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Things You Should NEVER Use In Your Bong

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Recently we talked about feasible alternatives to using water in your bong. Now we are going to look at things that you should absolutely under no circumstances put in your bong. Seriously, do not put these things in your bong. Hitting a dry bong would be better than using any of these alternatives.

Hard Alcohol

This is a fairly popular alternative to using water. Some stoners like to use vodka because it looks like water I guess, and they think smoking it will get them drunk. Use common sense, smoking alcohol is not going to get you drunk. What it will get you is a nasty tasting hit. The alcohol will absorb some of the THC (hence how a green dragon is made) and you will get less high.

Raw Eggs

I watched a video on YouTube of someone smoking raw eggs and he was able to do it, but it looked disgusting. First of all the mess of getting the eggs in the bong was enough for me to say “no f’in way”. He even says “I do not think this is a good idea guys,” as he starts to load the bowl. When he did manage to get the bong lit the smoke was a weird shade of yellow and it was thick in completely the wrong way. Apparently it works, but don’t do it.

Tomato Juice

Some like to put juice in their bong, which can work if you don’t mind cleaning it out immediately after using it. Someone I know used tomato juice in their bong once and the results were not good, to put it lightly. She was not able to finish her hit before getting sick.

Second-Hand Bong Water

This is something that I never tried, but I watched another friend do in high school. He kept old bong water in a gallon jug, which he added to each time he emptied his bong water. When he had a full jug he would pour that water back into his bong. His reasoning was that he would get really high from bong water that had been sitting around for a month or so. I don’t know if this guy actually got high from smoking second-hand bong water, but he definitely never did it again. What can I say, high schoolers are dumb sometimes.

So when I say don’t ever use these things in a bong, I am not joking. Do not do this, I don’t care how adventurous you’re feeling. I don’t care how tough you think you are. Don’t put shit like eggs and reused bong water in a perfectly good bong. For one thing there are poor stoners who would love to have that bong that you are willing to waste. I’m just kidding of course. I know that you would never desecrate a good bong like that.

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What gross things have you put in your bong, or have seen being used? Divulge if you dare!