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Dragon Lite.....another Tincture Thread

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, May 15, 2013.

  1. Hi PsychedelicSam. Ive just spent some time reading over your receipes in this thread and I have a question. I have about 70g of dry ice hash that I want to make into your tincture and then put into a simple syrup to make thc syrup.

    How much should I do at a time? Because 70g would be too much. And once made is it dump the dragon liquid straight in the simple syrup or do you think it needs something to mix into the syrup properly?

    Great thread ! Any advice would be muchly appreciated.
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  2. We're doing some syrup research over in my larger thread checking out what works best for that. A lot of infused syrups have a tendency to separate and may need an emulsifier. The type of emulsifier will depend on the infusion medium. If you use the plant material then you're going to get the most plant waxes, chlorophyll and other stuff that gives it the dark green/black color and that's going to need the heavier emulsifier to keep it all in suspension otherwise you'll have black specs in it even if you shake it up. This goes for RSO, too, because it's made from the plant.

    Other concentrates are much easier although emulsification is needed but not to the same degree. This includes hash. You don't have all that plant resin getting in the way but the cannabis resin still sticks to the side so you need something to keep it in line. A lot of people use liquid lecithin but that doesn't always do it. Others use a little glycerin added to the syrup and I have found that to work pretty well with shatter and should with the hash tincture.

    As for how much you should do...don't go whole hog. Syrups are tricky. I suggest that you make a small batch first but enough to give a good sampling to make it worthwhile. Use 5-6 grams or more depending on the potency of the hash. Why don't you come over to my other thread and we can discuss it better than here. I try to keep this one mainly for the tincture so it doesn't get too bulky. Here's a link to a syrup post there and we've got a whole lot more going on depending on how fancy you want to get. :)

    Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it
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  3. Awesome thank you so much, great advise. See you in the other thread !
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  4. Hi @PsychedelicSam! Very excited to try this recipe as I ended up growing way too much cannabis this year and want to preserve it for the long haul and stop toking so much for my lungs' sakes.

    I'm curious (and I apologize if this was covered between pages 5 and 80): how would I go about bulking up the recipe, meaning doubling or tripling the total output? Any guidelines for producing more tincture per "batch?"
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  5. Howdy, meekgreek89. Thank you for contributing to our discussion.

    Scaling up is pretty easy. The basic formula would just be doubled for 14g and tripled for 21g. 6oz of cold alcohol per run and 9oz per run respectively but I change it a little at one ounce and above. At that point the alcohol is getting a bit expensive to waste when it's not necessary so we start calculating for the absorption of your alcohol by the dry material. That's the amount that you won't be able to get back except with herculean effort.

    Normally in that progression we would go from 9oz per run for 21g to 12oz for 28g. There's enough absorption here to make a discernible difference. I consistently have found that 1oz of dried cannabis will absorb about 2oz of your alcohol or maybe a little more with a fine grind. We continue that progression with the first run for 28g but not the rinse. I use 10oz for the rinse since we don't have to allow for absorption again. I basically use a 750ml bottle for an ounce which leaves a little for cleanup. For 114g (QP) I use a 1.75L bottle but when you start doing that size you should find a way to recover your alcohol. :)
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  6. @PsychedelicSam Thank you so much for the info! Very much looking forward to my (190-proof) Everclear arriving in the mail (thanks a lot, California). Will report on my success! Much love and gratitude.
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  7. If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)
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  8. @PsychedelicSam I can't thank you enough for doing the work you do. It takes a selfless person to give this much of your time to complete strangers, and the world could desperately use more people like yourself. I have severe bi-polar disorder and none of the prescription medications work effectively for me. The first time I consumed edible cannabis via a butter extract a whole new world opened up to me. I was able to bring calm to the uncontrollable storm in my mind. I strongly believe edible cannabis extracts would help a vast number of people with a variety of ailments, but availability and price is often prohibitive, so the people that need and could benefit from it cannot acquire it. People like you help bridge that gap. I've been searching the web for a few days since my new magic butter machine arrived for a reliable recipe to make high potency tincture. I made about 17oz of MCT oil with 19 grams of decarbed bud and 20 oz of decarbed trim. I ran it for 4 hours in the magic butter machine. 2 hours at 160 and 2 hours @ 190. It turned out very strong. I've been adding an ounce to my coffee in the mornings. Even added some to my beef rice a couple nights ago. The chlorophyll taste turned me off a bit, but the effects were so fantastic and long lasting that I couldn't imagine doing without my medicine. I knew I just needed to find the right recipe using hash instead of flower or trim. I kept hitting dead ends everywhere I went until I found your youtube video and this thread. I actually created an account here just to say thank you, and report back my results after I process my first run of hash tincture using your recipe and 200 proof lab grade ethanol. I made my hash yesterday and yielded about 100 grams after pressing the moisture out. Probably 40-50 grams bone dry. It should ready for a decarb by Friday. I'll report back the results as soon as I try some :)

