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  1. I realized after I posted how bad those pics are from yesterday, so here's a few more. Also included a couple trich shots, and a pic of the 2 cuts I have vegging, 1 will be a mom the other will go into the 20g pot after harvest.
    20210417_182216.jpg 20210417_182210.jpg 20210417_182201.jpg 20210417_182152.jpg 20210417_182148.jpg 20210417_182139.jpg 20210417_182137.jpg 20210417_182015.jpg 2021_04_17_18_19_50_396.jpg 2021_04_17_18_19_18_297.jpg 2021_04_17_18_19_01_632.jpg

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  2. Evening GC, today is just over 3months from flipping to 12/12, and looks like another week or so to go. It'll be hard dealing with the veg tent being so full for another 3 weeks, but ill figure something out, honestly think ima just get a bigger tent. Hope everyone out there is doing well
    20210424_231532.jpg 20210424_231529.jpg 20210424_231520.jpg 20210424_231517.jpg 20210424_231514.jpg 20210424_231508.jpg 20210424_231505.jpg 20210424_231459.jpg 2021_04_24_23_12_51_672.jpg 2021_04_24_23_12_26_162.jpg 2021_04_24_23_12_22_195.jpg 2021_04_24_23_12_19_218.jpg

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  3. Evening folks, today was finally harvest day. Somewhere around 14-15 weeks total in 12/12. Should be decent smoke when ready. I'll update with weight here in a couple weeks. I'm using the flower tent for drying as usual, so once drying is over I'll get the next 1 transplanted. Now its time to watch the wire and take some dabs. Hope life is well for whoever is reading this

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