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Recipe Canna-Peanut Butter- Simplest Edible Ever

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SmokeeTheBear, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. So I decarbed mine, 250 for like 10 minutes. Ground it up. Used like .5 to 1/8 cup peanut butter, mixed it all up and threw it in for the time and temp it calls for. An hour and a half later after eating a sandwhich, I’m definitely feeling it.

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  2. If i did this and wanted to bake separate doses, lets say 1g of weed for a tablespoon of peanut butter. Would i need to lower the baking time? instead of 325 for 24 mins like the guide says, should i do like 325 for 10 mins so it wont burn? or is that not enough time for the weed to extract into the peanut butter. And before i extract it into the peanut butter should i decarb at 250 f for 15? or is that not enough
  3. Wow, I tried this, and it turned out great! I changed a few things:
    1. Decarb ground 4g, 240 degrees for 40 mins. I bake mine in a turkey bag to prevent smell.
    2. Add 4 cups of peanut butter to a jar. Add a splash of olive oil. Place jar in water in a crockpot on high to soften peanut butter.
    3. Once 4g is done, add to jar and stir. Leave in crockpot for about 10 mins, and it's done :)
    I took 1tsp, and I felt mellow and chill within a hour. 2 tsp and I was feeling really good.
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  4. 2 cups is 96 tsp, so your 2 tsp dose was 1/48 of the total thc.
    The herb ingested was (4000 mg)/48 = 83 mg
    Assuming 15% thc, the thc ingested was (0.15)*(83 mg) = 12.5 mg thc

    You can save future effort by not using a water bath or crockpot.
    Grind the decarbed herb to powder and mix it into warm PB, and you're done.
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  5. Keep it simple and LITFA.

    -1/2-3/4 g chopped weed (15-20% Chocolate Mint og)
    -into an oven safe ramekin covered tightly with foil
    -into preheated 230* oven for 40 minutes. Reckon my oven will run a tad hot so set to 230.
    -after 40 minutes let cool with foil still on
    -stirred in about a tablespoon of peanut butter with toothpick, just to bind together
    -eat...stoned....easy peasy feelin skeezy

    Did this first thing yesterday morning. Ate a banana and drank about 40 oz water while decarbing weed. Felt onset about 40 minutes in and full stoned about 1 1/2 hours. Heavily stoned for a couple hours followed by a nice nap. Definitely was significantly higher longer than if I'd smoked same amount.

    Good luck, have a great day.
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    I took a few extra steps and I really like the results.

    First, I made the tincture from PSams recipe in this same forum:

    I took 1 ounce of material (buds) and decarbed it at 240* for 40 minutes. Froze that material and some Everclear 190 proof. Washed the material with 6 ounces of Everclear, set back in freezer for a couple hours. Strained the material and put it back in the freezer for 24 hours. Washed the material with 6 more ounces of fresh Everclear and put back in freezer for a couple hours. Strained and combined the two washes. This gave me a little more than 8 ounces and i reduced that down to 4 ounces. So now I have 1 ounce of tincture for every 1/4 ounce of starting material.

    Then I prepared the peanut butter by adding 1 teaspoon of Lecithin powder to 1 Cup of smooth peanut butter. Microwaved for 45 seconds and then stirred in 20 mL (about 2/3 of an ounce) of tincture and let it set out at room temp for about an hour. It still had some alcohol flavor so i let it set overnight in the fridge and the smell/taste was gone.

    The taste and texture is just that of normal peanut butter, even the consistency is normal and thick now that the alcohol has evaporated off. Another nice thing is you can make this as strong or weak as you want, just add more or less tincture. I made a sandwich and really enjoyed it, I'll probably use a whole ounce of tincture next time, or maybe more.
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  7. could you get the peanut butter really hot in the microwave and then mix them?
    im just concerned about the smell
  8. never put weed in the mic, no this wouldn't work, yes it will smell just do it somewhere that you don't have to worry about smell. Good luck!
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  9. Can someone please tell me if this recipe works with "KEEF" Aka HASCH aswell? just got some brown hasch at home. And wanna prepare some edibles for my flight.... Thanks for Reply!!
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  10. I've haven't tried using hash for edibles, but there is a good post for infusing coconut oil with keef/hash to make strong capsules:
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  11. Yes, you can definitely use your keif. Decarb for 40 minutes at 240F and then use as is or mix with some oil and bake with it. You can strain it out, but have more potent edibles if you leave it in.I like cooking with keif. It's generally a bit more potent than bud.
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    You need to decarb cannabis you will use for edibles. 240F for 40 minutes. You can do that in a canning jar in the oven to cut down on odor. Then you can heat your PB in the microwave separately from cannabis and then combine.
  14. What about just heating freshly-ground, NON-decarbed bud with the peanut butter and double-boiling it? In a covered double-boiler, it will get close to 212°F. Is that hot enough? for (how long?) 30-45 minutes?
  15. Decarb in oil, which is effectively what peanut butter is, is less efficient than decarb in air, because the length of time required causes too much thc to degrade.
    If you want to decarb at 212 F, then do it in air for 2 hours.
    The most commonly accepted decarb is probably 240 F for 40 min in air.
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  16. Sounds so yummy! I want to make chocolate canna peanut butter cookies! Aloha
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  17. I
    Is there a way to add my Canna butter to peanut butter and have it work? Or does the peanut butter have to be infused directly? Thank you
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  18. I don't see why you can't mix your canna butter and peanut butter. Do you have a lot ?
  19. You can add the cannabutter to peanut butter without any issues. They're both oil-based and would probably mix nicely. The mixture would obviously be less potent together than the cannabuter alone.
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  20. I have a little over a cup..but wanted to bake more goodies. But I have a few teaspoons I can use..think that will be okay for like 2 cups peanut butter? Guess depends on how strong I want it.. do I need to heat it up?

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