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Things You’re Better At While Stoned

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We all have those feelings that when we’re high we aren’t as good at some things. I, for example, can never hand write neatly when I’m high, and I can’t explain why. However, just like there are things that I’m not as good at stoned, there are plenty of things I’m better at while I’m high! For example, when I’m sober I find that my rolled joints never come out as straight as they do when I’m high, and also, I can read a lot faster, and more comprehensively, when I’m stoned as well. There are plenty of different things that you may find you’re better at while you’re stoned too! Check out a few of the benefits that we have experienced!

1. Eating

Of course, this might seem obvious, but I don’t just mean the fact that you get the munchies, and can decimate a large pizza in 30 minutes or less. I’m talking about the fact that when you’re baked, you want to have¬†an amazing food experience, so you’re more likely to put care into the food you’re making and eating. Many people that I’ve talked to claim that after a certain amount of time of smoking cannabis they’ve developed a tendency to shy away from fast foods or unhealthy snacks in favor of cooking real meals to satisfy the munchies. There have also been reports claiming that marijuana is linked with decreasing obesity rates.

2. Trying new things

It’s easy to lose your self in the moment when you’re high; you want to be a part of the experience that is surrounding you. Even if you just want to be more open to the people around you and have decent conversation, that is a part of expanding your horizons. Of course it can also lead to more adventurous opportunities, like exploring the world of nature when you’re baked! Trust me, there’s no more wonderful of a feeling than doing something exciting outdoors when high on a nice sativa!

3. Being Yourself

It’s harder to pretend when you’re baked, and why would you want to? That much focus kills the high! The beautiful thing about cannabis is that it brings together people who just want to let themselves go and have an honest experience with the people around them. On top of that, when you’re high you don’t lose control of yourself in the same way you do when you’re using other substances like alcohol. Instead of totally wrecking your coordination and thought-process, cannabis will at most make you slightly inattentive, and have you¬†throwing out some of the wackiest highdeas your friends have ever heard of!

4. Focusing

For some people, and also depending on the strain, cannabis can help you focus on the task at hand. You can give it your all and refuse to be taken away from progress by any distraction, other than maybe a pizza. There have been quite a few times back in my school days when I would pull out a specific strain that I only used on nights for studying that would keep me awake until the early morning. While other kids were looking for prescription drugs to make them focus, I was just using the same ol’ herb I’ve always turned to!

5. (or) Multitasking

On the other hand, if you feel as if cannabis makes it difficult for you to stay on track with one thing at a time, it’s quite likely you have amazing multitasking capabilities. Don’t believe me? Try it out! Spend some time cooking in the kitchen while reading over some notes, or listening to language recordings, you may find that you just haven’t been having enough to do in the past!

6. Creative Projects

When baked your creativity soars a different path than the one of normal imagination. It’s not to say that cannabis makes you more creative than when you’re sober, but it takes you on a different journey of thought, one that explores the areas of your mind that you have yet to fully experience and develop. Some of the world’s most renowned artists, writers, and celebrities have claimed to smoke marijuana, such as Maya Angelou, Morgan Freeman, Rihanna, and dozens of others.

These are just a few of the many, many ways that cannabis can help supercharge your day! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!