    Magical Butter Machine cooking the MCT oil. I did 2 hours at 160 and 2 hours at 190.

    Bubble hash station :)

    MCT oil I made recently
    Bubble Hash I made yesterday

    Magical Butter Machine and 200 proof food grade ethanol on standby waiting for the hash to dry.
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  9. What are you gonna do with the ethanol?
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  10. #1611 therealjonnynobody, Dec 10, 2020
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2020
    Make tincture. It's just food grade 200 proof grain alcohol. Nothing fancy. Everclear is illegal in my home state, so I had limited options obtaining a high proof spirit capable of performing an alcohol based tincture extraction. I plan to add mine to drinks. I won't be dropping any eye droppers of liquid fire into my mouth :) I might even transfer the concentrate to a coconut oil. I don't drink alcohol, so if I taste alcohol in my drink it's a no go for me. I'll definitely transfer in that case. However, the 200 proof alcohol is an outstanding solvent for extracting cannabinoids from plant matter so my $100 gallon of spirits won't go to waste. I would transfer to something more to my liking like coconut oil.
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  11. For direct Hash to oil BadKats recipe is what many of us use.
    It's what I use myself to make Capsules.

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  12. I remember reading BadKat's cannapharm many years ago. She's an impressive human being to put together the amazing how-to thread that she did. I'm finally in a position where I can put some of her magic recipes to work. I'll make the hash oil exactly as she prescribes and I'll report back the results. I'm going to run to wally world today for a container of organic coconut oil. I'll compare the coconut oil extract with the golden dragon to see which is my preference. My prognosis: I will be stoned :)
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  13. I've put together a shorter thread based off her oil work.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    Same basic recipe as her front page. I've just streamlined it where possible without changing it's awesome power.

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  14. I'm glad that we were able to help. Hash/kief is the easiest thing to do for tincture or oil or a number of other things.

    You can clean up that taste you got from the MBM tincture. Use our freezer method instead of the MBM for this. It actually is faster and creates a better all around tincture for aesthetics and effects. Just a suggestion. We'll be interested in seeing how that turns out. Should be really pretty if you're using the 200proof. It makes a beautiful gold/amber solution. :)
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  15. #1616 meekgreek89, Dec 10, 2020
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2020
    Hi @PsychedelicSam ! I'm happy to report that my results have mostly been a success. My first batch with Mystery Strain #1 landed me with 2 oz after evaporating at room temp following the initial 50% reduction. The potency is at a level where two drops causes noticeable effects; 10 - 15 is in the "stoned" range for me. Is this typical potency?

    Batch 2 with Mystery Strain #2 I doubled the amount of herb / Everclear (190). After a 50% reduction it was still very weak so I'm evaporating at room temperature and testing every day or so.

    Oddly, Batch 1 still has quite a bit of the "burn," while Batch 2 doesn't burn much at all but is much weaker. Curious.

    I've also noticed that taking tincture sublingually does not seem to kick in quickly for me. I took 15 drops (ouch) of Batch 1 last weekend and was pleasantly surprised when, 90 minutes later, I was suddenly stoned to the bejeezis. I hold the tincture there for 30 - 60 seconds before swallowing. Am I just weird?

    Another random question: Is there a way to use less Everclear, particularly if I believe that my strains are not very potent? They were mystery seeds that I grew outdoors successfully with nice yields. Smoked, they get the job done though maybe with a few hits more than the 20 - 25% strains I've had from dispensaries. I'm guessing they're closer to the 15% range.

    Thanks again for all of your wisdom and advice!
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  16. I'd say that what you're experiencing is typical. It can vary a bit depending on your level of tolerance. Dabbers often think they need more and will start out raising their tolerance needlessly. I'm glad to see that you're starting with drops and that satisfies you. You should be able to maintain that level for quite a while.

