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Recipe Canna-Peanut Butter- Simplest Edible Ever

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SmokeeTheBear, Oct 13, 2009.

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    thought maybe on toast or PBnJ. Question..what is something light I can eat or drink in AM to help when eating my edibles? To keep potency
  3. a few teaspoons in two cups of peanut butter? Don't even bother.
  4. I meant tablespoons..what ratio ya think?
  5. It all depends on how strong your butter is. I have no idea.
  6. O
  7. Just tried this. 1 hour in and I'm feeling floaty already. I decarbed at 250 at 215 then did exactly 27 minutes like you said, been my most successful edible yet.
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  8. Can i freeze?
    Thanks nick
  9. Can i freeze it?
    Thanks nick
  10. Yes, you can freeze it.
  11. Thanks
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    EDIT: OP is banned ripp, hello hope you are still active, when you say to prebake weed for 10-15 minutes at 250f is that your usual decarb time or is it lower due to taking into account its going to be cooked for a further 24 mins at 325f? because i decarb my weed for 27 mins at 250f so just checking I'm doing everything correct

    Note: I already had decarbed my weed for 27 mins 250f before reading this post expecting to make my usual fire crackers but made this instead and it definitely works so for anyone with already decarbed weed worried of wasting weed it does work.
  13. i am from the UK where we don't use cups lol(or atleast not commonlyl, I've looked up how much 1/4 of a cup of peanut butte and it's saying 60g is this correct it seems like way too much especially if I'm using this recipe frequently I'm already putting on some lockddown chub lol
  14. Peanut butter is about half fat.
    That means that better medicated oil recipes also work for peanut butter.

    This recipe works very well. It's what I do when I want a fast edible. Multiples are possible.
    1. Decarb 2 g herb @ 240 F for 40 min (use a bit extra to make up for decarb losses)
    2. Grind to fine powder
    3. Combine the following
    (2 g DecarbedHerbPowder) + (2 g Lecithin) + (36 g NutButter) = 8*(5 g Servings of about 40 mg thc)
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