Best enail temps? waited almost 2 years, i am so happy!

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  1. I just got my new 710 Life enail [​IMG] converted my old Sheldon Black bong to a rig now. the 710 Life enail came preset at 710° it was nice but i ventured lower. i saved for a few weeks to get this, i got tired of heating my dabs with a torch and it running out in the middle of the night when i need it most and all stores all closed.... that said i dreamed of turning on the perfect temp and hitting my dab rig and it staying at the temp i want. My torch never did that for me, the moment i put my dabs on the nail it would cool and pool if not reheated. This enail is amazing[​IMG]! i found that with my quartz nail 595°F seems to bring out the flavor like i never knew was possible. I tried it high at 800°F and as low as 550°F and the flavor and high changed with the lower temps. the flavor skyrocketed the high was smoother and the lungs were more happy. at 800° F it vaped it all quick and i got really high but my lungs hurt just like a torch and my high was very strong and less flavor..

    it seems like 595°F vapes it perfect, slowly so my lungs do collapse and its so flavorful and more energetic the high temps seem to knock me down but the lower ones are great for working. it really makes my boring job much better and i can still work

    my question is what temps do you all like ? and why ? Here's my setup away from the misses in my man cave

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  2. I do right around 600 myself
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