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Dragon Lite.....another Tincture Thread

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, May 15, 2013.

  1. Thanks for getting back with me! i am from Indiana and still live in Indiana.
    I have access to ever clear 190 proof and thats what i have been using
    i am going to go thro my steps that i have done with herb and quote on quote live resin lol (live resin from Michigan brand called meddie eddies)

    For herb i decard at 240 for 30 mins
    i than put it in the freezer for 24hrs along with the ever clear
    after the 24 hrs i put the ever clear in the jar a filled it up to the tops of my buds
    i than shook it for 5-7 mins and put it n the freezer went to bed woke up and shook it for another 5-7 mins and than strained it and did my 2nd wash
    i now moved on to the stove i have an electric stove i put my heat on medium (5) and put my mason jar on there (some people say filled the pan up with 2-3 in of water so say fill it up where it meets the tincture in the mason jar) i have done both but this one i used 2-3 in of water and i put my temp reader inside the mason at all times and its very for me to make it stable I'm constantly having to pull the jar out of water so it does boil over 173 however over 6 hrs me evaporating I left with maybe a shot and i figured i was trying to go for rso so i can make those stronger chocolates like i experienced in Miami

    and i did exactly those same steps with the live resin even boiled it all the way down where there proably a shot left do i need to evaporate even more to get rso simpson

    and with the same steps i had one of the lives batches turn to a oil a but very runny def was still liquidy and i have been evaporating at 6hrs

    Sorry i am very new to this tincture stuff
    Thanks for getting back with me
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  2. I just needed to make sure of the alcohol percentage and since you got the chocolate from Miami, I had to be sure but that makes it simpler.

    Those temps didn't go higher really but the boiling does become more violent and the water or alcohol can splash out. Adjust your levels to avoid that with a wider vessel being better than a narrow one. Don't let any water splash in the tincture or it will become the same process as the 151 because of the water.

    You'll just finish evaporating it but you want it to still be a little "runny" when you take it out so you can draw it up or pour it easier. It will harden when it cools. It takes a long time for the last little bit of alcohol. Six hours isn't unusual. You'll mix your rso with whatever oil you're going to use to infuse it, not alcohol. Do you have a recipe you want to use?

    I checked out "Meddie Eddie" and the only "live resin" I saw was the concentrate. 2oz of that would be the equivalent of 5-6oz of bud. If this is what you have then you don't need to use any alcohol at all with it. You would decarb it until all the bubbling stopped and then dissolve it into your oil or cocoa butter. But since you have it in alcohol, just evaporate the rest out of it exactly the same way.

    If you don't mind, tell me how you processed the live resin. :huh:
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  3. i did the exact same process with the live resin! Also sorry for it taking so long i haven't gotten back to the tincture but i am tomorrow and i have left it sitting n the freezer for 2 weeks or whenever i last posted this lol shaking it up daily! but those are the steps i'am going to follow and your telling me i can have the water boiling n the pan (stove on highest it can go) and i just set my tincute jar in the pan & i dont need to worry about my tincture temps?

    and if rso is the way to go for my chocolate bar than thats what i am wanting to do!

    Thank you again for the help!
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  4. Yeah, the boiling water keeps the temp at 212° and just let it boil. Put a cloth or a cotton pad under your jar in the water so that the boiling action doesn't turn it over. Just keep an eye on the water level so it doesn't go dry. Don't let the water splash into your tincture.

    Your alcohol may boil violently depending on the circumference of your jar. Just be sure you have enough headroom. Wider is better.

