Best Autoflower Strains?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by diskokobaja, May 2, 2019.

  1. What was most potent your own grown Autoflower strains ??

    1. Sour Crinkle Mephisto (that sh*t made peeps go to sleep on amphetamines)

    2 4 Assed Monkey Mephisto dank dank dank

    3 Samsquatch Og Mephisto
  2. Mephistos Gold Glue is pretty good too.
  3. I have just sprouted 3 of them and 3 sour livers .. :jump:
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  4. I am bit a bit outdated when it comes to Autos but Auto-Durban Poison by Dutch Passion has always been one of my favorite all times highs :) Not so much about potency but quality of high.
  5. I'll add to the list of potent mephisto autos.
    I've had to reduce my edible dosage of Ripley's OG.
    Strongest auto I've grown.
  6. Yeah that one fucked me up too mate. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on the photo version. Sure it's alien og it comes from.
  7. Dutch passion night queen is pretty fucked up for an auto too. The photo versions absolute wipe out material.

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