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CannaButter in Microwave!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HashSlasher11, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. would like to try the whale dick weedbutter:confused: And Im assuming you will take it straight to the head as well......

  2. weirdo. This method actually works pretty great, and if you don't eat it straight up like the op it doesn't taste too bad
  3. i guess i'll try it
  4. This thread is awesome, lol
  5. Just made some it's sitting in my fridge. Probably going to mix with l peanut butter toast.
  6. Here is the final product if anyone's wondering. I let it sit overnight to harden. I think tonight I may whip it together with some peanut butter and spread it on toast. The smell and tatse is amazing :hello:

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  7. Very nice man. Glad someone came through with pics. I made it awhile back and it was pretty potent for how easy the method is. Letting it simmer on the stove for hours will make a stronger product, but you're gonna be zooted no doubt.
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    1.1g of Tuna Kush 2 Tablespoons butter. I reheated the butter using just a glass of hot water underneath, strained, then mixed with peanut butter and spread on toast. Ya this is a little much for a single serving of cannabutter but I have a lot of time on my hands. :p

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  9. a whale dick tastes better than this =/
  10. [quote name='"DarkDraco"']a whale dick tastes better than this =/[/quote]

    Lol hahahhaha
  11. Sorry to bring this back up, but I googled for easy methods to make cannibutter and  stumbled upon this, Used about.5 g of Green Raven  mid quality and 1 table spoon of butter, tried this attempting to come up with a portion for one slice of wheat bread and succeeded. I am high azza motha truckin tank divin submarine flying waffle house mayneeee
  12. Haha I have to try this. Anyone think this will work with ABV? (Already Been Vaped)
  13. old post, but people are asking if it works. It does.
    The idea is to heat the butter to the temp. where cannabis would release it's thc. You can melt the butter on low heat if you would like at first, then heat it to boiling point right before burning ( pay attention). No certain time or temp, microwaves are diff. we don't all have the same. Some heat great some work poorly. The idea is to heat the butter without burning so whatever works best for you.
    Once you drop the MJ in it, it will be hot enough but not under direct heat or "rays" so it will not ruin it. Let it sit and cool down to get max tch available on the plant. Once cool to touch put in freezer, the butter/thc will definitely solidify.
    Wanna make sure your butter doesnt burn? Put half water in there. Once chilled pour the water out. Obviously don't chill too long or the water will freeze and be harder to manage. It's all preference. It will 100% work, its just a method of bringing the solution up to temp whether you use a stove or microwave. This will work with water only too, but water will evaporate and butter/oil wont. Grease can also reach a MUCH higher temp. then water. Also, water will obviously not pick up thc so you would need to add a spoon or two of butter then once cold pick it from the top.
    Hope that sheds some light on the matter.
  14. Reviving this because I apparently tried it. I did pretty much the same thing. ~2g AVB into melted butter, microwaved 10 seconds, stirred, 10 seconds, stirred, 10 secodns ,stirred. Strained and refrigerated. My strainer was shit and there was still some plant matter in there, but not enough to warrant me putting it thru the strainer again. Now, for reference, I made cannaoil 4 times prior to this. 3/4 of those attempts failed. The 1 that did work though smelled MUCH less potent than this. Also tasted better, though I blame that on choice of consumption. The 1 that worked I made fudge out of using chocolate and peanut butter and of coruse the oil. Ate it over the coruse of 2 hours and i passed out on my bed wasted out of my mind later. It tasted ok, but half way thru I started to only taste the bud, and I needed to force it down. THIS TIME THOUGH, OH DEAR LORD WHALE DICK IS A DELICASY COMPARED TO THIS. I spread the butter on a hotdog roll, put a hotdog in the bun, and partook. The first 2 bites I could conceal the buddery taste using the hotdog as a focal point, but after that it was futile. I needed to hold my nose and force every bite down. The worst part was that there was oil dripping from the butter. I couldn't just let it go to waste, so I licked it up at the end. WRONG CHOICE.
    In the end, all i can say is if you do this, for the love of god, make something EXTREMELY sugary out of it or whale dick will be the least of your problems. If still relevant in a couple hours, and it worked, ill report back in.
  15. Just did it with 1 tb of butter and .5 of dank. gunna go to the gym then come back and eat it. will post back with results of it works.
  16. Mad man ate straight butter. Can we just establish that. When have you ever eaten straight butter and been lick "fuck me sideways that was good". I literally rofeld when I realised he ate two table spoons of straight up butter.
  17. Came across this thread about an hour ago if not longer. I have applied an 8th of stem and bud into 4 tbsp of butter and then added it to a coffee which luckily masked the flavor of the butter now we wait
  18. Just used 14g of dried cheesequake + 2oz of freshly harvested Platinum OG Kush + 2lb of Pure Butter. Crock pot for 3 hrs, then strained. Refrigerated for 6 hours. Final product

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  19. @LeeRoyTheWino
    Decarb first for best results.. 240 F for 40 minutes
    Skip the crock pot as they need to be nearly full for correct operation and that amount of weed in a HUGE ocean of butter isn't gonna do much unless you into eating lots and lots of butter at once..
    1 cup rough ground weed
    1 cup coconut oil
    4 tablespoon of lecithin
    Heat 220 F for 60 minutes, Freeze, Reheat, Strain weed, Done..
    My style
    15 grams of kief
    3 tablespoon of oil
    1 tablespoon of lecithin
    Makes 90 wicked strong caps..
    Use way more weed to oil, Ditch the crockpot for a toaster oven and a small stainless steel cat food dish from Petco

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