    When your RSO is ready it will still be liquid while it's hot. This is the best time to remove it from the jar because it won't stick to everything. You may want to draw it up into a syringe for easier use in the chocolate. Good luck with your project. :)
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  5. I am starting it now! & i think thats what i misunderstood this whole time lol....
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  6. Okay now i have like a waxxy little runny green/black wax which is normal so now i just get coconut oil and letchin and would yk the ratio for that ? also i just mix all that and than add that to my melt choclate freeze it and than it good to go correct?
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  7. This is the end of my knowledge on this subject. I've never made chocolate with RSO and don't have a recipe for it that I'm confident in. However, @MIW has stated that he makes it and gave a description over in the gummies thread. It looked good to me. I've made chocolates a few times with a mixed bag of results which is why I'm hesitant to offer a suggestion. I've always infused the cocoa butter or oil but I'm not sure that's the best for RSO. :confused_2:
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  8. Well i appreciate it & should i PM the guy you tag or you think he will respond in here?
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  9. I tagged him in my post so hopefully he'll respond here. I'm interested, too. I'm a chocolate lover but just not great at making it pretty. :rolleyes:
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  10. @Indy317, this is my best shot at it. I used distillate but you would use rso the same way with or without lecithin. These were good and seemed to be tempered. Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

    This is the others that I did before that were okay. They could have been better but it was a good learning experience. In the video I misread the recipe and didn't use enough cocoa butter. :bang:

    Cocoa butter is better than coconut oil. It doesn't melt as fast in the recipe.

    Shatter Infused Homemade Chocolate
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  11. I have "infused" chocolate on numerous occasions. I make it super easy. Once I decide on a dose I do the math and reduce the GD all the way to RSO and then I melt chocolate bars. I usually make 2 bars and which is 48 pieces. I melt the chocolate into the same double boiler that contained the cannabis oil.

    I bought these .

    add lecethin and then put into those molds.
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  12. Excuse my maybe silly question, but haven´t found this particular situation - having 2 ml of not as amazing RSO (medication happens after taking approx. 5 rice grains) - what is the way to make a tincture from it? The results should be that one, two or three drops make decent effect. I assume decarb is not needed. Is it enough to dilute it with everclear or so? Could a lower proof alc. be used, since the RSO is already "processed product"? Any recommendations, please?
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  13. For people with any edible tolerance it's going to take more than the proverbial grain of rice size dose. If you have a scale you may want to weigh out .02g and go up from there just to get a notion of what it takes to get you where you want to be. That will make dosing in the future much easier whether using caps, tincture or oil.

    Whether you do that or not for now, you can make a tincture pretty darn strong. Why, just the other day I mixed a gram of RSO into just 5ml of alcohol. I was mixing it in something else but you could use it just like that. That's about 120-150mg/ml of tincture or oil, 4-5mg/drop. You could use 2g in the same 5ml and still have it be in tincture form. The reason we don't usually take our tincture down that far is because of bioavailability. You'd have to experiment to find that ratio for yourself.

    Decarb should not be needed for RSO. Of course, that depends on whether someone decarbed the material first or not. Shouldn't be a concern for dispensary products. You have 2ml in a syringe? That's the equivalent of 2 grams. I don't think that I would use anything less than 151 proof. You might get by with the 120 they sell in Cali these days but I wouldn't go lower. You would need more volume to have enough alcohol to carry it. Of course you could always make oil with it if you only have low proof. :)
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  14. Thank you very much. (191 proof is not a problem, it´s sold in my country 20 usd for a liter.) So I could e.g. mix it with 250 ml and then see the effect and maybe dilute more later. Should I just mix it and shake or should I use the heat (rice cooker etc.), freezer or...? My idea was also being able to vape few drops mixed with non-nicotine pure vape-juice (30/70 - PG/VG).
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  15. No, no. Unless you're using several grams of RSO, 250ml would be very weak. If you only have that 2ml then you probably wouldn't feel it at all. The most alcohol I would use per gram is 30ml and even then it's only about 20mg/ml. If you're wanting to use it for vaping then you would want it as concentrated as possible, closer to the 5ml volume than 30 (or 250). I've never tried vaping it but I know others that do. Some use the tincture alone without the vg/pg. :mellow:
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  16. Oh, now I get it, thank you. I wouldn´t use pg-vg, since I have just read several posts, that it is not working well. And the last thing - just only the mixing, not heating needed, right? :)
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  17. Shouldn't need heat with room temperature alcohol. Warm your RSO, too. I stick the syringe in some hot water so that it comes out and mixes easier. :)
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  18. Sorry Sam, wrong thread!

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