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  1. Well, I thought I would start my journal a little differently. I'm going to call where I am day 10, despite the lack of anything resembling a grow going on right now

    This is my first grow, and, like so many of us, I used the power of the internet super magic highway. I fell down that hole for about 9 days. I've been reading forums. Thank you to this community! This is my way to pay it forward.

    This will move slowly, and I'm hoping to start my first grow somewhere between days 40-70. Patience is still a virtue and all awesome things are worth waiting for.

    I appreciate all questions, comments, and suggestions.

    Days 1-9: Lost in internet land.
    Day 10: Ordered Light. Woo hoo!

    260W QB V2 Rspec LED Kit

    I spent a lot of time on the light decision for either a 2x4 or 3x3 grow. It has been mentioned before, but HLG's service was exceptional and they answered questions promptly. They earned my business.

    I selected a tent:
    Vivosun 3x3x72

    And I ordered:
    Humidity Controller IHC-200 | INKBIRD

    I also ordered:
    A small cool mist humidifier
    A simple rotary outlet timer
    Digital thermometer

    I still need to order:
    iPower 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo with Variable Speed Controller 8 Feet Rope Hanger for Grow Tent Ventilation

    And Seeds! I'm going to get them from

    30 Count Autoflower Mix Pack

    I think that should set me from a major supplies standpoint. I'll pick up other stuff along the way.

    Shit. Note to self:
    Get a pH meter - this matters

    I'm an outdoor organic gardener, crazy composter, permaculture believer, and indoor grower of gourmet mushrooms. I have some experience growing stuff, but have never grown cannabis.

    This will be all organic hopegrow and to mix sifted and cured compost with something to aererate, once I finish curing my latest batch. I'll see what the soil feels like and go from there. I plan to feed with either compost or comfrey tea and will listen to my plants.

    I'll follow the suppliers directions on germination and will go direct to 5 gallon pots. I need to look at, and measure pots at my local garden center. I'd like to try 4 plants if I can.

    Well, that's where I am today. I'm excited and nervous about the investment. It's always been super cheap to try new things in my outdoor gardens, but this is a real financial commitment. I can't imagine this will end up costing much under $1,000. But that includes 30 seeds. Could be 7 grows!

    I also have a bunch of mixed bag seed I've picked up along the way, but thought it best to start with quality known seed (no sexing or guessing strains).

    Do more reading on sexing plants.

    Thanks to anyone who tunes in. I will update when I make decisions, take action, or just need help.

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  2. Thank you for the link. So many forum threads!

    Day 1 Update:
    Scratch the pH tester. A nice tester is too expensive and I trust my soil.

    Note to self:
    Test the water going in.
    Buy some pH strips.
    Trust your experience growing stuff.
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  3. Buy the drops there more reliable/accurate and cheaper because you get 4x the amount of tests for the same price range
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  4. I'll pull up a chair.
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  5. Thank you. I appreciate you. Have a link to the test you mentioned?

    Just reached out my brewer's supply shop to see if they sell rice hulls.
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    It's an amazon link, I personally use a hanna digital meter but use similar drops for my fish tank ph levels, the link I tested is tried and true and many experienced growers rely on them here because there is no calibration error if you follow the instructions. What it reads stands true always.
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    The funny thing is I've killed every single plant someone ever gave me, before I started my own grow, I had the opposite of a green thumb, but I've been reading grow journals here, and researching constantly since since I made journey into my latest accidental hobby. It's a weed after all, what care could it possibly need, lmao. My humble beginnings below.... 20190102_173422.jpg 20190102_173414.jpg 20190102_173403.jpg
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  8. Day 11:
    Went out and picked up some misc supplies. Hardware is for closet where tent and supplies will be stored. It won't keep any baddies out, but no nosy friends or family will get in. Might work on that this evening and clean out the closet.

    I can always use zip ties, and I thought my future babies needed their own pruning shears. My others cut everything.

    Musing about starting the bag seed for my first grow to not spend money on good seed till I get a grow under my belt. Worried about sexing plants and growing a bunch of non smokeable plants. I'm sure I can grow em, but....

    Till next time...
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  9. Day 11:

    Room is halfway secure and I'll work on that sometime soon.

    Decided I'm definitely sprouting the bag seed. I'll start it this weekend, time permitting. I'll try 20 seeds and see what happens. I will post photos. Good practice and an interesting adventure. Old school.

    Note:. Search forums for sexing plants.
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  10. Day 12:
    Picked up rice hulls.
    Post office tried to deliver my light today, but signature was required :(

    I'll get it tomorrow! This feels like a big step.
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  11. Day 13:
    I have my light. I also picked up some 5 gallon nursery pots and some pH test strips. Grabbed some bone meal for my soil mix.

    I'll unbox the light kit and maybe assemble tomorrow.

    Still not sure about bag seed versus quality seed...
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  12. Day 14:
    I assembled the light today. Took about 30 minutes. I was nice and neat with my work. Light seems bright as shit. Shipping was fast. Another vote for HLG.

    That's probably all for today, I've got other home projects to work on.
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  13. Bagseed from my first grow. 20190311_215520.jpg 20190302_212248.jpg 20190311_215014.jpg 20190403_181450.jpg 20190225_201023.jpg 20190320_214801.jpg 20190224_212840.jpg 20190306_212204.jpg 20190321_173717.jpg
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  14. Day 15:
    Not doing much today on the grow. Reading forums, thinking about compost and soil, day dreaming...
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  15. Day 37:
    Dropped 4 seeds in 4 peat pots with organic germinating soil on day 35. They're in my germinating tray with the cover on. Seeds from ILGM: Gorilla Glue x2, Blue Dream, MK Ultra. No sprouts as of Monday morning and I popped them in Friday night. It will probably be a few days.

    Grow tent is all set-up and waiting for them. 3x3 with HLG 260 R-Spec Light, I power 4" fan and filter. Looks nice and neat and ready for plants! This is so exciting.

    I have also been starting some other seeds to put in small pots around my 4 Girls, which will be in 5 gallon pots. Chervil, parsley, basil, rosemary, sage, lemon balm, yarrow, galanga, lemongrass, thyme, etc. I'll put as many in the tent as possible without crowding my Girls and rotate them in and out as needed. I'll put them in quart or gallon pots. All are high terpene plants, edible, and help with bugs. Seems like a little way to introduce some natural organic complexity to an indoor grow.

    How did you guys get the VOC smell out of your tent? Run filtration for a while before you put plants in?

    Patience is a virtue. Ugh.
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  16. First, I'm now going back to traditional numbering. Day 1 will be the day four seeds were dropped into soil. It took me 30 days to get setup. I also wanted to take might time and avoid costly mistakes.

    Day 4:
    Gorilla Glue baby number one has sprouted, no other action yet. Photos of my germinating setup, herbs, and my first baby girl.

    Question for y'all, how do I get temp down in my tent? I'm running it empty and I'm into the 80's. I don't have a fresh air intake anywhere, and the tent is airtight and pulling in (negative pressure). Just trying to get it right before anyone goes in there.

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  17. Other photos...

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  18. I scrolled straight to your pics.........and was like WTF is originalhurt DOING!?!?!?!?! Then I saw.........."my humble beginnings"......:lmafoe::passing-joint:
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