Dabs with a lighter instead of a torch

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by sequinfox, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Bro chill out
  2. at the same time, in todays world all u have to do is watch a couple youtube videos to figure anything out.
  3. I know this is old, but for people who still want to know, the simple answer is YES! In more detail, you basically take 2 lighter to the end of your straw, nectar collector, or banger, and you hear it up for a pretty solid amount of time. If you dab a lot, you’ll kinda get that “dab instinct” and know when to stop. And then take that to your dab. You’ll have to make sure you get a lot of dab, and you’ll get a realitvley small hit. I’ve noticed that overtime, the reclaim build up will cause you to get bigger hits. Promise this works stoned right now after doing it cause I forgot to buy a torch before I took a flight on vacation. Hope this helps someone out
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  4. Hello, just made an account to tell y'all that this was prolly really intense for y'all at the time, but well high this is hilarious, also wanted to say thank you for satisfying my curiosity
  5. I love stoners, all of these comments “I know this is old, but... if I can help anyone who needs it” minus that one guy who didn’t pass the vibe check bc he wanted to be weird asf and gate keep... on a forum... where you’re supposed to ask questions. ANYWAY, it may have been old, but as a 6 yr stoner, I only just started smoking anything other than flower so idk shit. Fuck that other guy, you’re awesome and you helped me even tho “this post is old”
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  6. If you're referring to me as "that one guy who didn’t pass the vibe check bc he wanted to be weird asf and gate keep", next time type @ then type my name & it will tag me.

    & Since you wanted to talk shit here's my response.
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  7. seriously !!!!
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  8. Yes seriously I've just returned the disagree you just gave me
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  9. Dude I bet that's not even "her" real picture.
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