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Recipe Canna-Peanut Butter- Simplest Edible Ever

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SmokeeTheBear, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. I've smoked (almost) every day for like 2 years and I can still get high off of one bowl in my vape or a pipe. I don't eat edibles often yet make them, and yeah eating that much for me almost got me greening out!

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  2. eating right now, tbh I'm a little scared atm :love-m3j::love-m3j:
  3. 35 minutes in and I'm veeeeeeeeery high, which is a bit concerning considering everyone says that I should feel first effects no soon than hour
  4. There is a "first pass" effect around the 30 min mark, usually fairly weak. It usually subsides, then comes back with a vengeance. You could be in for a wild ride.
  5. did you survive? :):poke:
  6. Hahahaha yes I'm ok :D

    I got very high for many hours but I managed not to become overwhelmed and actually enjoy it quite a bit. I ended up waking up in my bed in the end though and I don't remember how I got there, I just have some flashbacks of feeling very tired towards the end :roflmao:
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  7. I fucking love that you have pictures for literally every step. I cracked up when I saw that one picture was the pan sitting on top of the stove and the next was on the oven rack. 2 photos for "put it in the oven" hahaha. Great idea for a recipe though I'm trying it right now as I type this.
  8. guess who's makin peanut butter fudge tonight
  9. Is this or making canabutter more efficiant?
  10. Found this thread last night and decided to make this today. I put 7g Blue Dream in with 16oz pb. Used Pyrex so I did 33 mins @325. No smell in my house!

    First attempt: PB&J on English Muffin. Ate half the muffin with about 25 gags in between. (Only used a tiny bit of pb to try it).

    Decided not to give up:

    Second attempt: mixed 1T PB with a packet of Carnation chocolate instant breakfast and about 1.5 cups milk. Blended it, chugged it. It tasted so good I wanted more!
  11. Ay I was wondering how much peanut butter I should use with 1/8 of some dank kush? Also how much should I spread it on a sandwich or Crackers? Thanks y'all.
  12. Doesn't really matter. All that matters is keeping track of how much herb goes into a serving. I usually use 16 g nutella with each 1 g herb.
  13. So how much kush should I use for say 2 cups of PB? I wanna get an aight buzz but save a lot of it.
  14. Here's a calculation that would yield 10 mg per teaspoon (or 30 mg per tablespoon).
    2 Cups = (96 tsp)*(10 mgTHC/tsp) = 960 mgTHC needed
    = (960 mgTHC)*(1 gHerb)/(150 gTHC)
    = 6.4 g herb, assuming good 15% THC herb.
    You can modify this recipe by any factor. For example, if you wanted 20 mg per tsp, then use 12.8 g herb.
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    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
    Alright so i just made this, but the end product consistency was thick? a bit melted bust mostly thick? I did 300 f, for 30mins. With a gram of weed and 1/4 cup of peanut butter. Did i do something wrong?

    edit: im high as a kite
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  16. If you decarbed first, then that 1/4 cup (2 fl oz = 60 mL) contains about 150 mg thc.
    THC density = (150 mg)/(60 mL) = 1.67 mg/mL
    One tablespoon = (1.67 mg/mL)*(15 mL) = 25 mg thc

    If you didn't decarb first, then the 300 F did an unpredictable decarb, and the PB might not have much potency.

    In the future, here's all you need do:
    (1) Decarb @ 240 F for 40 min using a verifying thermometer
    (2) Grind to fine powder
    (3) Mix into nut butter or nutella, an eat. No heat or infusion is needed.
  17. i decarbed first, 15 min at 250 f though. Most guides and videos out there tell me to decarb for 15 min and 20 min at most. Is there a reason why i need to decarb for 40min?
  18. Most firecracker recipes recommend a two stage decarb, so that might be why 15 min @ 250 F is recommended, which is only half of the 30 min required at that temp.
    In-oil decarb isn't as well investigated as air decarb, but it takes much, much longer at the same temp as air decarb.
    There exist many acceptable time/temp pairs, two of which are 250 F for 30 min, and 240 F for 40 min.

    After an accurate decarb, all that needs to be done is mix with enough of something oily.
  19. why did the author of this threat get banned lol
  20. He was probably being a meanie!
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