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CannaButter in Microwave!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by HashSlasher11, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. #1 HashSlasher11, Apr 1, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 1, 2009
    ok this is for everyone who does not want to make cannabutter on the stove


    for every 1 gram of finely ground bud, put 2 tablespoons butter (the more fatty the better)
    tupperware container
    oven mitt or gloves or something


    1. scoop butter into container
    2. close lid on 3 CORNERS! its important that you leave the 4th one a little open so that pressure does not blow the top off!
    3. Put in microwave for 30 seconds on 80% power or 22 at 100%
    4. repeat step 3
    5. microwave for 5 seconds, 80%
    once step 5 is done, be ready with oven mitt.
    6. immediately open tupperware (WILL BE HOT!) and sprinkle all weed onto melted butter
    7. slosh around until weed is submerged
    8. put in refrigerator for 30-60 minutes


    edit: its refridgerating now. Ill be back to post in about an hour
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  2. And you have tested that it works?
  3. in about an hour its still refridgerating
  4. ummm well its been refridgerating for an hour and there is mostly butter but still liquid, doesnt look too appetizing but ill post back if it gets me high
  5. ok blades this is definately the highest ive been in a while but it is THE WORST TASTING way. absolutely disgusting. the butter didnt solidify all the way and it tasted like jank ass salty butter. IMO just smoke it. unless somehow your taste buds were burnt off
  6. dude you're supposed to put the butter in something lol.
    did you just eat all the butter? so you got a 1g dose?
  7. +rep for makking me laugh my ass off and speaking the truth
  8. haha yeah dude my parents were downstairs and i didnt wanna bring bread and a knive into my room so i took it straight. it tasted like a whales dick
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  9. hahahahah a whale's dick hahaha
  10. I've been a Gc lurker for awhile and came upon this beauty of a thread. I decided solely because I wanted to say jump on this thread and just say:


    Or yah should of poured the butter over some popcorn. *joke
  11. Well I wouldn't complain about the taste too much. Besides, it's only for a few seconds and if you drink something with it such as milk, it will wash away the taste.

    PB + Milk = win ;)
  12. Seconded.
  13. fail? ha it was the highest i have ever been in my whole life
  14. so this really worked? im thinking about trying it.
  15. i was told by a video 'Pots and Pans Cooking with Cannbis' that microwaves kill thc so... i wouldnt do this.
  16. hahahahaha:hello: very funny for some reason.

    The THC is never in the microwave, only the butter is. The butter is heated up in the microwave, then the weed added. and then fridged.
  17. whats the deal does this work? if so iam gunna do it.
  18. Hahahaha! oh wow, thank you for making me laugh :)
  19. how much does this smell

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