Who would think it would take a month to get nutes through Amazon ‍♂️
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  3. Did you try a local hydro shop/nursery first?
    Recently went to a nursery for organic stuff and they had a whole damn wall of liquid nutrients.
    Another time I was about to get general hydroponics nutrients on amazon, went to check a hydroponics store and it was insanely cheaper.

    Too late now tho im guessin

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  4. The only in the town I live in doesn’t carry what I wanted.
  5. My Gaia Green nutes will be here today. Thanks Canada customs for moving slower than pooo. But they’re here nonetheless. I do still have to get worm castings. I can get that local. I should be popping seeds in the next few days!
  6. My nutrients came in way early. I should be popping seeds right into the coco tonight!
  7. Seeds are in coco. Temp is perfect @ 68f and RH is @ 78%. I have 2 Critical Kush and the Chemdawg, which was a freebie. I have the tray elevated. They’re in my basement and I don’t want the babies to be too cold.

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  8. I love this Infinity cloud line T4. The auto setting keeps my humidity at 75% and temp around 78f. I do have a humidifier and small heater with a thermostat.

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  9. You can order that stuff from here...

    Ships from Ladner BC

    Soil Amendments
  10. Says they don’t ship to the US.

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  11. I assumed you were in Canada as you were blaming CBSA for your delay.

    Not sure Canada Customs/CBSA is the culprit. Why would they hold an outgoing package? They don't.

    Its your gov't agency causing your delay.
  12. Well, who ever is at fault suck. I wonder why it’s only sold in Canada? And the only way to get it, is through Amazon. The kicker is that the shipping costs as much as the nutes.

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  13. IMG_2698.JPG

    2 have popped. 1 critical kush and 1 Chemdawg

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  14. Still no second Critical Kush. Gonna give her another day and I will drop another. I should have just planted all 5 that I got. Just didn’t want to have to scratch a couple if they all sprouted due to space.

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  15. They made through their first 18hrs of lights. The CD had a little helmet head. Got it a little wet and lightly rubbed my finger across it till it slide off. I easily scrapped the top of the coco till I found the seed. No root. I put it her back under a small layer and soaked her good. Temps are steady at 78f and humidity at 80%.

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  16. IMG_2700.JPG
    Just checked in on babies. The second Critical Kush didn’t pop so I planted another. Hopefully in a day or so she’ll pop and only be a few days behind. Temp is still holding steady @ 78f and 80% RH. Lights are 2” away at 45%. I amended the coco loco with Gaia Green all purpose 4-4-4 and Mycorrhizae.

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  17. Whatever my local hydro store doesn't have they will special order it at no charge. You should ask about that. They're always around 4 or 5 dollars more than Amazon but I like supporting local shops.
  18. You would think the one closest to me would considering they’re mostly an order on store due to Amazon almost putting them out of business.

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  19. IMG_2698.JPG IMG_2698.JPG IMG_2698.JPG
    Does she look ok? Kinda leaning weird and more yellow, less green coloration.

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