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    Duel hlg 320 rspec

    4x4 flower 500 to 600
    5x5 veg 200 watts

    Gaia green organic all-purpose
    Gaia green bloom
    Go bio bud
    Ro water

    Intake and outake
    4x4 4ince in , 6ince out with carbon filter, 14 ince fan
    5x5 6 ince out with carbon filter ,14 ince fan


    I have 2 stages of chem.
    Small one is about a week or so old im going to breed with a jager male I found it's crazy stinky for veg and the big 1 is around 20 to 30 days, still have some vegging it just about at screen level with about 60 tops in a 6 gallon fabric pot will be moving her to the 4x4 soon.

    This strain is crazy mouth watering I couldn't believe how good it is .it's become my keeper forever strain ,my other keeper is orange gelato the terp context is sky high also well be breeding her to my jager male .

    never took any interest in male plants till now that I started to take note of them this male stands above any male I ever incounter smell from this guy is crazy strong it smell of bomb weed like you have a whole plant covered in bud I was shocked to find this keeper male

    20210202_193324.jpg 20210202_193727.jpg

    Orange gelato bud

  2. 4x4 tent 1 plant orange gelato :) last week of feed

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  3. Update
    Got my chemdog into my 4x4 and flip to flower also vegging two chemdogs in 20 gallon for outdoor



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  4. Chemdog finished week 1
    Light defoliate
  5. Lol didn't know I posted the earlier post already

    Just about end of week 2

    Going to feed her today (once every 2 weeks ) ,added 8 tbsp of Gaia green ,50 50 all purpose and bloom. added some Worm casting and some bokashi and water with about 3 to 4 gallons of water I waited till she was running on empty

  6. Did my 3rd week defoliate 20210330_125629.jpg
  7. Week 4
    Topdress 10 tbls Gaia green and light hand fulls of bokashi and Worm casting

  9. Those pics are from Feb when I switch from chem to organic everything is just fine now 20210423_185403.jpg

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