    Strain 2 seems to be lacking and that's probably not due to your extraction. With mystery seeds it can be hard to determine. You're doing about the only thing I would advise by just allowing it to slowly evaporate and test it out. One of the reasons that the second batch doesn't burn as much is because you have twice the goodies as the first and the alcohol keeps evaporating off. When you get it reduced down nearly to rso there's no burn at all, just bitterness from the cannabis.

    I personally don't like to dose sublingually. I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to the burn. It still takes a while to fully take effect but less time than oils. 90 minutes isn't unheard of but you may have started feeling a little something within a few minutes. I suggest that you put your dose in a shot glass of water. It's going to turn the water milky which causes a spontaneous emulsion. Swish that around in your mouth as long as you can before you swallow. No burn, tastes good and starts within a few minutes but it will still take 30 minutes for full onset. Try it and see if it works for you. It's better than sublingual because it also utilizes the buccal tissue of cheeks, gums and other oral membranes along with sublingual. :)
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  17. This is my 5th try at making tincture idk if the other times were successful I’m guessing not bc I took a shot and nothing happen! I am trying to make a tincture where one or two drops get me good ! I’m just trying to make this little piece of chocolate I had In Miami and it put my on my ass and I’m guessing it was tincture bc of how small the chocolate was ! But anyways I have tried 3 times live resin and 2 with bud I have 21 g in the freezer with alcohol in it shook it for 5 mins tomorrow morning going to shake it for 5min-10 mins than strain it and than evaporate it & do I wanna make sure the water n the pan don’t get over 173 f or do I make sure the stuff in the mason jar doesn’t get over 173 and am I trying to get rso and than pour a tiny bit of alcohol in it or what? I’m just a little confuse and really am trying to figure out how he made this chocolate lol and I almost 98% sure it was tinctures ! Please help I have went through almost 3 oz of herb and 2 oz of live resin still have more to experiment ! I also did decarb at 250 for 30 mins and did leave it in the freezer for 24 hrs and than pour alcohol in it !
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  18. @PsychedelicSam Relieving to hear that my experience is typical! I think I'll definitely try the shot glass method; that makes a lot of sense to me. Once I have a better handle on exactly how many drops it takes to get to X level of highness, I can just mix into tea or drinks with confidence. I don't mind waiting for onset; it's just a matter of timing.

    Thank you as ever for A) the great recipe and B) your wisdom. Namaste!
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  19. Hey there, Indy317.

    If you got that chocolate in Miami then does that mean that you are in Florida? I ask because that makes a difference in your tincture making process. You're not able to purchase 190 proof alcohol in Florida unless you order online and have it shipped. 151 is the highest you can get in a retail store. If that is the case then that could be why you're having.

    However, the size of the serving really has nothing to do with the size of the today's market. More than likely it was made with distillate or RSO, probably distillate if it was dispensary bought. You can pack a whole heck of a lot of potency in small volume. If it's RSO then it is made from alcohol tincture that's been reduced down to the cannabis oil. You would then use the cannabis oil to infuse into chocolate.

    You don't really have to worry about how hot the water in your pan gets. Let it boil but be sure to not let it boil dry. The temperature of the water will never get beyond 212°F which is its boiling point. It turns to vapor beyond that and won't get hotter.

    The alcohol boiling point is 173°F but like the water, it won't go beyond that until all the alcohol is gone. That's one of the ways you can tell if you have an IR temp gun. When it starts getting hotter than that it's pretty much finished. It will stay below that temp while it all evaporates then will leave a little water that will get just a little hotter while it evaporates. It's pretty easy just like the video.

    For the chocolate you're probably going to want to dissolve that RSO into a little cocoa butter or coconut oil, depending on your recipe. You're able to make it a strong as you want.

    You can go ahead and strain your first run now. I usually only let it soak for a couple of hours, especially if using for edibles. Then after straining rinse the material again with fresh cold alcohol. Filter it all then evaporate it to RSO. If you're using 21g of herb then I suggest 9oz of alcohol for each run. Your decarb is adequate but I would extend the time to 40 minutes. Did you use this method on your earlier attempts?

    Tell me about the live resin. That should have been real easy. 2oz is a lot to waste if it was concentrate. What kind of "live resin" product did you use? If it's concentrate then it should have been even easier. So many things are listed as "live resin" that it's hard to keep up. :)
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