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CannaButter in Microwave!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HashSlasher11, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Awesome method!
  2. does anybody think this method would work with full fat cream?

    say i was to microwave the cream to heat it up, add my finely ground up weed to the cream and stir it, then stick it in the fridge overnight.

    THEN, add the weed cream to a pre-bought milkshake and leave that to set for a day or two, awesome weedy chocolate milk? this could be awesome. who thinks this will work?
  3. You should GENTLY heat the cream with the weed in it. That means low and slow heat, such as a simmer on the stove (temp on low - you don't want to burn it or your weed) for about 30 minutes probably. Or taking it in short spurts in the microwave (but it's MUCH harder to control the cooking in the microwave, so you risk scalding the cream and/or overheating your weed, and also since you mentioned in your other post that you need to be stealthy, that'd be a lot of beeping noise to explain as you start and stop the microwave a bunch of times)

    Then let the cream cool and blend it up with your milkshake or chocolate milk mix.

    I did something similar with the solids from coconut milk one time (on the stove top)

  4. fuckin A! im doing that later. I'll repost tomorrow/in a day or 2 after i've drank the milkshake to let you all know how it went ;)
  5. This actually seems like a really good idea but wouldn't it be better to leave the butterun refrigerated for a little while to let the thc absorb more? Regardless ill be trying this a little later with a bout two grams of abv. What should I mix the butter into? Tea maybe?
  6. i've just gone and mixed just under a gram of some homegrown skunk with some full fat double cream in the saucapan for 10 minutes, it came to a slight boil and the cream was abit bubbly (even on the lowest heat) BUT its still creamy with my weed in it, so hopefully its worked! and its in a mug with cling film over the top on my windowsill at the minute, cooling, but not refrigerated. ima mix it with the chocolate milk tomorrow and leave that to settle for 24 hours or so, then give it a try! this is my first weed cooking experience so if i get stoned, i'll be overjoyed!

  7. I've tried this, it works!
  8. Anyone 100% sure this works? I wanna do this so bad!
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    About to try something like this. I melted 2 tablespoons unsalted butter then added 4 tablespoons peanut butter and nuked till bubble and then dumped in 3 grams of some great tasting homegrown Grape. I'm not sure if he strained but I don't plan on it with this method. May all the weed you smoke be weed you'd love to eat! :D Test batch is sativa. If it works indica in the evening would be great. Couchlock watching a stoner movie till zzzzz.
    I think I'll start with a little over half of it and in 2 hours reevaluate the medicate. I don't think this method is the most efficient but when you're fat and lazy like me and had a great harvest what the heck.
  10. This may take more than 3 hours? Not impressed so far and it's been over 2 hours. Nice body buzz. Major relaxation but head buzz is kind of lame. I don't think enough heat was involved to release thc right. I've made canabutter before that was one bar trip. This is nothing compared to 8 hours of boiling it in water/butter. Going to eat the remaining third and may post back if anything amazing happens but I doubt it. peace,out
  11. Hell...I will give the nuclear CannaBomb a try. Note to self: it's new nickname is, "Nuclear Cannabomb." I will Nuke this butter and drop some in...sprinkle over popcorn; genious.

    Like I need to get any higher. I will update how it goes.
  12. You've let it refrigerate for 3 years? damnnnnn that's gonna be some "cool" weed xD, lmfao puns all over the place :)
  13. Thank you OP for the easiest edible ever!! gunna try this tomorow:D so exited, this is my first post on GC and gunna be my first edible i'll post back with results :)
  14. Tryin it soon. Seems easier that the stove way
  15. This is a plausible thread though I would prefer that someone can use either more heat or less butter so it's less concentrated and will get you more high.
  16. More concentrated*
  17. sry to bump a zombie, but I figured id chime in.

    I made some cannabutter with a bit of kief a week or so ago and it didnt turn out so good. I think its cause I only kept the heat on for 20 min :/

    anyway. I saved it and have about a half stick of butter, and decided to try this out. Here was my process.

    1) Put butter in a glass container(jelly or jam jar)
    2) SLOWLY melt the butter down as hot as you can get it without burning. I did roughly 9 or 10 sets of 10 seconds in the microwave on high power. This made sure that I could closely monitor the progress on the melt.
    3) When it got to be almost transparent and bubbly, I spinkled about .7g of some headies, and a bit more kief, .2ish.
    4) capped the jar ASAP, shook it twice. it should still be hot enough to drip down so butter wasnt glazed to the sides.
    5) let sit for an hour and a half.

    I ended up making a mix of tea I had. Peach Lemon Mate, blueberry, and a bit of silver needle, added some sugar and a big ol table spoon of the butter. Supriseingly it didnt taste to awful.

    Updates to come.

    EDIT: Starting drinking the Tea at 4:10, finished at 4:20 on the dot lol.
  18. Bump, pretty cool idea Op
  19. What's p with people always asking if these edibles work? I mean thc breaks down in fat. So ANYTHING let me say that one more time ANYTHING with a high fat content will get you high if you cook weed in it long enough.
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    just tried this, messed up the first time, second batch is now in the fridge. now to wait 1 hr :)
    Update: pulled out of fridge, spreaded it on my bread (2g's of shake), waited 2 hours and i dont feel much.

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